Radio stations in Minneapolis, MN

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KVSC St. Cloud
  88.5 KBEM Jazz 88 Falcon Heights, 2070 W Roselawn Ave
  89.3 KCMP MPR The Current
└ HD2 Local Current
Farmington, Annette Ave
  89.9 KMOJ The People's Station
└ HD2 The Ice
Arden Hills, 1777 14th St
  90.3 KFAI IDS Center
  90.7 K214DF Faith Radio Wells Fargo Center
  91.1 KNOW MPR News
└ HD2 Radio Heartland
└ HD3 BBC World Service
Shoreview, Telefarm Broadcasting Towers
  91.5 K218DK Kinship Christian Radio Bloomington
  91.7 WMCN Macalester College St. Paul, MN, Macalester College
  91.9 K220JP YourClassical MPR Kenwood Park Water Tower
  92.1 K221ES K-Love Albertville, Milestone Radio Tower
  92.5 KQRS Classic Rock
└ HD2 The Bear
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
  92.9 W225AP Boost Radio Wells Fargo Center
  93.3 W227BF Black Information Netw. IDS Center
  93.7 KXXR 93X Rocks
└ HD2 Love 105 FM
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
  94.1 WFNU Voice of Frogtown St. Paul, MN, Frogtown
  94.5 KSTP KS95
└ HD2 SKOR North
Shoreview, Telefarm Broadcasting Towers
  94.9 W235CT El Rey Wells Fargo Center
  95.3 KNOF PraiseLive IDS Center
  95.5 KCHK Classic Music New Prague
  95.7 K239CJ La Raza St. Paul, MN, Desnoyer Park Neighborhood
  95.9 WLKX BOB Total Country Forest Lake, 179th Ave NE
  96.3 KMWA Air 1
└ HD2 Boost Radio
└ HD3 K-Love
New Hope, Brownwood Park
  96.7 K244FE KFAN Plus IDS Center
  97.1 KTCZ Cities 97.1
└ HD2 K-Love
└ HD3 Hot 102.5
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
  97.5 W248CU Faith Radio St. Paul, MN, First National Bank Building
  97.7 K249ED K-Love Anoka
  97.9 K250BY WCTS Plymouth
  98.1 WWJO Minnesota's New Country St. Cloud, Little Rock
  98.5 KTIS
└ HD2 Faith Radio
Legacy HD3
└ HD4 The MEL
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
  98.9 KRSM Radio for All 2323 11th Ave S
  99.5 KSJN YourClassical MPR
└ HD2 Classical 24
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
  99.9 K260BA K-Love Wells Fargo Center
100.3 KFXN The Fan
└ HD2 KTLK News Talk
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
100.7 W264BR Radio K Falcon Heights, 2070 W Roselawn Ave
101.3 KDWB Twin Cities Hit Music
└ HD2 Pride Radio
└ HD3 State Fair Radio
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
101.7 KALY Somali American Radio 2323 11th Ave S
102.1 KEEY Country K102
└ HD3 Hmong Radio
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
102.5 K273BH Hot 102.5 IDS Center
102.9 KMNB The Wolf
└ HD2 WCCO News Talk
Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
103.5 K278BP News Talk IDS Center
104.1 KZJK Jack FM Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower
104.5 K283BG Radio K St. Louis Park, 3430 List Pl
104.7 KCLD Today's Hit Music St. Cloud, Avon
105.1 WGVX Love 105 FM Rosemount, 170th St W
105.3 WLUP Love 105 FM Cambridge, Emerson St N
105.7 WWWM Love 105 FM IDS Center
106.1 KLCI BOB Total Country
└ HD2 Hope HD2
└ HD3 Total Hits
Albertville, Milestone Radio Tower
106.5 KUOM Radio K St. Louis Park, 3430 List Pl
106.7 K294AM KFAI West St. Paul Water Tower
107.1 KTMY myTalk
Shoreview, Telefarm Broadcasting Towers
107.5 K298CO The Patriot Golden Valley, Luce Line Trl
107.9 KQQL Kool 108
└ HD2 Black Information Netw.
└ HD3 KFAN Plus
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.425 WNG685 NOAA Weather Radio Norwood Young America
162.500 WNG676 NOAA Weather Radio Clearwater
162.550 KEC65 NOAA Weather Radio 3415 University Ave, KSTP-TV Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WEBC Northland FAN
Fox Sports Radio
Duluth, MN, South Range, WI
    630 WREY El Rey Woodbury, Cnty Hwy 19
    660 WBHR The Bear
ESPN Radio
Sauk Rapids
    690 KFXN Hmong Radio New Hope, Brownwood Park
    710 WDSM The Game
Infinity Sports Netw.
Duluth, MN, Superior, WI
    740 WDGY Hudson, WI
    770 KUOM Radio K Falcon Heights, 2070 W Roselawn Ave
    830 WCCO News Talk Coon Rapids
    900 KTIS Faith Radio Oakdale, N Geneva Ave
    920 KDHL The Mighty 920 Faribault, Cnty Hwy 45
    950 KTNF Progressive Voice Eden Prairie, MN-5 and I-494 Interchange
    980 KKMS The Mission Eagan, Cliff Rd
  1030 WCTS Woodbury, Cnty Hwy 19
  1080 KYMN Northfield, W 320th St
  1130 KTLK News Talk Credit River Township, Flag Trl
  1170 KFOW The Fan Owatonna
  1180 KYES Catholic Talk
Relevant Radio
Rockville, Kimball
  1280 WWTC The Patriot St. Louis Park, Cedar Lake Rd
  1300 WQPM BOB Total Country Princeton
  1330 WLOL Relevant Radio Savage, Dan Patch
  1350 KCHK Classic Music New Prague
  1400 KMNV La Raza St. Paul, MN, Desnoyer Park Neighborhood
  1440 KYCR The Biz
Bloomberg Radio
Golden Valley, Luce Line Trl
  1470 KMNQ La Raza Brooklyn Park, Cnty Rd 81
  1500 KSTP SKOR North
ESPN Radio
Maplewood, N Hwy 61
  1570 KDIZ Freedom 1570 St. Louis Park, Cedar Lake Rd
  1590 WIXK Hmong Radio New Richmond, WI
  1610 Hwy Advisory Radio St. Louis Park, Cedar Lake Rd




IDS Center

Coordinates: 44°58'34" N, 93°16'18" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 854 ft (260.3 m), Antenna Height: 886 ft (270.1 m)
The IDS Center (80 S 8th St) is the tallest building in the state of Minnesota since its opening in 1974. A number of major FM radio stations who formerly broadcast from the site now use the IDS as a backup in case their primary location in Shoreview, Minnesota were to fail. In 2009 the equipment was removed and digital towers were added for the national digital switch. Some television broadcasters using the tower include Univision affiliate WUMN-LP and K43HB, which broadcasts HSN programming, while the area's major television stations use it for their STL towers and microwave relays to Shoreview and their individual studios and live trucks. The roof of the IDS Center is also home to the W0IDS UHF Amateur radio repeater, one of the widest coverage repeaters in the Midwest.

More info: Wikipedia


Coordinates: 44°58'09" N, 93°12'28" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 900 ft (274.3 m), Antenna Height: 594 ft (181 m)
The tower for Channel 5, the first television station in the Upper Midwest, was built in 1948 precisely on the Minneapolis-St. Paul boundary, at 3415 University Avenue. The large tripod transmitting tower behind the station has one leg in each city, with the third leg precisely on the city and county line. This facility was the original KSTP-TV transmitter site, and now it is primarily used to relay the station's signal to the Telefarm paired tower setup in Shoreview. The transmitter antenna for KEC65, the NOAA Weather Radio station serving the Twin Cities area is also located on the tower. The building houses Hubbard Broadcasting's offices, KSTP-TV (ABC Ch. 5), KSTC-TV (Ch. 45), KSTP-AM/FM and KTMY-FM studios.

Shoreview, Telefarm Broadcasting Towers

Coordinates: 45°03'44" N, 93°08'22" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 997 ft (304 m), Antenna Height: 1436 ft (437.7 m) & 1438 ft (438.3 m)
Telefarm Towers Shoreview is a transmission site for FM radio and television broadcasting in Shoreview, Minnesota consisting of two guyed towers. The towers are owned by Telefarm, Inc. and are used for analog and digital television broadcasts of WCCO-TV (CBS Ch. 4), KSTP-TV (ABC Ch. 5), KARE-TV (NBC Ch. 11), WUCW-TV (CW Ch. 23) and KSTC-TV (Ch. 45), plus the transmission of radio stations KNOW-FM (91.1 MHz), KSTP-FM (94.5 MHz) and KTMY-FM (107.1 MHz).

More info: Wikipedia

Shoreview, KMSP-TV Tower

Coordinates: 45°03'29" N, 93°07'31" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 909 ft (277 m), Antenna Height: 1466 ft (446.8 m)
KMSP-TV Tower is a guy-wired aerial mast for the transmission of FM radio and television programs in Shoreview, Minnesota. The tower, which was built in 1971, is owned by KMSP-TV (Fox Channel 9), but is shared by several area broadcasters: WFTC-TV (MyTV Channel 29) and the Twin Cities Public Television stations - KTCA-TV (Channel 2) and KTCI-TV (Channel 17). Several FM stations are also on the tower: KQRS 92.5, KXXR 93.7, KTCZ 97.1, KTIS 98.5, KSJN 99.5, KFXN 100.3, KDWB 101.3, KEEY 102.1, KMNB 102.9, and KZJK 104.1.

More info: Wikipedia
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