Radio stations in Asheville, NC

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WCQS BPR News
└ HD2 BPR Classic
High Top
  88.7 WNCW Public Radio Clingmans Peak
  89.5 WETS Public Radio
└ HD2 Americana
└ HD3 Classical
Johnson City, TN, Holsten Mountain
  90.1 WEPR SCPR News & Music Greenville, SC, Paris Mountain
  90.5 WYQS BPR Classic Mars Hill, Big Knob
  91.3 WLFA HIS Radio
└ HD2 HIS Radio Z
└ HD3 HIS Radio Praise
Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
  91.9 W220CD CSN Radio Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
  92.5 WESC Country Greenville, SC, Caesars Head, Little Rich Mountain
  92.9 W225CJ ESPN Asheville 13 Summerlin Rd
  93.3 WTPT The Planet
└ HD2 The Life FM
└ HD3 The Bet
Columbus, Skyuka Mountain
  93.7 WFBC B93.7
└ HD2 The Block
└ HD3 The Fan Upstate
Greenville, SC, Caesars Head, WYFF-TV Tower
  94.1 W231AR HIS Radio Praise Swannanoa, Flat Top
  94.5 WKVG K-Love
└ HD2 K-Love 2000s
└ HD3 The Truth
Greenville, SC, Paris Mountain
  94.9 WAEZ Electric 94.9 Greeneville, TN, Greystone Mountain
  95.5 W238BO HIS Radio Swannanoa, Flat Top
  96.1 W241DD The Bear Swannanoa, Hershel Ln
  96.5 WOXL Mix 96.5
└ HD2 The River
└ HD3 Pure Oldies
Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
  96.9 WXBQ Carrot Country Bristol, VA, Holsten Mountain
  97.3 W247BV Pure Oldies Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
  97.7 W249AR The Brew High Top
  98.1 W251AO The River Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
  98.5 WTFM Kingsport, TN, Holsten Mountain
  98.9 WYRD News Talk 98.9 WORD
└ HD2 Magic
Greenville, SC, Hogback Mountain
  99.5 W258CA HIS Radio Praise Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
  99.9 WKSF Kiss Country
└ HD2 The Brew
Mount Pisgah
100.3 W262CO Rewind 100.3 Busbee Mountain
100.7 WRES 75 Haywood St
101.1 W266CP Alt 101.1 Busbee Mountain
101.5 WQUT Classic Rock Johnson City, TN, White Rock
102.1 W271CB Public Radio High Top
102.5 WMYI The Lake Greenville, SC, Caesars Head, Little Rich Mountain
102.9 W275CP WISE Sports
Fox Sports Radio
Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
103.3 WSFM Asheville FM 864 Haywood Rd
103.7 WPVM Voice of Asheville 34 Wall St
104.3 WQNQ Star 104.3
└ HD2 Alt 101.1
Busbee Mountain
104.7 W284CO WFHC Busbee Mountain
105.1 WQNS Rock 105.1 13 Summerlin Rd
105.5 W288CQ The Outlaw Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
105.9 WTMT The Mountain
└ HD2 Rewind 100.3
└ HD3 The Outlaw
Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)
106.3 W292CJ The Light FM 7 Patton Ave, The Arras
106.5 WFHC Fletcher
106.9 WMIT The Light FM Clingmans Peak
107.3 W297CI The King's Radio Woodfin
107.5 W298AY BPR News Black Mountain
107.7 WIVK Knoxville, TN, Bluff Mountain - Greentop
107.9 W300CR BPR Classic 75 Haywood St
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 WXL56 NOAA Weather Radio Mount Pisgah
162.550 WXJ21 NOAA Weather Radio Greenville, SC, Paris Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WRGC The River Sylva
    570 WWNC NewsRadio 13 Summerlin Rd
    590 WCAB Pure Country 101 Rutherfordton
    640 WXSM Xtreme Sports Monster
Infinity Sports Netw.
Johnson City, TN
    660 WESC Country Greenville, SC, 737 Saluda Lake Rd
    720 WGCR Gospel Carolina Radio Pisgah Forest
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    780 WWOL Forest City
    880 WPEK ESPN Asheville Fairview
    920 WPTL Your Country Canton
    940 WKYK Country Burnsville
    970 WYSE Sports
Fox Sports Radio
  1010 WKJW The King's Radio Black Mountain
  1070 WCSZ La Jefa Greenville, SC, 200 N Hwy 25 Bypass
  1110 WBT News Talk Charlotte, NC, 9201 Nations Ford Rd
  1160 WWQT The Life FM Tryon
  1230 WSKY Christian Radio I-26 Exit 25
  1250 WBRM Bigfoot Country Marion, Old Greenlee Rd
  1310 WISE Sports
Fox Sports Radio
I-26 Exit 25
  1350 WZGM The Bear Swannanoa, Hershel Ln
  1380 WKJV The King's Radio Adams Hill Rd
  1450 WHKP Real Country Hendersonville
  1460 WHBK Southern Gospel Marshall
  1600 WTZQ Hendersonville




Mount Pisgah

Coordinates: 35°25'32" N, 82°45'24" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 5718 ft (1742.8 m)
336-foot-tall (102.3 m) broadcast tower on the top of Mount Pisgah, Blue Ridge Mountains, is owned by Sinclair Communications (WLOS-TV ABC Ch. 13). It is the highest television antenna east of the Mississippi River and provides coverage of Western Carolinas media market. Co-located on the tower are WUNF-TV (PBS Ch. 33), WKSF-FM (99.9 MHz), as well as NOAA Weather Radio WXL56 (162.400 MHz) and amateur radio repeater N2GE (146.760 MHz).

Spivey Mountain (Deaver View)

Coordinates: 35°36'04" N, 82°39'06" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3314 ft (1010 m)
Radio tower atop Spivey Mountain, also known as Deaver's View, west of Asheville, North Carolina is home to radio transmitters of WLFA 91.3 FM, WOXL 96.5 FM, WTMT 105.9 FM and several low-power translators.

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