Radio stations in Charlotte, NC

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 W202BW WordNet Radio 8036 Hood Rd, American Tower
  88.5 WFDD Public Radio
└ HD2 Classical 24
└ HD3 Wake Radio
Lexington-Welcome Davidson Broadcasting Tower
  88.9 WNSC SCPR News & Talk Rock Hill, SC, Starling Dr
  89.3 WRFE Joy FM Chesterfield, SC
  89.9 WDAV Classical Public Radio
└ HD2 Concierto
Huntersville, Caldwell
  90.3 WRBK Classic Oldies Richburg, SC
  90.7 WFAE Public Radio
└ HD2 Charlotte Jazz Channel
└ HD3 PRX Remix
Newell, 12541 Caldwell Rd
  91.1 WYFG Bible Broadcasting Netw. Gaffney, SC, Thicketty Mountain
  91.3 W217AX Joy FM 900 Franklin Ave, American Tower
  91.7 WSGE Alexis, Hipp Rd
  91.9 WRCM K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 K-Love 90s
Indian Trail, 999 Radio Dr
  92.3 WKRR Rock 92 Randleman, Dick Broadcasting Tower
  92.7 WFNZ Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
South Newell, 220 Heathway Dr
  93.3 WTPT The Planet
└ HD2 The Life FM
└ HD3 The Bet
Columbus, Skyuka Mountain
  93.5 WYFQ Bible Broadcasting Netw. Wadesboro, Marshville
  93.7 W229CF Bible Broadcasting Netw. 201 S Kings Dr
  94.1 WWLV K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 K-Love 2000s
└ HD4 Buenas Nuevas
Lexington-Welcome Davidson Broadcasting Tower
  94.7 W234BY Podcast Radio US Southside Park American Tower
  95.1 WNKS Kiss 95.1
└ HD2 Fox Sports Charlotte
└ HD3 Playa
Dallas, WJZY-TV Tower
  95.7 WXRC The Ride Lowesville, East Lincoln
  96.1 WHQC Hits 96.1
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 HIS Radio
Dallas, WJZY-TV Tower
  96.5 W243BY HIS Radio Southside Park American Tower
  96.9 WKKT The Kat Mooresville iHeart Radio Tower
  97.3 WKBC The Mix North Wilkesboro, Brushy Mountain
  97.5 W248CO The Game
ESPN Radio
Westchester, Tar Heel Rd
  97.9 WPEG Power 98
└ HD2 Fox Sports Charlotte
└ HD3 Podcast Radio US
Dallas, WJZY-TV Tower
  98.3 W252BU HIS Radio Gastonia, Spencer Mountain
  98.5 WYTX Rock Hill, SC
  98.7 W254AZ Black Information Netw. 4015 Stuart Andrew Blvd, American Tower
  98.9 WYRD News Talk 98.9 WORD
└ HD2 Magic 106.3
Greenville, SC, Hogback Mountain
  99.1 W256BP La Z 8036 Hood Rd, American Tower
  99.3 WBT News Talk Chester, SC
  99.7 WRFX The Fox
└ HD2 Black Information Netw.
Newell, 12541 Caldwell Rd
  99.9 WKSF Kiss Country
└ HD2 The Brew
Asheville, NC, Mount Pisgah
100.3 W262BM Air 1 South Newell, Orr Rd
100.5 W283AY Streetz 103.3 Harrisburg, 8040 Hood Rd
100.9 WPZS Praise 100.9 Matthews, 509 Team Rd
101.3 W267BZ Public Radio South Newell, Orr Rd
101.9 WBAV V101.9
└ HD2 Fox Sports Charlotte
└ HD3 Podcast Radio US
Gastonia, Crowder's Mountain
102.3 WGSP Latina 102.3 Monroe, 2900 Brooks Rd
102.5 W273DA The Block Oakdale, 400 Radio Rd
102.9 WLKO The Lake
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Alexis, Hipp Rd
103.3 W277CB Streetz 103.3 Southside Park American Tower
103.7 WSOC Country
└ HD2 NUtune Country
└ HD3 Podcast Radio US
8036 Hood Rd, American Tower
104.3 W282BP The Light FM Randolph Rd - Brier Creek
104.7 WKQC K104.7
└ HD2 Fox Sports Charlotte
└ HD3 Podcast Radio US
8036 Hood Rd, American Tower
105.3 WOSF 105.3 RnB
└ HD2 The Block
Dallas, Jefferson Pilot Comm Tower
105.7 W289BO The Truth Southside Park American Tower
106.1 WOLS La Raza Andrew Jackson State Park, SC
106.5 WEND The End China Grove, Brown Rd
106.9 WMIT The Light FM Asheville, NC, Clingmans Peak
107.1 WRHM Interstate 107
└ HD2 104.1 The Bridge
└ HD3 90s on 94.3
Andrew Jackson State Park, SC
107.5 W298CF Latina 102.3 900 Franklin Ave, American Tower
107.9 WLNK Mix 107.9
└ HD2 WBT News Talk
└ HD3 WFNZ Sports Radio
Dallas, Jefferson Pilot Comm Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 WXL70 NOAA Weather Radio Spencer Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 WAME Real Country Statesville
    590 WCAB Pure Country 101 Rutherfordton
    610 WFNZ The Block Oakdale, 400 Radio Rd
    640 WBIN Black Information Netw. Atlanta, GA, 2108 Joseph E. Boone Blvd NW
    680 WPTF NewsRadio Raleigh, NC, Cary, E Clatham St
    730 WZGV The Game
ESPN Radio
Belmont, Kee Rd
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    830 WTRU The Truth Winston-Salem, NC, Walkertown
    870 WTCG Family First Radio Carrier Dr, Victory Christian High School
    890 WBAJ Family First Radio Columbia, SC, Winterwood Rd
    930 WYFQ Bible Broadcasting Netw. Westchester, Tar Heel Rd
    960 WCRU The Truth Dallas, Long Crek Meadows
    980 WULR Cadena Nueva Vida Rock Hill, SC, Mcconnells Hwy
  1030 WNOW La Z Matthews, Rock Hill Church Rd
  1060 WXNC La Z Monroe, Quarry Rd
  1080 WKGX Classic Hits Lenoir
  1110 WBT News Talk 9201 Nations Ford Rd
  1140 WRVA NewsRadio Richmond, VA, Deep Bottom Park
  1150 WAVO The Light FM Rock Hill, SC, Pineview Rd
  1170 WCXN The Overcomer Ministry Claremont
  1190 WIXE The Mighty Monroe, 1700 Buena Vista Rd
  1220 WDYT Streetz 103.3 Gastonia, Flyer Park
  1240 WHVN Buenas Nuevas Randolph Rd - Brier Creek
  1270 WCGC Carolina Catholic Radio
Belmont, Kee Rd
  1290 WHKY Talk Radio Hickory
  1310 WGSP Latina 102.3 Washington Heights
  1340 WRHI News Talk Rock Hill, SC, Westminster Dr
  1370 WGIV Streetz 103.3 Wilmore
  1430 WDEX New Life Monroe Seventh Day Adventist Church
  1450 WGNC Gastonia, 1135 Cleveland Ave
  1480 WGFY With Grace for You
LifeTalk Radio
Firestone Park
  1540 WOGR WordNet Radio Carrier Dr, Victory Christian High School
  1610 WNNV615 CLT Airport Radio Charlotte Douglas International Airport




Southside Park American Tower (3208 May St)

Coordinates: 35°11'56" N, 80°52'36" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 691 ft (211 m), Antenna Height: 494 ft (150 m)

WBT-AM Radio Towers

Coordinates: 35°7'56" N, 80°53'22" W
WBT's diamond-shaped antennas (Blaw-Knox Towers), make up three of only eight still operational in the United States. Two of the towers were seriously damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and rebuilt.

More info: Tower site of the week: WBT, Charlotte, N.C. (2003) ; Tower site of the week: WBT, Charlotte, NC (2008)

Gastonia, Crowder's Mountain

Coordinates: 35°13'56" N, 81°16'34" W
Crowders Mountain is one of two main peaks within Crowders Mountain State Park, located in the western Piedmont of North Carolina, about 25 miles (40 km) west of Charlotte. Crowders Mountain has an elevation of 1625 feet (495 m) above sea level. Today three radio towers are located on the mountain. The tallest tower on the mountain is owned by CBS Communications and rises 268 feet (82 m).

More info: Wikipedia
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