Radio stations in Greenville, NC

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 W201AO PRE Classical Town Common
  88.7 WAGO Go Mix Radio Snow Hill
  89.3 WTEB PRE News & Ideas
└ HD2 PRE Classical
New Bern, 800 College Ct
  89.5 W208AO FBN Radio Farmville, Tysons Church
  89.7 WCPE Classical Raleigh, NC, Wake Forest, Chalk Rd
  90.3 WKNS PRE Classical Kinston, Oakdale Rd
  90.5 WTGX Go Mix Radio Windsor, Cedar Landing Rd
  90.9 WRQM Public Radio
└ HD2 WUNC Music
Rocky Mount, Elm City
  91.3 WZMB East Carolina University
  91.7 WBKU American Family Radio Ahoskie
  91.9 W220BW FBN Radio Ayden
  92.1 WRSV Choice FM Rocky Mount, Elm City
  92.5 WYFL Bible Broadcasting Netw. Henderson
  93.3 WERO Bob 93.3 Grifton, WITN-TV Tower
  94.3 WRHD The Game
└ HD2 Groovin' Oldies
Bell Arthur, Inner Banks Media Tower
  94.7 WQDR 947 QDR
└ HD2 Pulse FM
└ HD3 Rock 92.9
Raleigh, NC, Garner-Clayton, WNCN-TV Tower
  95.1 WRNS Your Country Trenton, WCTI-TV Tower
  95.5 WPWZ Power 95.5 Rocky Mount, Heartsease
  95.9 WPNC Magic 95.9 Plymouth
  96.5 W243DA HIS Radio Bell Arthur, Inner Banks Media Tower
  96.9 WPLW Pulse FM Goldsboro, Princeton
  97.3 W247BG Classical County Home Rd Pinnacle Tower
  97.5 WLGT The Bridge Washington
  97.9 W250CJ Groovin' Oldies Bell Arthur, Inner Banks Media Tower
  98.5 WDWG Big Dawg Rocky Mount, 12714 NC 97
  98.9 WLXB K-Love Bethel
  99.5 WMJV The Wave New Bern, Jasper
100.3 WLGP GNN Radio Newport
100.7 WRDU Classic Rock Middlesex iHeart Radio Tower
101.1 WQZL The River Belhaven
101.5 WRAL Mix 101.5
└ HD2 That Station
└ HD3 WRAL News+
Raleigh, NC, Garner-Clayton, WNCN-TV Tower
101.9 WIKS Kiss FM
└ HD2 Beach Boogie & Blues
New Bern, Jasper
102.9 WELS Beach Boogie & Blues Kinston, 2346 Ridgewood Dr
103.3 WMGV Magic 103.3/95.5 New Bern, Grantsboro
103.7 WTIB Talk 96.3/103.7 Windsor, Davenport Rd
104.3 WFXK Foxy 107.1-104.3 Rocky Mount, Castalia
104.7 WZUP La Invasora Kinston, 1229 W New Bern Rd
105.3 W287AH Bible Broadcasting Netw. Bell Arthur, Inner Banks Media Tower
105.9 W290CB Beach Boogie & Blues County Home Rd Pinnacle Tower
106.5 WSFL Classic Rock
└ HD2 Beach Boogie & Blues
Trenton, Brody Tower
106.9 WBIS Awesome Radio Winterville
107.9 WNCT Greatest Hits Grifton, WITN-TV Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KEC84 NOAA Weather Radio New Bern, Glenburnie Garden
162.475 WXL59 NOAA Weather Radio Tarboro
162.525 WNG537 NOAA Weather Radio Windsor
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPGU846 ECU Radio East Carolina University
    540 WETC Catholic 540 Raleigh, NC, Wendell, Riley Hill Rd
    680 WPTF NewsRadio Raleigh, NC, Cary, E Clatham St
    760 WCPS Gospel Music Tarboro
    900 WIAM Southern Gospel Williamston
    930 WDLX Pirate Radio Washington
    960 WRNS Bet on the Bull
VSiN Sports Betting
  1070 WNCT Beach Boogie & Blues 2929 Radio Station Rd
  1140 WRVA NewsRadio Richmond, VA, Deep Bottom Park
  1250 WGHB Pirate Radio Farmville
  1570 WECU ESPN Greenville Winterville




Grifton, WITN-TV Tower

Coordinates: 35°21'56" N, 77°23'35" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 26 ft (7.9 m), Antenna Height: 1985 ft (605 m)
WITN-TV (NBC Ch. 7) guyed mast on NC 118 near Grifton, North Carolina, built in 1979. This tall tower is used for broadcasting by WITN-TV, WNCT-TV, WERO and WNCT-FM and as a weather observatory by NOAA ESRL GMD.

Trenton, WCTI-TV Tower

Coordinates: 35°06'16" N, 77°20'12" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 46 ft (14 m), Antenna Height: 1989 ft (606.2 m)
WCTI-TV (ABC Ch. 12) guyed mast on NC 41 near Trenton and New Bern, North Carolina, built in 1981. This tall tower is used for broadcasting by WCTI-TV and WRNS-FM.

Greenville VOA Transmitting Station

Coordinates: 35°28'11" N, 77°11'54" W
The International Broadcasting Bureau Greenville Transmitting Station (officially known as Edward R. Murrow Transmitting Station) is the transmitting station for Voice of America, in Greenville, North Carolina. Originally at three sites, only one, site B, is in current use. The transmitting station provides international shortwave broadcasts for IBB.

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