Radio stations in Fargo, ND

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KPPP 315 Main Ave
  88.7 KFBN Heaven 88.7 Amenia
  89.1 KNNZ Ken's FM Barnsville, MN
  89.5 KFAA Air 1 West Fargo, 126 6th St W
  90.3 KCCD MPR News Sabin, MN, Cnty Hwy 10
  91.1 KCCM YourClassical MPR Sabin, MN, Cnty Hwy 10
  91.9 KDSU Prairie Public Radio
└ HD2 Roots, Rock and Jazz
  92.7 K288FF The Bison
Fox Sports Radio
Lashkowitz High Rise
  92.9 KKXL XL93 East Grand Forks, MN
  93.1 K226CL WDAY News Talk 4500 S University Dr
  93.7 KOYY Y94 Amenia
  94.1 K231CV The Mighty 790 Moorhead, MN, Cr 75, Midwest Communications Tower
  94.5 K233CY The City Westgate, 2720 7th Ave S
  95.1 KBVB Bob FM
└ HD2 The City
Moorhead, MN, Cr 75, Midwest Communications Tower
  95.9 KRFF Radio Free Fargo 315 Main Ave
  96.3 KNDS Radio For Everyone West Fargo, 413 Main Ave W
  96.9 W245CM Hits FM Westgate, 2720 7th Ave S
  97.9 KFNW Life 97.9 Amenia
  98.3 K252GC Real Presence Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
4500 S University Dr
  98.7 KLTA Big 98.7
└ HD2 Hits FM
Sabin, MN, Cnty Hwy 10
  99.3 K257EP K-Love Moorhead, MN, 1700 25th St S
  99.9 KVOX Froggy Moorhead, MN, Cr 75, Midwest Communications Tower
100.7 KLDQ K-Love Gardner
101.9 KRWK Jack FM Amenia
102.3 KRCQ Real Country Detroit Lakes, MN, 305th Ave
102.5 K273DJ Faith Radio Stanley, 6120 53rd St NW
103.3 KZCR Z-103.3 Fergus Falls, MN, Rothsay
103.9 KZTK The Truck Erie
104.1 KBOT The Wave Detroit Lakes, MN, Adams Rd
104.7 KMJO The Mighty 790 Ayr, 146th Ave SE
105.1 KQWB Q105.1 Rocks Wolverton, MN, Cnty Rd 182
106.1 KQLX Thunder 106.1 Chaffee, 46th St SE
106.5 KRJB Ada, MN
106.9 KEGK The Eagle Wolverton, MN, Cnty Rd 182
107.3 K297BW KNFL The Fan
ESPN Radio
Moorhead, MN, Cr 75, Midwest Communications Tower
107.9 KPFX The Fox Wolverton, MN, Cnty Rd 182
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 WXK42 NOAA Weather Radio Amenia
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WNWM881 Cass County Radio West Fargo, Red River Valley Fairgrounds
    550 KFYR Bismarck, ND, Menoken, 185th St NE
    570 WNAX Yankton, SD, 309th St and 444th Ave
    600 KSJB Classic Country Jamestown, 83rd Ave SE
    680 CJOB Canada, Winnipeg, MB, Floodway Rd
    710 KXMR Fox Sports 710 Bismarck, ND, Menoken, 2800 171st St NE (daytime) / Hwy 1806 at Schmidt Bottoms (nighttime)
    740 KNFL The Fan
ESPN Radio
Hawley, MN, Cnty Hwy 26
    790 KFGO The Mighty 790 1020 25th St S
    830 WCCO News Talk Minneapolis, MN, Coon Rapids
    870 KPRM Park Rapids, MN
    890 KQLX Ag News Kindred, 157th Ave SE
    970 WDAY News Talk Barnesville, MN
    990 CBW CBC Radio One Canada, Winnipeg, MB, Springstein
  1020 KJJK Channel 97.7 Fergus Falls, MN, Cnty Rd 33
  1100 WZFG The Flag Sabin, MN, 90th Ave S
  1200 KFNW Faith Radio 5702 52nd Ave S
  1250 KBRF Talk Radio Fergus Falls, MN, 19th St
  1280 KVXR Real Presence Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Moorhead, MN, 800 50th Ave S
  1310 KNOX News Radio Grand Forks, Cnty Rd 9
  1340 KDLM Detroit Lakes, MN, Cnty Hwy 21
  1370 KWTL Real Presence Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Grand Forks, 32nd Ave S
  1400 KQDJ ESPN Jamestown Jamestown
  1450 KBMW News Breckenridge, MN
  1490 KOVC Valley City
  1500 KMSC Dragon Radio Moorhead, MN, Minnesota State University (Carrier current)
  1520 KMSR Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
  1590 KGFK The Forks East Grand Forks, MN
  1610 WPMG253 Moorhead Radio Moorhead, MN
  1660 KQWB The Bison
Fox Sports Radio
Hawley, MN, Cnty Hwy 26




Blanchard, KVLY-TV mast

Coordinates: 47°20'32" N, 97°17'21" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 975 ft (297.2 m), Antenna Height: 2063 ft (628.8 m)
The KVLY-TV mast is the tallest broadcasting tower in the world, the tallest structure in the United States and third-tallest man-made structure in the world (after Burj Dubai and Tokyo Skytree). Completed in 1963, it is used by Fargo station KVLY-TV (Ch. 11).

More info: Wikipedia

Galesburg, KXJB-TV mast

Coordinates: 47°16'44" N, 97°20'23" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1065 ft (324.6 m), Antenna Height: 2060 ft (627.8 m)
The KXJB-TV mast is a television transmitting tower near Galesburg, North Dakota. It is shorter by 3.3 ft (1 m) than the KVLY-TV mast which stands a few miles away. The tower was completed in 1966 and is user by Fargo station KXJB (CBS Ch. 4). A 735-foot (224 m) temporary tower stands next to the full-height mast.

More info: Wikipedia

Amenia antenna farm

Coordinates: 47°00'36" N, 97°11'42" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 945 ft (288 m)
Amenia tower cluster on Highway 18 includes three towers:
• 1205 ft (367 m) tall WDAY-TV (ABC Ch. 6) tower,
• 1055 ft (322 m) tall KFNW-FM 97.9 MHz tower and
• 1156 m (352 ft) tall Prairie Public Broadcasting - KDSU 91.9 MHz / KFME-TV (PBS Ch. 13) tower.

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