Radio stations in Albuquerque, NM

Emisoras de radio en Albuquerque, NM

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 KLYT Star 88 Sandia Crest
  88.7 KEZF K-Rocky Mount Taylor, La Mosca Lookout Tower
  89.1 KANW Public Radio
└ HD2 KANW-2
Sandia Crest
  89.9 KUNM Public Radio
└ HD2 KUNM-2
Sandia Crest
  90.3 KDRI Air 1 Mount Taylor, La Mosca Lookout Tower
  90.7 KQLV K-Love Sandia Crest
  91.5 KFLQ Family Life Radio Sandia Crest
  91.9 K220GM Family Radio Sandia Crest
  92.3 KRST Country Sandia Crest
  92.7 KDSK Sound Souvenirs Mount Taylor, Forest Svc 400 Rd
  92.9 K225CH Sound Souvenirs Sandia Crest
  93.3 KOBQ The Q Sandia Crest
  93.7 K229CL The Eighties Channel Sandia Crest
  94.1 KZRR 94 Rock
└ HD2 Power 100.9
Sandia Crest
  94.5 K233CG The Pit Sandia Crest
  94.7 KLBU Jam'n 94.7 Santa Fe, NM, 1686 Paseo De Las Vistas + Española, Alcade
  95.1 KABQ Hot 95.1
└ HD2 Fox Sports 1350
Westland, Coronado Fwy
  95.5 KHFM Classical Los Alamos, Peralta Ridge
  95.9 K240BL The Sports Animal Sandia Crest
  96.3 KKOB NewsRadio Sandia Crest
  96.9 K245CD Conservative Talk Sandia Crest
  97.3 KKSS Kiss 97.3 Los Alamos, Peralta Ridge
  97.7 KLVO Radio Lobo Los Lunas Hill
  98.1 K251AU The Bull Sandia Crest
  98.5 KABG Big 98.5
└ HD2 Fuego 102.9
└ HD3 Classical
Los Alamos, Peralta Ridge
  98.7 KBNM Eagle 98 Belen
  98.9 K255AU Relevant Radio Sandia Crest
  99.5 KMGA Magic 99.5 Sandia Crest
  99.9 KMGG The Beat 12845 Eastridge Dr NE
100.3 KPEK The Peak Sandia Crest
100.9 K265CA Power 100.9 Sandia Crest
101.3 KYLZ The Hustle Westland, Coronado Fwy
101.7 KQTM ESPN Albuquerque Sandia Crest
101.9 KTAO Solar Radio Taos, Picuris Peak
102.1 K271CP Q102 Super Hits Montbel Pl NE
102.5 KIOT Coyote 102.5 Sandia Crest
102.9 K275AO Fuego 102.9 Sandia Crest
103.3 KDRF eD-FM Sandia Crest
103.7 K279BP The Oasis Sandia Crest
104.1 KTEG The Edge
└ HD2 Dance Nation 90s
Los Alamos, Peralta Ridge
104.7 KNFZ Fuzión Radio Los Lunas Hill
105.1 KKRG Mix 105.1 Los Alamos, Peralta Ridge
105.5 KQRI Air 1 Sandia Crest + Los Lunas Hill
105.9 KRZY La Suavecita Los Alamos, Peralta Ridge
106.3 KXOT La Mexicana Los Lunas Hill
106.7 KVCN VCY America Los Alamos, Peralta Ridge
107.1 KYFV Bible Broadcasting Netw. West Mesa, I-40 Frontage Rd
107.5 K298BY KANW-2 Sandia Crest
107.9 KBQI Big I
└ HD2 The Bull
Sandia Crest
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 WXJ34 NOAA Weather Radio 12505 Central Ave NW
162.550 WXJ33 NOAA Weather Radio Santa Fe, NM, Tesuque Peak
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPVW333 Hwy Advisory Radio I-25, I-40
    540 KNMX Las Vegas
    610 KNML The Sports Animal
Infinity Sports Netw.
3501 2nd St SW
    660 KTNN The Voice of Navajo Nation Window Rocks, AZ, Sawmill
    700 KDAZ Conservative Talk 4664 Coors Blvd SW
    770 KKOB NewsRadio 300 Cam Los Luceros
    800 XEROK Calibre 800 Mexico, Cd. Juárez, Chih., Plaza Sendero
    810 KSWV Classic Hits Santa Fe, NM, Camino de los Montoyas
    840 KDNF Genuine Country South Valley
    920 KSVA LifeTalk Radio Montbel Pl NE
    950 KDCE Radio ¿Qué Dice? Española, 403 W Pueblo Dr
    980 KMIN K-Mine Country Gold Grants, I-40 and US-53 intersecton
  1000 KKIM Christian Talk North Valley, 303 Los Ranchos Rd NW
  1020 KCKN Radio Visión Cristiana Roswell, NM, 1700 La Luz Rd
  1050 KTBL The Pit Niese Dr SW
  1080 KRKE East Mountain Radio Moriarty
  1100 KRKE The Eighties Channel Peralta
  1150 KNMM Q102 Super Hits Montbel Pl NE
  1190 KXKS The Answer 751 Woodward Rd SE
  1240 KDSK Sound Souvenirs 10420 Edith Blvd NE
  1260 KTRC Talk Radio Santa Fe, NM, W Alameda St
  1310 KKNS The Voice of Navajo Nation 10316 Edith Blvd NE
  1350 KABQ Fox Sports 1350 Montoya St NW
  1400 KVSF ESPN Santa Fe Santa Fe, NM, W Alameda St
  1450 KRZY TUDN Radio Montbel Pl NE
  1510 KOAZ The Oasis Niese Dr SW
  1550 KQNM Relevant Radio Montoya St NW
  1600 KIVA ABQ.FM 303 Los Ranchos Rd NW
  1670 WPVW333 Hwy Advisory Radio I-25, I-40




Sandia Crest

Coordinates: 35°12'50" N, 106°27'02" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 10678 ft (3255 m)
Sandia Crest antenna farm northeast of Albuquerque is the location of many radio and TV stations broadcasting to Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Peralta Ridge

Coordinates: 35°46'49" N, 106°31'36" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 9880 ft (3011 m)
Peralta Ridge, 25 miles west of Santa Fe and about 40 miles north of Albuquerque, is the location of the radio stations KHFM 95.5 FM, KKSS 97.3 FM, KABG 98.5 FM, KTEG 104.1 FM, KKRG 105.1 FM, KRZY 105.9 FM, KAGM 106.7 FM and KCHF-TV (SBN Ch. 11).

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