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Radio stations in Reno, NV

Emisoras de radio en Reno, NV

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  87.90 K200AA CSN Radio Sun Valley, Red Peak
  88.30 KYSA K-Love Pah Rah Range, Virginia Peak
  88.70 KUNR Reno Public Radio McClellan Peak
  89.10 KVNV Nevada Public Radio Pah Rah Range, Virginia Peak
  89.50 KNCJ Classical & Jazz Sun Valley, Red Peak
  90.50 KKTO CapRadio News Slide Mountain
  90.90 K215FK Effect Radio Sun Valley, Red Peak
  91.30 KNIS Pilgrim Radio McClellan Peak
  91.70 K219AR Reno Public Radio Verdi, Peavine Peak
  92.10 KWFP Alt 92.1 Sun Valley, Red Peak
  92.50 K223AL Oldies 92.5 Sun Valley, Red Peak
  92.90 KLRH K-Love Sun Valley, Red Peak
  93.30 KBOK K-Book 1030 Matley Ln
  93.70 KPGF Crazy 80's Sun Valley, Red Peak
  94.10 K231CS CBS Sports Radio Sun Valley, Red Peak
  94.50 KUUB ESPN Radio Sun Valley, Red Peak
  95.10 K236CN The Wolf Skyline Blvd
  95.50 KNEV The Vibe McClellan Peak
  96.10 K241AK Bob FM Sun Valley, Red Peak
  96.50 KLCA Alice 96.5
└ HD2 Swag 104.9
└ HD3 The Rodeo
└ HD4 Juan Radio
Slide Mountain
  96.90 K245BV The Rodeo Sun Valley, Red Peak
  97.30 KOLC Ten Country McClellan Peak
  97.70 KWNK Sun Valley, Red Peak
  98.10 KBUL K-Bull 98.1 McClellan Peak
  98.70 K254AK Family Radio Sun Valley, Red Peak
  99.10 KKFT FM Talk McClellan Peak
  99.50 K258BN More FM Verdi, Peavine Peak
  99.70 K259AY Christian Companion Sun Valley, Red Peak
100.10 KTHX The X McClellan Peak
100.90 KRFN Fun 101
└ HD2 The Wolf
Steamboat Hills
101.30 KRNG Renegade Radio Pah Rah Range, Pond Peak
101.70 K269FC Juan Radio Sun Valley, Red Peak
102.10 KRNV La Tricolor Sun Valley, Red Peak
102.50 K273AF Cowboy Country McClellan Peak
102.90 KWYL Wild 102.9 Slide Mountain
103.30 K277BW CSN Radio Verdi, Peavine Peak
103.70 KODS The River Slide Mountain
104.10 KUEZ Easy 104.1 Sun Valley, Red Peak
104.50 KDOT Rock 104.5 Slide Mountain
104.90 K285EQ Swag 104.9 Verdi, Peavine Peak
105.30 KZTI Radio Lazer Pah Rah Range, Virginia Peak
105.70 KOZZ Classic Rock Slide Mountain
106.30 KWNZ Latino 106.3 Sun Valley, Red Peak
106.90 KRNO More FM Slide Mountain
107.30 KNEZ La Mejor Pah Rah Range, Virginia Peak
107.70 KSRN Radio Lazer Slide Mountain
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.45 WWG20 NOAA Weather Radio Pah Rah Range, Virginia Peak
162.55 WXK58 NOAA Weather Radio Pah Rah Range, Virginia Peak
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    570 KCFJ CBS News Radio Alturas, CA
    590 KTHO K-Tahoe South Lake Tahoe, CA
    630 KPLY Fox Sports Radio Hoge Rd
    650 KSTE Talk Sacramento, CA, Eagles Nest Rd
    680 KNBR The Sports Leader
CBS Sports Radio
San Francisco, CA, Redwood Shores
    710 KFIA Christian Radio Sacramento, CA, Lincoln, Thunder Valley
    750 KHWG Classic Country Fallon
    780 KKOH News Talk Lemmon Valley
    810 KGO NewsRadio San Francisco, CA, Newark, Dumbarton Bridge
    830 KNCO News Talk Grass Valley, CA
    860 KTRB The Answer San Francisco, CA, Hayward, Enterprise Ave
    890 KMJE Radio Víve Sacramento, CA, West Sacramento, Jefferson Blvd
    920 KIHM Relevant Radio Sparks, Clean Water Way
    980 KVLV Country 980 Fallon
  1060 KFOY NewsTalk Sparks, Clean Water Way
  1100 KFAX Christian Radio San Francisco, CA, Hayward, Enterprise Ave
  1170 KLOK Desi San Jose, CA, 2905 S King Rd
  1230 KZTQ Bob FM Sparks, Clean Water Way
  1270 KBZZ Oldies 92.5 Sparks, Mustang
  1300 KCMY Cowboy Country Carson City, Butti Way
  1340 KXEQ La Super Q Sparks, 115 Coney Island Dr
  1400 KNNR La Mejor Sparks, 3555 Pyramid Way
  1450 KHIT CBS Sports Radio Hoge Rd
  1530 KFBK NewsRadio Sacramento, CA, Pleasant Grove
  1550 KXTO Radio Vida Hoge Rd
  1590 KQLO Super Estereo Radio Damonte Ranch
  1610 WPJM982 RNO Airport Radio Reno-Tahoe International Airport
  1700 NVWR Wolf Pack Radio University of Nevada (Carrier current)



Slide Mountain

Coordinates: 39°18'47" N, 119°53'03" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 9698 ft (2955 m)
Slide Mountain is a 9698-foot (2956 m) peak in the Carson Range near Reno, in Washoe County, Nevada. The Mount Rose Ski Tahoe resort is located on this mountain. From the summit of Slide Mountain, Lake Tahoe, Washoe Lake, Carson Valley, and the city of Reno can be viewed. Slide Mountain dominates the Reno skyline, standing 5000 feet (1500 m) above the city just to the south of its larger neighbor Mount Rose. Many communications towers adorn the summit, providing television, radio, emergency responder and amateur communications service to the Reno, Carson City and Lake Tahoe areas.


Sun Valley, Red Peak

Coordinates: 39°35'02" N, 119°47'59" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 5465 ft (1666 m)

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