Radio stations in Rochester, NY

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WKEL K-Love Newark
  88.5 WRUR The Route Pinnacle Hill
  88.9 WCIY Family Life South Bristol, Bristol Mountain
  89.1 WBSU The Point Brockport
  89.3 WMHN Mars Hill Netw. Webster, Holt Rd
  89.7 WITR The Pulse of Music Henrietta, Rochester Institute of Technology
  90.1 WGMC Jazz 90.1 Athena High School
  90.5 WBER Victor, Baker Hill
  90.9 WIRQ West Irondequoit Radio West Irondequoit
  91.5 WXXО WXXI-Classical
└ HD2 WXXI Public Radio
Pinnacle Hill
  92.1 W221CL NewsPower Pinnacle Hill
  92.5 WBEE Today's Country
└ HD2 The Fan
1427 Five Mile Line Rd, Entercom Communications Tower
  92.9 W225AR The Station of the Cross
EWTN Catholic Radio
Pinnacle Hill
  93.3 WFKL Fickle 93.3 1427 Five Mile Line Rd, Entercom Communications Tower
  94.1 WZNE The Zone Pinnacle Hill
  94.7 W234AZ Family Life Pinnacle Hill
  95.1 WAIO Radio 95.1
└ HD2 Lite Rock
Victor, Baker Hill
  95.7 W239BF The Fan 281 Colfax St, American Tower
  96.5 WCMF Classic Rock Pinnacle Hill
  97.1 WEPL Poder 97.1 Clifford Ave and Roth St
  97.5 W248BH La Mega Xerox Tower
  97.9 WPXY 98PXY
└ HD2 Channel Q
Pinnacle Hill
  98.5 WARI Radio Aleluya 550 E Ave, The Strathallan
  98.9 WBZA The Buzz
└ HD2 Alt 98.9
└ HD3 Family Life
281 Colfax St, American Tower
  99.3 W257ER The Station of the Cross
EWTN Catholic Radio
Greece, Woodchuck Hill
  99.7 WZXV The Word Victor, Baker Hill
100.1 W261DR The Lake Victor
100.5 WDVI Country 100.5 Victor, Baker Hill
101.3 WRMM Warm 101.3 281 Colfax St, American Tower
101.9 W270BX Mars Hill Netw. 281 Colfax St, American Tower
102.1 WJCA SonLife Radio Albion
102.3 WVOR Sunny 102.3
└ HD2 Cool Oldies
└ HD3 The Breeze
102.7 WLGZ Legends 102.7
└ HD2 The Beat
281 Colfax St, American Tower
103.5 WUUF Big Dog Country Sodus
103.9 WDKX Xerox Tower
104.3 WAYO 1237 E Main St
104.9 WKDL K-Love Spencerport
105.5 W288CS The Beat Xerox Tower
105.9 WXXI Public Radio Pinnacle Hill
106.3 WRFZ Rochester Free Radio 919 S Clinton Ave
106.7 WKGS Kiss 106.7 Pinnacle Hill
107.1 W296EF Christian Radio 281 Colfax St, American Tower
107.3 WNBL Big 107.3 South Bristol, Bristol Mountain
107.5 W298CH WXXI Public Radio Webster, Irondequoit Dr
107.7 WLKK The Wolf
└ HD2 Star 102.5 5
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KHA53 NOAA Weather Radio Victor, Baker Hill
162.525 WNG539 NOAA Weather Radio Spencerport
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 WGR SportsRadio
ESPN Radio
Buffalo, NY, Hamburg, Big Tree Rd
    570 WSYR NewsRadio Syracuse, NY, Nedrow
    590 CJCL Sportsnet The Fan
CBS Sports Radio
Canada, Toronto, ON, Grimsby, Sobie Rd
    620 WHEN Power 620 Syracuse, NY, Liverpool
    640 CFIQ 640 Toronto Canada, Toronto, ON, Lincoln
    680 CFTR CityNews Toronto Canada, Toronto, ON, Grimsby, Winston Rd
    740 CFZM Zoomer Radio Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    800 CJBQ Canada, Belleville, ON, Prince Edward
    820 CHAM Funny 820 Canada, Hamilton, ON, Binbrook Rd
    860 CJBC ICI Première Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    900 CHML Canada, Hamilton, ON, Westover
    910 WPYT547 Hwy Advisory Radio I-390 and I-490
    930 WBEN News Talk Buffalo, NY, Grand Island
    950 WROC The Fan Brighton, I-390 and I-590 Interchange
    990 WDCX Christian Radio Clarkson
  1010 CFRB Newstalk 1010 Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Royal Windsor Dr
  1040 WYSL NewsPower Avon
  1140 WCJW CJ Country Warsaw
  1180 WHAM NewsRadio Brook Rd
  1280 WHTK Fox Sports 1280 Brighton, S Winton Rd
  1310 WOKR Classic Hits Canandaigua
  1370 WXXI Public Radio Brighton, French Rd
  1420 WACK Hometown Radio Newark
  1460 WHIC The Station of the Cross
EWTN Catholic Radio
W Henrietta Rd
  1490 WBTA Easy FM Batavia
  1520 WWKB ESPN Buffalo Buffalo, NY, Hamburg, Big Tree Rd
  1550 WCGR The Lake Canandaigua
  1600 WRSB La Mega Brockport
  1610 WPZN807 Hwy Advisory Radio New York State Thruway (I-90)
  1610 WPWC517 Hwy Advisory Radio NY Rte 104 and I-490




Pinnacle Hill

Coordinates: 43°08'08" N, 73°35'01" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 749 ft (228 m)
Transmitter towers for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX affiliates and PBS, as well as many radio stations serving Rochester, NY and Monroe County are located on Pinnacle Hill on the border between Rochester and Brighton. Pinnacle Hill is the highest point in Rochester – 749 feet above sea level.

Bristol Mountain

Coordinates: 42°44'47" N, 77°25'31" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2162 ft (659 m)
Radio Broadcasting Tower on the Bristol Mountain summit is a historic broadcast tower that was used by Rural Radio Network from 1948. Today the site is used by radio stations WNBL 107.3 FM (licensed to South Bristol) and WCIY 88.9 FM (licensed to Canandaigua).

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