Radio stations in Syracuse, NY

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 WAER Public Radio
└ HD2 Jazz 88
└ HD3 Alt 88
Day Hall at Syracuse University
  88.7 WTMI The Station of the Cross
EWTN Catholic Radio
  89.1 WJPZ Z89 Day Hall at Syracuse University
  89.5 WUNY Classic FM
└ HD2 Oldies
└ HD3 Jazz
Utica, NY, Smith Hill
  89.9 WRVO Public Radio
└ HD2 PRX Remix
└ HD3 BBC World Service
Oswego, SUNY College
  90.3 WRVD Public Radio SUNY Upstate Medical University
  90.5 WBXL Baldwinsville, Charles W. Baker High School
  91.3 WCNY Classic FM
└ HD2 Oldies
└ HD3 Jazz
Pompey, Sevier Rd
  92.1 WOLF The Wolf
└ HD2 The Dinosaur
└ HD3 The Beat
Baldwinsville, Hencle Blvd
  93.1 WNTQ 93Q Pompey, Sevier Rd
  93.5 WAWR Air 1 Rome, Remsen
  93.9 WKXZ Star 93.9 Norwich
  94.1 W231CS The Dinosaur 401 W Kirkpatrick St, WOLF Radio Tower
  94.5 WYYY Y94
└ HD2 Pride Radio
LaFayette, Sentinel Heights
  94.9 WKLL K-Rock Utica, NY, Smith Hill
  95.3 W237AY The Dinosaur Dewitt, Old Stonehouse Rd near I-481
  95.7 WAQX 95X Dewitt, Old Stonehouse Rd near I-481
  96.5 W243AB The Beat 401 W Kirkpatrick St, WOLF Radio Tower
  96.9 WOUR The Rock of CNY Utica, NY, Smith Hill
  97.3 WYXL Lite Rock
└ HD2 The Vine
└ HD3 The Buzzer
Ithaca, Mt Pleasant Rd
  97.7 W249BC ESPN Radio Syracuse 1000 James St
  98.3 W252AC Family Life 401 W Kirkpatrick St, WOLF Radio Tower
  98.7 WLZW Lite 98.7 Utica, NY, Smith Hill
  99.1 W256AC TK99 401 W Kirkpatrick St, WOLF Radio Tower
  99.5 WTKW TK99
└ HD2 ESPN Radio Syracuse
  99.9 WIII I-100 Iconic Rock Cortland
100.3 WMVN The Beat
└ HD2 The Dinosaur
└ HD3 The Wolf
Sylvan Beach
100.9 WKRL K-Rock North Syracuse
101.3 W267AL K-Love 401 W Kirkpatrick St, WOLF Radio Tower
101.7 W269DT Power 620 State Tower Building
102.1 WZUN Sunny 102 Warners, Van Buren Rd
102.5 WUMX Mix 102.5 Utica, NY, Clinton, Prospect Hill
102.9 WMHR Mars Hill Netw. Onondaga, 4044 Makyes Rd
103.5 W278AH The Word LaFayette, Sentinel Heights
103.9 WSEN The Dinosaur Mexico
104.3 WFRG Big Frog 104 Utica, NY, Clinton, Church Hill
104.7 WBBS B104.7
└ HD2 iHeart Country 80s
Phoenix, 1562 ½ Lamson Rd
105.1 WCIS Family Life DeRuyter
105.5 WTKV TK99 Oswego, NY Rte 481 at Dutch Ridge Rd
105.9 WXTL K-Love 401 W Kirkpatrick St, WOLF Radio Tower
106.3 W292EY The Voice 401 W Kirkpatrick St, WOLF Radio Tower
106.5 WKRH K-Rock Oswego, NY Rte 481 at Dutch Ridge Rd
106.9 WSYR NewsRadio
└ HD2 Power 620
Onondaga Community College + State Tower Building
107.3 WKVU K-Love Utica, NY, Smith Hill
107.9 WWHT Hot 107.9
└ HD2 iHeart 90s Radio
LaFayette, Sentinel Heights
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.550 WXL31 NOAA Weather Radio Makyes Rd
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    570 WSYR NewsRadio Nedrow
    620 WHEN Power 620 Liverpool
    680 WINR US 96.9 Binghamton, NY, Windy Hill Rd
    710 WPGX948 Hwy Advisory Radio New York State Thruway, I-81 / I-90 Interchange
    740 CFZM Zoomer Radio Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    810 WGY NewsRadio Albany, NY, Rotterdam, I-90 exit 25A
    870 WHCU News Talk Ithaca, Mt Pleasant Rd (daytime) / Newfield Hamlet (nighttime)
    920 WYBY Bible Broadcasting Netw. Cortland
  1070 WZUN Sunny 102 Sandy Creek - Pulaski
  1180 WHAM NewsRadio Rochester, NY, Brook Rd
  1200 WTLA ESPN Radio Syracuse North Syracuse
  1260 WSKO The Score
CBS Sports Radio
Dewitt, Pebble Hill
  1310 WTLB ESPN Radio Utica-Rome Utica, NY, Washington Mills
  1340 WMBO The Dinosaur Auburn
  1440 WSGO ESPN Radio Syracuse Oswego, NY Rte 481 at Dutch Ridge Rd
  1470 WNYY Pure Oldies 94.1 Ithaca, Troy Rd
  1490 WOLF Fox Sports 1490 401 W Kirkpatrick St, WOLF Radio Tower
  1540 WSIV The Voice South Ave
  1600 WMCR The Wave Oneida
  1620 WPTK490 Hwy Advisory Radio New York State Thruway (I-90)
  1620 WPTQ900 Hwy Advisory Radio New York State Thruway (I-90)




LaFayette, Sentinel Heights

Coordinates: 42°56'46" N, 76°07'04" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1200 ft (365 m)

Day Hall at Syracuse University

Coordinates: 43°02'01" N, 76°07'51" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 656 ft (200 m), Antenna Height: 292 ft (89 m)
Day Hall is a dormitory on the Syracuse University Campus and was built in 1958. It is located at 1 Mount Olympus Drive at the top of a very high hill. Transmitter tower for radio stations WAER 88.3 FM, WJPZ 89.1 FM is located atop of the building.

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