Radio stations in Akron, OH

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WZIP Copley, WEAO-TV Tower
  88.9 WSTB The Alternation Kent State University
  89.7 WKSU Public Radio
└ HD2 Folk Alley
└ HD3 All Classical
└ HD4 News & More
Copley, WEAO-TV Tower
  90.3 WCLV Classical
└ HD2 WKSU Public Radio
Cleveland, OH, Parma, 7117 State Rd
  90.7 W214CD K-Love Rolling Acres, WVPX-TV Tower
  90.9 WKWO K-Love Wooster
  91.3 WAPS The Summit Rolling Acres, WVPX-TV Tower
  91.9 WKJA Christian Radio Wooster
  92.3 WKRK The Fan
└ HD2 CBS Sports Radio
└ HD3 Cleveland Browns
Cleveland, OH, Warrensville Heights, American Tower
  92.5 WDJQ Q92 Alliance
  93.1 WZAK R&B Leader
└ HD2 Radio Nyra
└ HD3 WERE News Talk
Cleveland, OH, Brecksville, Ohio Tpke exit 173
  93.5 W228EL Soft Hits 93.5 Rolling Acres, WVPX-TV Tower
  94.1 WHBC Mix 94.1 Canton, OH, Middlebranch
  94.9 WQMX Your Country Copley, WEAO-TV Tower
  95.5 WFHM The Fish Cleveland, OH, Warrensville Heights, American Tower
  95.9 WNPQ K-Love New Philadelphia
  96.1 WCFI Cuyahoga Falls
  96.5 WAKS Kiss FM
└ HD2 Real 106.1
Cleveland, OH, Brecksville, Ohio Tpke exit 173
  97.5 WONE Rock&Roll Rolling Acres, WVPX-TV Tower
  98.1 WKDD Cuyahoga Falls
  98.5 WNCX Classic Rock
└ HD2 The Bet
Cleveland, OH, North Royalton, WVIZ-TV Tower
  98.9 WMXY Mix 98.9 Youngstown, OH, Pleasant Grove American Tower
  99.5 WGAR Country 99.5 Cleveland, OH, Parma, WGAR Tower
100.1 WNIR The Talk of Akron Kent, Brimfield
100.7 WMMS Rock
└ HD2 Black Information Netw.
Cleveland, OH, Seven Hills, E Pleasant Valley Rd
101.1 WHOT Hot 101 Youngstown, OH, 4040 Simon Rd, Cumulus Radio Tower
101.7 WHOF Sunny 101.7
└ HD2 New Country
Canton, OH, iHeart Radio Tower
102.1 WDOK Star 102 Cleveland, OH, Parma, Univision Broadcasting Tower
102.5 W273BL Air 1 Rolling Acres, WVPX-TV Tower
102.9 WYFM Y-103 Youngstown, OH, 4040 Simon Rd, Cumulus Radio Tower
103.3 WCRF Moody Radio Cleveland, OH, Broadview Heights, 9756 Barr Rd
104.1 WQAL Q104
└ HD2 New Music Channel
└ HD3 Channel Q
Cleveland, OH, North Royalton, WVIZ-TV Tower
104.5 WQKT Sports*Country Wooster
105.1 WQXK K-105 Country Youngstown, OH, Salem
105.7 WMJI Majic 105.7
└ HD2 K-Love
Cleveland, OH, Parma, Winston Tower
106.1 W291BV Real 106.1 Cleveland, OH, Parma, WUAB-TV Tower
106.5 WHLK The Lake
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Cleveland, OH, Parma, WUAB-TV Tower
106.9 WRQK Rock 106.9 Canton, OH, iHeart Radio Tower
107.3 WNWV Alternative Cleveland Cleveland, OH, Grafton
107.9 WENZ Z-107.9
└ HD2 Praise 94.5
Cleveland, OH, Russell Twp, 14781 Sperry Rd
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KDO94 NOAA Weather Radio Rolling Acres
162.500 WWG56 NOAA Weather Radio Youngstown, OH, Pleasant Grove American Tower
162.550 KHB59 NOAA Weather Radio Cleveland, OH, Chesterland
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WNZD692 Akron Radio Akron Police Dept.
    570 WKBN NewsRadio Youngstown, OH, Poland
    600 WRQX The Patriot Youngstown, OH, Salem
    610 WTVN News Talk Columbus, OH, South Outerbelt
    640 WHLO News Talk Copley, Minor Rd
    740 CFZM Zoomer Radio Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    760 WJR News Talk Detroit, MI, Riverview
    790 WPIC News Talk Youngstown, OH, Sharon, PA
    830 WKTX The Drum Cortland
    850 WKNR ESPN Cleveland Cleveland, OH, North Royalton
    880 WRFD The Word Columbus, OH, South Franklinton
    910 WFDF Superstation Detroit, MI, Carleton
    950 WWJ Newsradio Detroit, MI, Haggerman Rd, Estral Beach
    960 WKVX Classic Hits Wooster
    990 WTIG ESPN 990 Massillion
  1020 KDKA Newsradio Pittsburgh, PA, Alison Park
  1060 WILB Living Bread Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Canton, OH, 4601 Hills and Dales Rd NW
  1100 WTAM NewsRadio Cleveland, OH, Brecksville, Ohio Tpke exit 173
  1130 WDFN Black Information Netw. Detroit, MI, Trenton, Vreeland Rd
  1150 WCUE Family Radio Cuyahoga Falls
  1170 WWVA NewsRadio Wheeling, WV, St. Clairsville
  1220 WHKW The Word Cleveland, OH, Broadview Heights, Akins Rd
  1310 WDPN Unforgettable Favorites Alliance
  1350 WARF Fox Sports 1350 Cuyahoga Falls
  1390 WNIO The Gambler
Fox Sports Radio
Youngstown, OH, Salt Springs Rd (daytime) / Poland (nighttime)
  1480 WHBC News Talk Canton, OH, Middlebranch (daytime) / Gooding St SW (nighttime)
  1520 WINW Joy 1520 Canton, OH, Martindale Park
  1590 WAKR Soft Hits 93.5 Portage Lakes
  1610 WNZD692 Akron Radio Akron Police Dept.
  1620 WPMD582 Kent Radio Kent




Huntington Tower

Coordinates: 41°04'56" N, 81°31'06" W
Huntington Tower (formerly known as First Merit or First National Tower) at 106 King James Way in Downtown Akron, is a skyscraper that has been the city's tallest building since its completion in 1931. The top of the building has a television broadcast tower, formerly used by WAKR-TV (now WVPX-TV) and WAKR-AM. The antenna reaches 442 ft (134.7 metres).

More info: Wikipedia

Rolling Acres, WVPX-TV Tower

Coordinates: 41°03'52" N, 81°34'58" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1 089 ft (331.9 m), Antenna Height: 959 ft (292.3 m)
Candelabra television (WVPX ch.23, WOIO ch.19), FM radio (WONE 97.5 MHz, WAPS 91.3 MHz, W214CD 90.7 MHz, W273BL 102.5 MHz) and NOAA Weather Radio (KDO94 162.40 MHz) broadcasting tower at 1561 Dreisbach Drive in West Akron, near former Rolling Acres Mall.

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