Radio stations in Cincinnati, OH

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 WAIF Radio Walnut Hills, Alms Hill Apts
  88.5 WMUB Public Radio Oxford, College Corner
  88.7 WOBO Batavia, Half-Acre Rd
  88.9 WMWX ClassX Radio Brookville, IN
  89.3 WMKV Maple Knoll Radio Reading, E Columbia Ave
  89.5 WHSS ClassX Radio Hamilton, Old Oxford Rd
  89.7 WYHH Bible Broadcasting Netw. Highland Heights, KY, Northern Kentucky University
  89.9 WLHS Maple Knoll Radio West Chester
  90.1 WORI Air 1 Cleves, Buena Vista Dr
  90.3 WKCD K-Love Dayton, OH, 2045 S Gettysburg Ave
  90.9 WGUC Classical Radio
└ HD2 WGUC Jazz
Walnut Hills/Mount Auburn, WCPO-TV Tower
  91.3 W217BI CSN Radio Spring Grove Ave
  91.7 WVXU Public Radio
└ HD2 Radio Artifact
Walnut Hills/Mount Auburn, WCPO-TV Tower
  92.1 WCNX ClassX Radio Covington, KY
  92.5 WOFX Fox 92.5 Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
  92.9 WGTZ Jack FM Dayton, OH, Brookville, 215 Carr Dr
  93.3 WAKW Star 93.3 6275 Collegevue Pl
  93.7 WFCJ The Light
└ HD2 The Word in Praise
Dayton, OH, Miamisburg, 7333 Manning Rd
  94.1 WNNF Cat Country Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
  94.5 W233BG The Big Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
  94.9 WREW Mix 94.9
└ HD2 The Sound
└ HD3 Bharat FM
College Hill, Star Tower
  95.7 WVQC MRC Radio Walnut Hills/Mount Auburn, WCPO-TV Tower
  95.9 W240DW Oldies 1480 635 W 7th St, WXIX-TV
  96.5 WFTK 96 Rock Mason
  96.9 W245AJ Air 1 Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
  97.3 WYGY The Wolf
└ HD2 Mormon Channel
College Hill, Star Tower
  97.7 WOXY La Mega Middletown
  98.1 WDTZ Z98 Delhi
  98.5 WRRM Warm 98 South Fairmont, Radcliff Dr
  99.1 WHKO K99.1
└ HD2 The Eagle
└ HD3 Soul of Dayton
Dayton, OH, 3316 Germantown St, WHIO-TV Tower
  99.3 WSCH Eagle Country Aurora, IN
  99.5 W258CI Oldies 1480 2601 W 8th St
  99.9 WCHD Channel 99.9
└ HD2 Black Information Netw.
Dayton, OH, Moraine, 2200 Sandridge Dr
100.3 WOSL R&B South Fairmont, Radcliff Dr
100.7 W264BW The Project Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
101.1 WIZF Hip-Hop & R&B
└ HD2 La Grande
2601 W 8th St
101.5 W268CM La Grande Eden Park
101.9 WKRQ Q102 Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
102.3 W272BY The Beat Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
102.7 WEBN
└ HD2 The Project
└ HD3 The Beat
Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
103.1 W276DD Inspiration 1050 Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
103.5 WGRR Greatest Hits College Hill, Star Tower
103.9 WZDA New Country Dayton, OH, Moraine, 2200 Sandridge Dr
104.3 WNLT K-Love 2601 W 8th St
104.7 WTUE Rocks
└ HD2 Fox Sports 980
└ HD3 Pride Radio
Dayton, OH, Moraine, 2200 Sandridge Dr
105.1 WUBE B105 Walnut Hills/Mount Auburn, WCPO-TV Tower
105.5 WCXX ClassX Radio Silverton
105.9 WNKN Relevant Radio Middletown
106.3 W292DT The Project Greenhills, W Sharon Rd
106.7 WNKR The Oasis Dry Ridge, KY
107.1 WKFS Kiss 107.1
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
107.5 WIOK Tri State Gospel Falmouth, KY
107.7 WMMX Mix 107.7 Dayton, OH, Moraine, 2200 Sandridge Dr
107.9 W300CI Oldies 1480 Wilder, KY
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.550 KIH42 NOAA Weather Radio Covington, KY, WCVN-TV Tower
162.475 WXJ46 NOAA Weather Radio Dayton, OH, Miamisburg, 7333 Manning Rd
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPGS214 Hwy Advisory Radio I-71, I-75, I-275
    550 WKRC The Talk Station Cold Spring, KY
    590 WVLK News Talk Lexington, KY, Leestown Rd
    610 WTVN News Talk Columbus, OH, South Outerbelt
    630 WLAP NewsRadio Lexington, KY, 3549 Russell Cave Rd
    650 WSM The Legend Nashville, TN, Brentwood
    700 WLW NewsRadio Mason
    740 WNOP Sacred Heart Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Delhi, Embshoff Woods
    760 WJR News Talk Detroit, MI, Riverview
    840 WHAS NewsRadio Louisville, KY, 1502 Flat Rock Rd
    880 WRFD The Word Columbus, OH, South Franklinton
    910 WPFB Sacred Heart Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
    980 WONE Fox Sports 980 Dayton, OH, Kettering, W Rahn Rd
  1050 WGRI Inspiration 1050 Covington, KY
  1070 WFNI 1070 The Fan Indianapolis, IN, Whitestown
  1090 WKFI Real Roots Radio Wilmington
  1160 WCVX Christian Talk Floreence, KY
  1190 WOWO News Talk Fort Wayne, IN, Roanoke
  1210 WDAO Dayton, OH, Moraine, 2100 Dryden Rd
  1220 WHKW The Word Cleveland, OH, Broadview Heights, Akins Rd
  1230 WDBZ The Buzz Eden Park
  1270 WXGO The Greatest Hits Madison, IN
  1290 WHIO News Dayton, OH, Kettering, Croftshire Park
  1320 WCVG The Voice
The Overcomer Ministry
Latonia, W 38th St
  1360 WSAI Fox Sports Radio Mount Healthy, 9877 Daly Rd
  1410 WING ESPN Dayton Dayton, OH, Kettering, 717 E David Rd
  1450 WMOH The Ticket
CBS Sports Radio
Hamilton, Fairgrove Ave
  1480 WDJO Oldies 1480 Hartwell, Ronald Reagan Cross County Hwy
  1510 WLAC NewsRadio Nashville, TN, Dickerson Pike and W Old Hickory Blvd
  1530 WCKY ESPN Cincinnati Villa Hills, KY
  1610 WZM835 CVG Airport Radio Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport




Goat Hill, iHeart Radio Tower

Coordinates: 39°06'58" N, 84°30'06" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 776 ft (236.5 m), Antenna Height: 966 ft (295 m)
Radio tower on the slopes of Mt. Auburn, at the intersection of Dorchester and Highland (1906 Highland Ave).

College Hill, Star Tower

Coordinates: 39°12'00" N, 84°31'22" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 895 ft (272.8 m), Antenna Height: 954 feet (290.8 m)
Star Tower is a television and FM radio transmitting tower on Winton Road near North Bend Road in the College Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. It was built for WSTR-TV, known as Star 64. An omnidirectional antenna atop Star Tower transmits the signal of owner WSTR-TV, while a number of FM radio stations, including WREW, WGRR, and WYGY also broadcast from the tower. WRRM has a backup antenna located on this tower, their primary is on the WXIX tower closer to the center of Cincinnati. The tower is a three-legged, free-standing star tower, similar to the Hughes Memorial Tower in Washington, DC, Mesquite Tower in Dallas, TX and on Poor Mountain, VA. A small version of the tower can be found atop the Energy Plaza skyscraper in downtown Dallas, used by TXU for its communications needs.

More info: Wikipedia , Jim Hawkins' Transmitter Page

WLW-AM Radio Tower

Coordinates: 39°21'11" N, 84°19'30" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 825 ft (251.5 m), Antenna Height: 747 ft (227.2 m)
WLW's Radio antenna in Mason Ohio is a 747 foot Blaw-Knox vertical radiator. The middle of the tower was made wider (35' square) for additional structural strength. It has been in use since 1933 and supports a total stress load of 450 tons, including 135 tons of structure steel (900,000 lbs). From 1933 to 1939 it broadcast 500,000 Watts of power, today FCC limiting broadcasting power to a maximum of 50,000 Watts.

More info: Jim Hawkins' Transmitter Page , NECRAT
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