Radio stations in Dayton, OH

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WDPR Discover Classical 3901 Guthrie Rd
  88.5 WMUB Public Radio Oxford, College Corner
  88.9 WCSU Jazzy 88.9
└ HD2 On Our Own Radio
Wilberforce, Central State University
  89.5 WDPS Jazz 40 W 4th St, Grant-Deneau Tower (Timeshare)
  89.5 WQRP Radio Nueva Vida 40 W 4th St, Grant-Deneau Tower (Timeshare)
  89.9 WDPG Discover Classical Greenville
  90.3 WKCD K-Love 2045 S Gettysburg Ave
  90.9 WGUC Classical Radio
└ HD2 WGUC Jazz
Cincinnati, OH, Symmes St, WCPO-TV Tower
  91.3 WYSO Public Radio Yellow Springs
  91.7 WVXU Public Radio
└ HD2 Radio Artifact
Cincinnati, OH, Symmes St, WCPO-TV Tower
  92.1 WROU R&B Leader 3777 Frytown Rd
  92.5 WOFX Fox 92.5 Cincinnati, OH, Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
  92.9 WGTZ Jack FM Brookville, 215 Carr Dr
  93.3 WAKW Star 93.4 Cincinnati, OH, 6275 Collegevue Pl
  93.7 WFCJ The Light
└ HD2 The Word in Praise
Miamisburg, 7333 Manning Rd
  94.1 WNNF Cat Country Cincinnati, OH, Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
  94.5 WYDB The Answer 4820 Trinity Church Rd
  94.9 WREW Mix 94.9
└ HD2 The Sound
└ HD3 Bharat FM
Cincinnati, OH, College Hill, Star Tower
  95.3 WZLR The Eagle Xenia, 1682 US-68 S
  95.7 WHIO News Piqua
  96.1 WQLK Kicks 96
└ HD2 The Point
└ HD3 The Legend
Richmond, IN
  96.5 WFTK 96 Rock Cincinnati, OH, Mason
  96.9 WYDA Air 1 Troy
  97.3 WSWO Oldies Huber Heights, Hooks Corner
  97.7 WOXY La Mega Middletown
  97.9 WNCI All The Hits Columbus, OH, One Nationwide Plaza
  98.1 WUDR Flyer Radio 2113 Litchfield Ave
  98.3 WKET Kettering, Fairmont High School
  98.5 WRRM Warm 98 Cincinnati, OH, South Fairmont, Radcliff Dr
  98.7 W254BA Soul of Dayton Huber Heights, Hooks Corner
  99.1 WHKO K99.1
└ HD2 The Eagle
└ HD3 Soul of Dayton
3316 Germantown St, WHIO-TV Tower
  99.5 W258AI Flyer Radio University of Dayton
  99.9 WCHD Channel 99.9
└ HD2 Black Information Netw.
Moraine, 2200 Sandridge Dr
100.3 W262BG Classic Country Xenia, 1076 Old Springfield Pike
100.7 WEEC Hope 100.7
└ HD2 The Rock
└ HD3 Peace in the Valley
└ HD4 Christian Teaching
Springfield, 2265 Troy Rd
101.1 W266BG The Eagle 3316 Germantown St, WHIO-TV Tower
101.5 WCLI Hank FM Huber Heights, 9388 S Palmer Rd
101.9 WKRQ Q102 Cincinnati, OH, Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
102.3 W272DR WDAO 611 Infirmary Rd
102.5 W273BQ RadioU Huber Heights, 8998 Bellefontaine Rd
102.7 WEBN
└ HD2 The Project
└ HD3 The Beat
Cincinnati, OH, Goat Hill iHeart Radio Tower
102.9 WDHT Hot 102.9 Springfield, 3258 Miller Rd
103.3 W277AO Radio Maria (USA)
Vatican Radio
Springfield, Enon
103.5 WGRR Greatest Hits Cincinnati, OH, College Hill, Star Tower
103.9 WZDA New Country Moraine, 2200 Sandridge Dr
104.3 W282CD Good News Station Huber Heights, Hooks Corner
104.7 WTUE Rocks
└ HD2 Fox Sports 980
└ HD3 Pride Radio
Moraine, 2200 Sandridge Dr
105.1 WUBE B105 Cincinnati, OH, Symmes St, WCPO-TV Tower
105.9 WNKN Relevant Radio Middletown
106.5 WTKD The Truth Greenville
106.9 WWSU The Wright Choice Fairborn, Wright State University
107.1 WTJN Power 107.1 Troy
107.3 WCWT The Voice of The Elks Centerville, Centerville High School
107.7 WMMX Mix 107.7 Moraine, 2200 Sandridge Dr
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 WXJ46 NOAA Weather Radio Miamisburg, 7333 Manning Rd
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 WKRC The Talk Station Cincinnati, OH, Cold Spring, KY
    610 WTVN News Talk Columbus, OH, South Outerbelt
    700 WLW NewsRadio Cincinnati, OH, Mason
    760 WJR News Talk Detroit, MI, Riverview, Sibley Rd
    820 WVSG St. Gabriel Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Columbus, OH, Grove City, Red Rock Blvd
    840 WHAS NewsRadio Louisville, KY, 1502 Flat Rock Rd
    880 WRFD The Word Columbus, OH, South Franklinton
    910 WPFB Sacred Heart Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
    930 WHON The Point Centerville, IN
    980 WONE Fox Sports 980 Kettering, W Rahn Rd
  1070 WFNI 1070 The Fan Indianapolis, IN, Whitestown
  1110 WGNZ Good News Station Xenia, US-35 and US-42 interchange
  1130 WEDI Real Roots Radio Eaton
  1160 WCVX Christian Talk Cincinnati, OH, Floreence, KY
  1190 WOWO News Talk Fort Wayne, IN, Roanoke
  1210 WDAO Moraine, 2100 Dryden Rd
  1290 WHIO News Kettering, Croftshire Park
  1340 WIZE Black Information Netw. Springfield, 1529 Miracle Mile Rd
  1360 WSAI Fox Sports Radio Cincinnati, OH, Mount Healthy, 9877 Daly Rd
  1410 WING ESPN Dayton Kettering, 717 E David Rd
  1450 WMOH The Ticket
CBS Sports Radio
Cincinnati, OH, Hamilton, Fairgrove Ave
  1500 WBZI Real Roots Radio Xenia, Kinsey Rd
  1530 WCKY ESPN Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, Villa Hills, KY
  1600 WULM Radio Maria (USA)
Vatican Radio
Springfield, 3258 Miller Rd
  1610 WPVW207 Harrison Twp Radio Kettering, 1107 Sharewood Ct
  1620 WNGE271 Montgomery Cnty Radio Dayton Art Institute
  1630 WQIZ337 Hwy Advisory Radio I-70
  1660 WPVW207 Harrison Twp Radio Kettering, 1107 Sharewood Ct
  1700 WQIZ337 Hwy Advisory Radio I-75, US-35





Coordinates: 39°44'01" N, 84°14'52" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 950 ft (289.6 m), Antenna Height: 1098 ft (334.7 m)
WHIO-TV (CBS Ch. 7) transmitting tower at 3316 Germantown Street in the western part of Dayton.

Moraine Vertical Bridge Tower

Coordinates: 39°43'19" N, 84°12'33" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 802 ft (244.5 m), Antenna Height: 742 ft (226.2 m)
Vertical Bridge radio transmitting tower at 2200 Sandridge Drive in Moraine, south of downtown Dayton.

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