Radio stations in Toledo, OH

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 WXTS Real Jazz Radio Scott High School (8:00AM-8:00PM)
  88.3 WXUT University of Toledo (8:00PM-8:00AM)
  88.5 WYSA Yes FM Wauseon
  88.7 CIMX Pure Country 89 Canada, Windsor, ON, Amherstburg
  88.9 WTPG Christian Radio Bowling Green, Sugar Ridge
  89.3 WYSZ Yes FM Holland
  89.7 WNOC Annunciation Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Bowling Green, Sugar Ridge
  89.9 CBE CBC Music Canada, Windsor, ON, McGregor
  90.3 WOTL Family Radio Scott Park American Tower
  91.3 WGTE Public Radio Oregon, WGTE Tower
  91.7 WUOM Michigan Radio Ann Arbor, MI, Peach Mountain
  92.5 WVKS Kiss FM
└ HD2 The Beat
Perrysburg, Neiderhouse Rd
  92.9 W225AM News Radio Scott Park American Tower
  93.1 WUFL Family Life Radio Detroit, MI, Oak Park, Greenfield Rd and W 10 Mile Rd
  93.5 WRQN Bowling Green, 13451 Middleton Pike
  93.9 CIDR Virgin Radio Canada, Windsor, ON, Amherstburg
  94.1 W231EF Relevant Radio Scott Park American Tower
  94.5 WXKR 94.5 XKR
└ HD2 The Zone
  94.9 W235BH The Beat Scott Park American Tower
  95.3 WQTE Q95 Country Adrian, MI
  95.5 WKQI Channel 955 Detroit, MI, Oak Park, Greenfield Rd and W 10 Mile Rd
  95.7 WIMX Mix 95.7 Woodville, 1201 Fremont Pike
  96.1 WMTR
└ HD2 The Buck
  96.7 CHYR Mix 96.7 Canada, Leamington, ON, Cottam
  96.9 WNKL K-Love Swanton
  97.3 WJZE Hot 97.3 Woodville, 1201 Fremont Pike
  97.9 WJLB Hip-Hop & R&B
└ HD2 Funkytown Radio
Detroit, MI, Downtown Detroit, Cadillac Tower
  98.3 WMIM Nash Icon Oregon, Cumulus Radio Tower
  98.7 WDZH Alt 98.7
└ HD2 Channel Q
Detroit, MI, Lyndon St and Cloverdale St
  99.1 WFRO Eagle 99 Fremont
  99.5 W258BT CSN Radio Perrysburg
  99.9 WKKO K100 Country Oregon, Cumulus Radio Tower
100.3 WNIC
└ HD2 Sunny Radio
Detroit, MI, 13961 Turner St
100.5 WKXA Country Findlay
100.7 W264AK The Ticket Scott Park American Tower
101.5 WRVF The River
└ HD2 WSPD News Radio
Oregon, iHeart Radio Tower
101.9 WDET Detroit Public Radio Detroit, MI, Midtown Detroit, Cass Ave and Canfield St
102.3 WPOS Proclaim FM Holland
102.7 WCPZ Mix 102.7 Sandusky
102.9 WWWW W4 Country Ann Arbor, MI, Lakewood
103.1 WNDH The One Napoleon
103.5 WMUZ The Light
└ HD2 Gospel
└ HD3 The Word
Detroit, MI, Weatherby, Evergreen Ave
103.7 WCKY Buckeye Country Tiffin
103.9 WLEN
└ HD2 The Cave
Adrian, MI
104.1 W281AL K-Love 1706 Matzinger Rd
104.3 WOMC Greatest Hits Detroit, MI, Ferndale, Woodward Heights (9½ Mile Rd)
104.7 WIOT Rock
└ HD2 The Gambler
Oregon, iHeart Radio Tower
105.1 WMGC The Bounce
└ HD2 Playa 93.5
Detroit, MI, Royal Oak Motower Multilink Tower
105.5 WQQO Q105.5
└ HD2 The Ticket
Scott Park American Tower
105.9 WDMK Kiss FM
└ HD2 Detroit Praise Netw.
Detroit, MI, Oak Park, Greenfield Rd and W 10 Mile Rd
106.5 WTOD The Truth Whitehouse
106.7 WLLZ Detroit's Wheels Detroit, MI, Downtown Detroit, Cadillac Tower
107.3 WJUC The Juice Swanton
107.5 WGPR Hot 107.5
Detroit, MI, Midtown Detroit, Maccabees Building
107.7 WPFX The Wolf Bowling Green, Sugar Ridge
107.9 WMLZ-LP Z108 Temperance, MI, Bedford High School
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KHB97 NOAA Weather Radio Sandusky, Bellevue
162.500 WXL51 NOAA Weather Radio Holland
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WRDT The Word Detroit, MI, South Monroe (daytime) / Royal Oak Motower Multilink Tower (nighttime)
    580 CKWW Motor City Favorites Canada, Windsor, ON, Amherstburg
    610 WTVN News Talk Columbus, OH, South Outerbelt
    630 CFCO Country 92.9 Canada, Chatham, ON, Queen's Line
680/690 WNZK Station of the Nations
Radio Maryja
Detroit, MI, Flat Rock (690 kHz Daytime, 680 kHz Nighttime)
    700 WLW NewsRadio Cincinnati, OH, Mason
    730 WJYM SonLife Radio Perrysburg
    740 CFZM Zoomer Radio Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    760 WJR News Talk Detroit, MI, Riverview, Sibley Rd
    800 CKLW The Information Station Canada, Windsor, ON, Harrow
    850 WKNR ESPN Cleveland Cleveland, OH, North Royalton
    880 WRFD The Word Columbus, OH, South Franklinton
    910 WFDF Superstation Detroit, MI, Carleton
    950 WWJ Newsradio Detroit, MI, Estral Beach, Haggerman Rd
    990 WDEO Ave Maria Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Ann Arbor, MI, Ypsilanti, W Clark Rd
  1020 KDKA Newsradio Pittsburgh, PA, Alison Park
  1030 WUFL Family Life Radio Detroit, MI, Clinton - Mt Clemens
  1050 WTKA Sports Talk
Infinity Sports Netw.
Ann Arbor, MI, Ypsilanti, Stony Creek Rd
  1100 WTAM NewsRadio Cleveland, OH, Brecksville
  1130 WDFN Black Information Netw. Detroit, MI, Trenton, Vreeland Rd
  1160 WCXI The Overcomer Ministry Detroit, MI, Wixom
  1190 WOWO News Talk Fort Wayne, IN, Roanoke
  1230 WCWA The Gambler 149 S Miller St
  1270 WXYT BetQL Detroit, MI, Carleton, I-275 exit 2
  1280 WONW News Talk Defiance
  1310 WDTW La Z Detroit, MI, Taylor, Monroe Blvd
  1330 WFIN News Sports Weather
Infinity Sports Netw.
Sports Byline USA
  1370 WSPD News Radio Rossford
  1430 WFOB ESPN Radio 1430 Fostoria
  1490 WABJ News Talk Sports Adrian, MI
  1520 WPAY Relevant Radio Perrysburg
  1560 WWYC CSN Radio 3225 Arlington Ave
  1610 WNMJ728 Toledo Radio 1189 W Central Ave
  1630 WQEU865 Hwy Advisory Radio I-75, I-280, I-475




Scott Park American Tower

Coordinates: 41°38'48" N, 83°36'17" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 613 ft (187 m), Antenna Height: 440 ft (134.2 m)
American Tower Co. broadcast mast at 718 North Westwood Avenue in Scott Park neighbourhood of Toledo, Ohio.

Oregon antenna farm

Coordinates: 41°40'03" N, 83°21'22" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 579 ft (176 m)
Transmitting towers of all major TV stations and some radio stations for Toledo are located in Oregon, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo on Lake Erie:
• 1033 ft (315 m) tall WTOL-TV (CBS Ch. 11) tower at 7020 Cedar Point Road,
• 1049 ft (320 m) tall WTVG-TV (ABC Ch. 13) tower at 1701 North Stadium Road,
• 1437 ft (438 m) tall WNWO-TV (NBC Ch. 24) tower at 833 North Cousino Road.
• 1065 ft (324.5 m) tall WGTE-FM (91.3 MHz) / WGTE-TV (PBS Ch. 30) tower at 4920 Corduroy Road,
• 1253 ft (382 m) tall WUPW-TV (Fox Ch. 36) tower at 4304 Corduroy Road,
• 577 ft (176 m) tall iHeart Radio tower at 5132 Cedar Point Road and
• 527 ft (160.7 m) tall Cumulus Media radio tower at 4009 York Street.
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