Radio stations in Medford, OR

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 KSRG JPR Classics & News Mount Baldy
  88.7 KYSO Air 1 Cave Junction, Eight Dollar Mountain + Mount Baldy booster
  89.1 KSMF JPR Rhythm & News Mount Baldy
  89.5 KSKQ Community Radio Ashland, Table Mountain
  89.7 K209CP Rejoice Radio Mount Baldy
  90.1 KSOR JPR Classics & News King Mountain
  90.7 K214BO Family Radio Mount Baldy
  91.1 K216DR K-Love Roxy Ann Peak
  91.7 KDOV The Dove Phoenix, Campbell Rd
  92.1 K221ED The Dove Johns Peak
  92.5 KLAD Country Giant Klamath Falls, Skutel Mountain
  93.1 K226CY Kiss FM Grants Pass, Granite Hill
  93.3 K227AA Hits 93.3 Mount Baldy
  93.7 KTMT Joy 93.7
└ HD2 Hits 93.3
Ashland, Mount Ashland
  94.1 K231CW Community Radio Roxy Ann Peak
  94.3 KSHD K-Shady Radio Shady Cove
  94.7 KRRM Country Rogue River, Fielder Mountain
  95.1 K236CI The Wolf Classic Country Mount Baldy
  95.7 KBOY Classic Rock Gold Hill, Nugget Butte
  96.1 K241CA The Game
CBS Sports Radio
Mount Baldy
  96.5 K243AF K-Love 90s Roxy Ann Peak
  96.9 KROG The Rogue Grants Pass Peak + Johns Peak
  97.3 K247AQ CSN Radio Ashland, Mount Ashland
  97.7 KKWL Wild 97.7 Butte Falls
  98.1 K251AX KLDR Roxy Ann Peak
  98.3 KLDR Grants Pass Peak
  98.9 KRVC Hot 98.9 Ashland, Mount Ashland
  99.5 K258DB KCMX NewsRadio Mount Baldy
100.3 KRWQ Q100.3 Gold Hill, Nugget Butte
100.7 K264CA Kool 103.5 Rogue River, Fielder Mountain
101.1 KLMD K-Love
└ HD2 K-Love 90s
Mount Baldy
101.5 K268GF K-Love Mount Baldy
101.9 KCMX Lite 102 Mount Baldy
102.3 K272FC JPR News & Information Talent
102.7 KCNA The Drive Cave Junction, Eight Dollar Mountain + Mount Baldy
103.1 K276FP Q100.3 Jacksonville
103.5 KLDZ Kool 103.5 Jacksonville
104.3 K282AY Kool 103.5 Mount Baldy
104.7 K284AE The Wolf Mount Baldy
105.1 KAKT The Wolf
└ HD2 The Wolf Classic Country
└ HD3 KCMX NewsRadio
Gold Hill, Blackwell Hill
105.5 K288CP The Valley Mount Baldy
105.9 K290AF The Valley Rogue River, Fielder Mountain
106.3 KMED News Talk
└ HD2 The Valley
Roxy Ann Peak
106.7 K294AS KMED News Talk Mount Baldy
107.1 K296BS CSN Radio Gold Hill, Blackwell Hill
107.5 KIFS Kiss FM Mount Baldy
107.9 K300BE The Ace Mount Baldy
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 WXL85 NOAA Weather Radio Gold Hill, Blackwell Hill
162.475 WWF97 NOAA Weather Radio Ashland, Mount Ashland
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    580 KTMT The Game
CBS Sports Radio
Ashland, 528 Reiten Dr
    610 KRTA La Gran D 3245 Dry Creek Rd
    700 KGRV Christian Radio Winston
    930 KAGI JPR News & Information Grants Pass, Roguelea Ln
    960 KLAD ESPN Klamath Falls Klamath Falls
  1120 KPNW NewsRadio Eugene, OR, S Hideaway Hills Rd
  1150 KAGO News Talk Klamath Falls
  1230 KSJK JPR News & Information Talent
  1270 KAJO Grants Pass, Roguelea Ln
  1300 KDSO The Ace Phoenix, Campbell Rd
  1400 KFJL 3ABN Radio Mason Way
  1610 KNNH639 Hwy Advisory Radio
NOAA Weather Radio
Ashland, I-5 at Milepost 16
  1700 WQBA734 Ashland Radio Ashland, 455 Siskiyou Blvd




Roxy Ann Peak

Coordinates: 42°21'12" N, 122°47'10" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3576 ft (1090 m)
Roxy Ann Peak is a mountain in the Western Cascade Range at the eastern edge of Medford, Oregon.

Mount Baldy

Coordinates: 42°17'56" N, 122°45'00" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3800 ft (1158.2 m)
Mount Baldy is located southeast of Medford and east of Phoenix. It is the primary transmitter station site for the Rogue Valley, and the location of transmitter antennas for KMVU-DT (Fox Ch. 26), KFBI-LD (My TV Ch. 48) television stations, radio stations KSMF 89.1 FM, KCMX 101.9 FM, KCNA 102.7 FM, KIFS 107.5 FM and many translators.

Mount Ashland

Coordinates: 44°04'51" N, 122°43'13" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 7459 ft (2273.4 m)
Mount Ashland is the highest peak in the Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon, part of the Rogue River–Siskiyou National Forest. It is located 5 miles north of Oregon–California border, 8.6 miles south the city of Ashland and approximately 15 miles south of Medford. Mount Ashland is home to Mount Ashland ski area, served by four lifts, NOAA NEXRAD KMAX weather radar and weather radio station WWF97. The peak is also the site of the transmitter and antenna for KTVL (CBS Ch. 10) television, based in Medford, Oregon.

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