Radio stations in Allentown, PA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WDIY Lehigh Valley Public Radio South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower
  88.5 WXPN
└ HD2 XPoNential Radio
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  88.7 WBYX Word FM Camelback Mountain (Big Pocono)
  89.3 WJCS South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower
  89.5 WWPJ The Classical Network Pen Argyl
  89.7 WDVR Delaware Twp, NJ
  90.1 WRTI Classical & Jazz
└ HD2 WRTI Jazz
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  90.3 WLHI Word FM Schnecksville, Lehigh Carbon Community College
  90.9 WHYY Public Radio
└ HD2 WHYY Plus
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  91.1 WRTY Classical & Jazz Camelback Mountain (Big Pocono)
  91.3 WLVR Public Radio
└ HD2 Freeform Radio
Bethlehem, Lehigh University Mountaintop Campus
  91.7 WMUH Muhlenberg College
  92.1 W221CU Latina 92.1 South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower
  92.5 WXTU Country 92.5
└ HD2 Future Country
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  92.7 W224AU The Classical Network South Mountain, ICOM Tower
  93.7 W229AO Lehigh Valley Public Radio Fogelsville
  93.9 W230AE Good News Network Slatington, 2351 Translator Ln
  94.1 WIP Sportsradio
└ HD2 KYW Newsradio
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  94.7 W234AX Fox Sports Lehigh Valley Lehigh Mountain
  95.1 WZZO 951ZZO Bethlehem, 4105 Sherry Hill Rd
  95.7 WBEN BEN-FM Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  96.1 WCTO Cat Country Lehigh Mountain
  96.5 WTDY 96.5TDY Today's Hits
└ HD2 Alt 96.5
└ HD3 Channel Q
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  97.1 W246AA Classical & Jazz Lehigh Mountain
  97.5 WPEN The Fanatic
└ HD2 Classical Music
└ HD3 Ritmo FM
Philadelphia, PA, Wyndmoor, 1230 East Mermaid Ln
  98.1 WOGL Greatest Hits
└ HD2 Vinyl Tap
└ HD3 WPHT Talk Radio
└ HD4 Phillies 24/7
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  98.5 WKRZ 98.5-KRZ
└ HD2 Froggy 101
└ HD3 Family Life
Scranton, PA, Wilkes-Barre, Wyoming Mountain
  98.9 WUSL Power 99
└ HD2 Throwbacks
└ HD3 Latino Hits
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  99.3 W257AI WVIA Radio South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower
  99.5 W258DV Loud 99.5/106.9 Bethlehem, 4105 Sherry Hill Rd
  99.9 WODE The Hawk Easton, College Hill
100.3 WRNB RnB & HipHop
└ HD2 RnB 100.3 HD2
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
100.7 WLEV
└ HD2 Mega 101.7/92.9
└ HD3 Latina 92.1
└ HD4 Loud 99.3
South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower
101.1 WBEB B101.1
└ HD2 Vinyl Tap
└ HD3 The Bet (Philadelphia)
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
101.5 WKXW New Jersey 101.5 Trenton, NJ, Lawrence Twp NJN Tower
101.7 W258BM Mega 101.7/92.9 Lehigh Mountain
101.9 WAVT T-102 Pottsville
102.1 WIOQ Q102
└ HD2 Радио RUSA
└ HD3 Pride Radio
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
102.5 WRFY Y102
└ HD2 Rumba 92.3
Reading, Neversink Mountain
102.9 WMGK Classic Rock
└ HD2 Deep Trax
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
103.5 W278AI Word FM South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower
104.1 WAEB B104
└ HD2 iHeart Country Family
Slatington, Sandstone Ridge
104.5 WRFF Alt 104.5
└ HD2 Rock Nation
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
104.9 W285DH WXPN Schnecksville, 4629 Maple St
105.3 WDAS-FM
└ HD2 Fox Sports The Gambler
Philadelphia, PA, Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
105.7 W289AH VIA Radio Bethlehem, 2490 Schoenersville Rd
106.1 WISX The Breeze
└ HD2 Smooth Jazz JJZ
Philadelphia, PA, Wyndmoor, 1230 East Mermaid Ln
106.9 W295CR Loud 99.5/106.9 1125 Colorado St
107.1 WWYY Cat Country Stroudsburg, Totts Gap
107.5 WBYN 107.5 Alive Boyertown
107.9 WKRF 98.5-KRZ Camelback Mountain (Big Pocono)
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 WXL39 NOAA Weather Radio South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WFIL Christian Radio Philadelphia, PA, Plymouth Meeting
    590 WARM CBS Sports Radio Scranton, PA, Falls
    610 WTEL Philadelphia's BIN 610 Philadelphia, PA, Bellmawr, NJ
    640 WWJZ Relevant Radio Philadelphia, PA, Birmingham, NJ
    660 WFAN Sports Radio New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    710 WOR News Talk New York, NY, Lyndhurst, NJ
    740 WVCH Christian Station Philadelphia, PA, Chester
    770 WABC Talkradio 77 WABC New York, NY, Lodi, NJ
    790 WAEB NewsRradio Whitehall
    830 WEEU The Voice Reading
    840 WVPO ESPN Poconos Stroudsburg
    880 WCBS Newsradio New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    950 WKDN Family Radio Philadelphia, PA, Penn Wynne, Overbrook Park
    990 WNTP The Answer Philadelphia, PA, Plymouth Meeting
  1040 WCHR Station for Inspiration Trenton, NJ, Flemington
  1060 KYW Newsradio Philadelphia, PA, Lafayette Hill
  1100 WGPA Sunny 1100 Bethlehem, 1100 Win Dr
  1130 WBBR Bloomberg Radio New York, NY, Carlstadt, NJ
  1180 WFYL News Talk Philadelphia, PA, Norristown, Jeffersonville
  1210 WPHT Talk Radio Philadelphia, PA, Moorestown, NJ
  1230 WEEX Fox Sports Lehigh Valley Easton
  1260 WFJS Domestic Church Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Trenton, NJ, Ewing
  1320 WTKZ Fox Sports Lehigh Valley 1125 Colorado St
  1370 WPAZ Great Songs of the Faith Pottstown
  1400 WEST Loud 99.5/106.9 Easton
  1470 WSAN Real Oldies 1470 Whitehall
  1600 WHOL Loud 99.5/106.9 1125 Colorado St
  1630 WPMQ427 Hwy Advisory Radio I-78
  1640 WPWE235 Hwy Advisory Radio Pennsylvania Turnpike




South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower

Coordinates: 40°33'52" N, 75°26'23" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 933 ft (284.5 m), Antenna Height: 668 ft (203.6 m)
South Mountain, with its summit known as Bauer Rock or Big Rock is located south and southwest from the Lehigh Valley. South Mountain serves as the transmitter site for local radio and television stations for Allentown and Lehigh Valley. Independent TV station WFMZ-TV 69 has both its transmitter and studio facilities based on the mountain.

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