Radio stations in Erie, PA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WEFR Family Radio McKean, Cumulus Radio Tower
  88.5 WMCE Lecom Radio Hammett, Knoyle and Dewey Rds
  88.9 WFSE Fighting Scots Radio Edinboro, Rte 6N
  89.3 W207BA CSN Radio Wattsburg, 8160 Knoyle Rd
  89.5 WMIH The Station of the Cross
EWTN Catholic Radio
Geneva, OH
  89.9 WCGF Family Life Edinboro, Rte 6N
  90.5 WERG Rock Alternative Summit Twp, 8425 Peach St, WQLN Tower
  90.9 WCOT Family Life Jamestown, NY
  91.3 WQLN Public Radio Summit Twp, 8425 Peach St, WQLN Tower
  91.9 WVME Moody Radio Meadville
  92.1 W221DI The Station of the Cross
EWTN Catholic Radio
3514 State St, WICU-TV
  92.3 WRRN 92 Gold Warren
  92.7 WICU Happi 92.7 1324 S Shore Dr
  93.3 WWSE SE93 Jamestown, NY
  93.5 CBCL CBC Radio One Canada, London, ON, Byron, Communication Hill, CBC Tower
  93.9 WTWF The Wolf I-90 and I-79 Interchange
  94.3 WRQI Rocky 94.3/107.7 Meadville
  94.7 WXBB Bob FM Summit Twp, 8455 Peach St, Connoisseur Media Tower
  95.1 WYLE Willie 95.1 Hermitage
  95.3 CING Energy 95.3
└ HD2 Global News Radio 640
└ HD3 Global News Radio 900
Canada, Hamilton, ON, CHCH-TV Tower
  95.5 WUTT-LP 6122 Red Pine Ln
  95.9 WXNM 3ABN Radio 190 Hunter Willis Rd, Erie SDA Church
  95.9 WEBG Fox Sports Erie Ripley, NY
  96.3 W242CU CBS Sports Erie 3514 State St, WICU-TV
  96.7 W244DX Jet Radio E 18th and Ash St
  97.1 WREO Mix 97.1 Ashtabula, OH
  97.5 CIQM Virgin Radio (London) Canada, London, ON, Byron, Communication Hill, CBC Tower
  97.9 WXTA Nash FM McKean, Cumulus Radio Tower
  98.3 WYBL The Bull Ashtabula, OH
  98.7 W254AJ Family Life 515 State St
  98.9 CHCD MyFM Simcoe
  99.1 W256AL Christian Radio North East
  99.5 WDCX Christian Radio
└ HD2 WDCX Christian Music
Buffalo, NY, North Boston, Zimmerman Rd
  99.9 WXKC Classy 100
└ HD2 The Vibe
└ HD3 Family Life
Hammett, Knoyle and Heibel Rds
100.3 WGYY Froggy 100.3 & 98.5 Meadville
101.3 CKOT Easy 101 Canada, London, ON, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll
101.7 WMVL Cool 101.7 Meadville
101.9 WHUG My Country Jamestown, NY
102.3 WQHZ Z-102.3 Summit Twp, 8455 Peach St, WJET-TV/WFXP-TV Tower
102.7 WCGM Family Life Wattsburg, Stateline Rd
103.1 CFHK Fresh Radio Canada, London, ON, St. Thomas, Highbury Ave S
103.3 W277DS Talk Erie Union City
103.7 WRTS Star 104 Hammett, Knoyle and Dewey Rds
104.3 W282BR The Vibe 3514 State St, WICU-TV
104.5 WXMJ Majic 99.3 & 104.5 Cambridge Springs
104.9 WRKT Rocket 105 Hammett, Knoyle and Dewey Rds
105.5 WGOJ Bible Broadcasting Netw. Albion, Rte 226 at Stateline Rd
105.9 W290BI Talk Erie 3514 State St, WICU-TV
106.3 WCTL Christian Radio Wattsburg, Lee Rd
106.9 WKZA Kissin’ Oldies Jamestown, NY
107.1 W296BW WPSE Money Radio
Bloomberg Radio
1202 State St, Community Health Net Bldg
107.5 WFXJ The Fox North Kingsville, OH
107.9 WBTB Grace of Calvary
FBN Radio
5542 Perry Hwy
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KEC58 NOAA Weather Radio Old Waterford Rd
162.475 KZZ32 NOAA Weather Radio Meadville
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 WGR Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
Buffalo, NY, Hamburg, Big Tree Rd
    570 WKBN NewsRadio Youngstown, OH, Poland
    590 CJCL Sportsnet The Fan
CBS Sports Radio
Canada, Toronto, ON, Grimsby, Sobie Rd
    640 CFMJ Global News Radio 640 Canada, Toronto, ON, Lincoln
    680 CFTR CityNews Toronto Canada, Toronto, ON, Grimsby, Winston Rd
    740 CFZM Zoomer Radio Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    760 WJR News Talk Detroit, MI, Riverview, Sibley Rd
    790 WPIC News Talk Youngstown, OH, Sharon, PA
    800 CKLW The Information Station Canada, Windsor, ON, Harrow
    820 CHAM Funny 820 Canada, Hamilton, ON, Binbrook Rd
    860 CJBC ICI Radio-Canada Première Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Eighth Line
    870 WPIY488 Hwy Advisory Radio I-90 at West Springfield
    900 CHML Global News Radio 900 Canada, Hamilton, ON, Westover
    930 WBEN News Talk Buffalo, NY, Grand Island
    940 WGRP Greenville
    970 WFUN ESPN Ashtabula Ashtabula, OH
    980 CFPL Global News Radio 980 Canada, London, ON, Wellington Rd S
  1010 CFRB Newstalk 1010 Canada, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Royal Windsor Dr
  1020 KDKA Newsradio Pittsburgh, PA, Alison Park
  1100 WTAM NewsRadio Cleveland, OH, Brecksville
  1150 CKOC BNN Bloomberg 1150 Canada, Hamilton, ON, Empire Corners
  1230 WTIV Allegheny News Talk Titusville
  1260 WRIE CBS Sports Erie 471 Robison Rd W
  1330 WFNN Fox Sports Erie Waterford, Peach St
  1360 WWOW Boomer Tunes Conneaut, OH
  1370 WWCB Corry
  1400 WJET Jet Radio E 18th and Ash St
  1450 WPSE Money Radio
Bloomberg Radio
Downing Ave
  1480 WNYD958 Presque Isle Radio Presque Isle State Park
  1490 WMGW Allegheny News Talk Meadville
  1530 WZTE Talk Erie Union City
  1640 WPYM226 Hwy Advisory Radio I-90 and I-79 Interchange




Summit Township/Peach Street Tower

Coordinates: 42°02'25" N, 80°04'07" W
Transmitter towers of some of the major TV stations in Erie are located along Peach Street in Summit Township south of the city: 817 ft (249 m) tall Nexstar Broadcasting (WJET-TV/WFXP-TV) Tower; 459 ft (140 m) tall Connoisseur Media Tower; 719 ft (219 m) and 705 ft (215 m) tall WQLN Towers; 749 ft (228 m) tall SJL Broadcasting Tower.

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