Radio stations in Pittsburgh, PA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WKGO Beautiful Music Murrysville
  88.1 WZUM Pittsburgh Jazz Bethany, WV
  88.3 WRCT Carnegie Mellon University
  88.5 WYFU Bible Broadcasting Netw. Masontown
  88.7 W204CT Air 1 Glen Hazel
  89.3 WQED Classical
└ HD2 Pittsburgh Concert Channel
University of Pittsburgh, Upper campus
  89.9 WVNP Public Radio Wheeling, WV, WV, Bethany
  90.5 WESA Public Radio
└ HD2 JazzWorks
└ HD3 BBC World Service
Mt. Washington, 111 Shiloh St
  91.3 WYEP Glen Hazel
  91.7 WNJR College Radio Washington, Washington Trust Building
  92.1 WPTS Pitt's Radio Station University of Pittsburgh, Cathedral of Learning
  92.5 W223CS The Answer Hays Woods
  92.9 WLTJ Q92.9
└ HD2 La Mega
└ HD3 Classic Rock 92
└ HD4 Pitt's Radio Station
Summer Hill, WPGH-TV Tower
  93.3 W227DB WEDO North Versailles
  93.7 KDKA The Fan
└ HD2 KDKA Newsradio
└ HD3 Infinity Sports Netw.
Mt. Washington, 1715 Grandview Ave
  94.1 W231BM WKHB Talk Radio North Versailles
  94.5 WWSW 3WS Radio
└ HD3 Relevant Radio
Fineview, WPXI-TV Tower
  94.9 WOGG Froggy Radio Uniontown, Fulton Knob
  95.3 WJPA Washington, I-70 and I-79 intersection
  95.5 WFGI Froggy 95.5 Johnstown, Laurel Hill
  95.7 W239CR The Beaver Ambridge
  95.7 WVKF KISS 95.7 Wheeling, WV, Bridgeport, OH, Kirkwood Heights, WTRF-TV Tower
  96.1 WKST 96.1 KISS
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Hays Woods
  96.5 W243BW Talk Radio Mount Troy Rd
  96.9 WRRK Bob FM
└ HD2 Bet Sports Pittsburgh
└ HD3 Pittsburgh Jazz
└ HD4 Stay Tuned
Glen Hazel
  97.3 WKWK Mix 97.3 Wheeling, WV, Massina Dr
  97.5 W248AR KFB-Oldies Irwin
  97.7 WLER The Rock Station Butler
  97.9 W250CY Boost Radio Glen Hazel
  98.3 WPKV K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
└ HD3 Boost Radio
Spring Hill, Crown Communications Tower
  98.7 WOVK Country 98.7 Wheeling, WV, Brookside
  98.9 WMXY Mix 98.9
└ HD2 Indie Radio
Youngstown, OH, Pleasant Grove American Tower
  99.1 W256DE Talk Radio University of Pittsburgh, Upper campus
  99.3 WPKL Pickle 99.3 Uniontown
  99.7 WSHH Wish 99.7 Fineview, WPXI-TV Tower
100.1 W261AX KDKA Newsradio Hays Woods
100.7 WBZZ Star 100.7
└ HD2 Channel Q
Summer Hill, WPGH-TV Tower
101.1 W266CV Pittsburgh Jazz Spring Hill, Crown Communications Tower
101.5 WORD Mount Troy Rd
102.1 W271CW WKHB Talk Radio University of Pittsburgh, Upper campus
102.5 WDVE Rocks
└ HD2 Steelers Nation Radio
Perry North, KDKA-TV Tower
103.1 WKVE 103.1-KVE Uniontown, Laurel Highlands
103.5 WOGH Froggy Radio Steubenville, OH, WTOV-TV Tower
103.9 W280FG The Good News Hampton Twp
103.9 WKHB-FM Connellsville
104.3 WOGI Froggy Radio Moon Twp
104.7 WPGB Big 104.7
└ HD2 Fox Sports Pittsburgh
Spring Hill, Crown Communications Tower
105.1 WQXK K-105 Country Youngstown, OH, Salem
105.5 W288BO Froggy Radio Spring Hill, Crown Communications Tower
105.9 WXDX The X Perry North, KDKA-TV Tower
106.3 W292DH Relevant Radio Glen Hazel
106.7 WAOB Catholic Radio Bradford Woods
107.1 WHJB Classic Hits Latrobe
107.3 W297BU WAMO 1330 Hassler St
107.5 WEGW Eagle 107.5 Wheeling, WV, Bridgeport, OH, Kirkwood Heights, WTRF-TV Tower
107.9 WDSY Y108
└ HD3 The Bet (Pittsburgh)
Spring Hill, Crown Communications Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.550 KIH35 NOAA Weather Radio University of Pittsburgh, Upper campus
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WWCS The Overcomer Ministry Canonsburg
    560 WFRB Willie 560/106.7 Frostburg, MD
    570 WKBN NewsRadio Youngstown, OH, Poland
    590 WMBS Your Local Station Uniontown
    610 WTVN News Talk Columbus, OH, South Outerbelt
    620 WKHB Talk Radio Greensburg
    640 WHLO News Talk Akron, OH, Copley, Minor Rd
    660 WAMO Braddock Hills
    670 WPPJ Point Park University (Carrier current)
    680 WISR News Talk Butler
    730 WPIT Talk Radio Mount Troy Rd
    770 WKFB KFB-Oldies Irwin
    790 WPIC News Talk Youngstown, OH, Sharon, PA
    810 WEDO North Versailles
    860 WAOB Catholic Radio Millvale
    910 WJFA Pittsburgh NewsTalk Apollo, Orchard Hills
    920 WMMN The Torch Fairmont, WV
    970 WBGG Fox Sports Pittsburgh Ross Twp
  1020 KDKA Newsradio Alison Park
  1050 WBUT Country Butler
  1060 KYW Newsradio Philadelphia, PA, Lafayette Hill
  1080 WWNL The Good News Hampton Twp
  1100 WTAM NewsRadio Cleveland, OH, Brecksville, Ohio Tpke exit 173
  1150 WMNY Radio Dhoom New Kensington
  1170 WWVA NewsRadio Wheeling, WV, St. Clairsville
  1200 WKST WUZZ Radio New Castle
  1210 WANB Cool Country Waynesburg
  1220 WHKW The Word Cleveland, OH, Broadview Heights, Akins Rd
  1230 WBVP Beaver County Radio Pulaski
  1250 WPGP The Answer Hays Woods
  1280 WUZZ Willie 95.1 New Castle
  1300 WPDX Superstar Country Morgantown, WV
  1320 WJAS Talk Radio Highland Park
  1360 WGBN Power 1360 Glen Hazel (daytime) / Liberty (nighttime)
  1380 WTYM The River Kittanning
  1410 KQV Beautiful Music Ross Twp
  1450 WJPA Washington, I-70 and I-79 intersection
  1460 WMBA The Beaver Ambridge
  1480 WJFG Pittsburgh NewsTalk Latrobe
  1510 WPGR Catholic Radio Laketon Heights
  1550 WZUM Pittsburgh Jazz Braddock Hills
  1570 WXVE 103.1-KVE Latrobe
  1610 WPPZ626 Hwy Advisory Radio I-376, Hwy 28
  1610 WPWF986 Hwy Advisory Radio I-279
  1620 WPKN267 Hwy Advisory Radio I-95, I-676
  1620 WSNQ Saxonburg Radio Saxonburg
  1630 WPQF661 Hwy Advisory Radio I-79
  1640 WPWE236 Hwy Advisory Radio Pennsylvania Turnpike
  1640 WPNX499 Hwy Advisory Radio Pennsylvania Turnpike
  1670 WQIH716 Etna Radio Etna, 2 Pine St




University of Pittsburgh, Cathedral of Learning

Coordinates: 40°26'39" N, 79°57'11" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 909 ft (277 m), Antenna Height: 556 ft (169.5 m)
The Cathedral of Learning, a Pittsburgh landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is the centerpiece of the University of Pittsburgh's main campus in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Standing at 535 feet (163 m) the 42-story Late Gothic Revival Cathedral is the tallest educational building in the Western hemisphere and the second tallest university building in the world. It is also the second tallest gothic-styled building in the world. The top of the building serves as the site for the transmitter of the student-run radio station WPTS-FM as well as the amateur radio repeater W3YJ which is run by the Panther Amateur Radio club on a frequency of 443.45 MHz.

More info: Wikipedia

Spring Hill, Crown Communications Tower

Coordinates: 40°28'18" N, 79°59'39" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1185 ft (361.2 m), Antenna Height: 864 ft (263.3 m)

Mt. Washington, KDKA-FM Tower

Coordinates: 40°26'27" N, 80°01'31" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1160 ft (353.6 m), Antenna Height: 453 ft (138 m)

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