Radio stations in Chattanooga, TN

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WUTC Public Radio
└ HD2 Genre-Free Radio
Signal Mountain
  88.5 W203AZ CSN Radio Signal Mountain
  88.9 WMBW Moody Radio
└ HD2 Radio Moody
└ HD3 Urban Praise Radio
Lookout Mountain, GA, Covenant College
  89.7 WYBK Bible Broadcasting Netw. Signal Mountain
  90.1 W211BG Air 1 Signal Mountain
  90.5 WSMC Classical Soddy-Daisy, Montlake
  90.9 W215BH WayFM Lookout Mountain
  91.5 WJBP Family Life Radio Rossville, GA, Skyland Dr
  92.3 WDEF Sunny 92.3 Signal Mountain
  92.7 W224AZ LF Radio Red Bank, 210 Pinehurst Ave
  93.1 WSAA Air 1 Cleveland
  93.5 WMPZ G93 Red Bank, 210 Pinehurst Ave
  93.9 WQMT Qué Buena Decatur
  94.3 WJTT Power 94 Red Bank, 210 Pinehurst Ave
  94.7 WAAK WaaKool Ringgold, GA, White Oak Mountain
  94.9 W235AO WDYN Piney Woods, 223-A Bedford Ave
  95.3 WALV The JOY FM
└ HD2 The JOY FM Worship
└ HD3 Radio by Grace
└ HD4 LF Radio
Signal Mountain
  95.7 W239CO The Eagle Signal Mountain
  96.1 W241AF The Big One Lookout Mountain
  96.5 WDOD Hits 96 Signal Mountain
  96.9 WVMG Nooga Radio Lookout Mountain
  97.3 WUUQ Classic Country Bryant, AL
  97.7 W249BR Real 97.7 Lookout Mountain
  98.1 WLND The Lake Raccoon Mountain, Cumberland Rd
  98.7 W254DB Alt 98.7 Signal Mountain
  98.9 WNGH GPB Radio Chatsworth, GA, Cohutta Mountain
  99.3 W257AZ Classic Country Lookout Mountain
  99.7 WTCS-LP Piney Woods, 223-A Bedford Ave
  99.9 W260AJ The Message Ringgold, GA, White Oak Mountain
100.1 WPTP Piney Woods, 701 Hooker Rd
100.3 W262DQ The Big One Soddy-Daisy, Montlake
100.7 WUSY US101
└ HD2 Real 97.7
Signal Mountain
101.5 W268AA Radio by Grace Signal Mountain
101.7 WJSQ Athens
101.9 WOCE Qué Buena Ringgold, GA, White Oak Mountain
102.3 WGOW Talk Radio Middle Valley
102.7 WBDX J103 Trenton, GA, Lookout Mountain
103.1 WLLJ J103 Athens
103.3 W277DA The Gospel 1511 Citico Ave
103.5 WIMZ Classic Rock Knoxville, TN, Zachary Ridge
103.7 WKXJ Kiss FM
└ HD2 The Message
Red Bank, 210 Pinehurst Ave
104.3 W282AY The Message Lookout Mountain
104.7 W284AE WayFM Signal Mountain
105.1 WUIE American Family Radio Soddy-Daisy, Montlake
105.5 WRXR Rock 105 Rossville, GA, 523 S Mission Ridge Dr
105.9 W290BG SonLife Radio Signal Mountain
106.1 WDSJ 3ABN Radio Collegedale
106.5 WSKZ KZ106 Signal Mountain
106.9 W295BI The JOY FM Worship Signal Mountain
107.3 W297BX The Soul of Chattanooga 1108 Hendricks St
107.5 WBFC Boynton, GA
107.9 WOGT Country 107.9 Red Bank, 210 Pinehurst Ave
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.500 KXI22 NOAA Weather Radio Brasstown Bald Mountain, GA
162.550 WXK48 NOAA Weather Radio Signal Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    580 WXRH The Ranch Rockwood
    640 WBIN Black Information Netw. Atlanta, GA, 2108 Joseph E. Boone Blvd NW
    650 WSM The Legend Nashville, TN, Brentwood
    680 WCNN The Fan Atlanta, GA, Dunwoody, Spalding Dr
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    870 WQRX Radio Amistad Valley Head, AL
    910 WEPG The River South Pittsburg
    980 WDYN Rossville, GA
  1070 WFLI The Big One 621 O'Grady Dr
  1110 WBT News Talk Charlotte, NC, 9201 Nations Ford Rd
  1150 WGOW NewsRadio 821 Pineville Rd
  1180 WZQZ Chattooga County Radio Summerville, GA
  1190 WSDQ Country Roads Dunlap
  1230 WBLJ News Talk Dalton, GA
  1260 WNOO The Soul of Chattanooga 1108 Hendricks St
  1280 WALI Alive 97.1 Dayton
  1340 WBAC News Talk Cleveland
  1370 WXCT Alt 93.9 Moccasin Bend
  1420 WKWN NewsRadio Trenton, GA
  1430 WDAL The Mountain Dalton, GA
  1450 WLMR The Gospel 1511 Citico Ave
  1480 WJTW The Eagle Bridgeport, AL
  1490 WJOC The Talk 1108 Hendricks St
  1510 WLAC TalkRadio Nashville, TN, Dickerson Pike and W Old Hickory Blvd
  1530 WTTI Hope Radio Dalton, GA
  1570 WCLE The Buzz
SportsMap Radio
  1590 WQCH Q-Country Lafayette, GA




Signal Mountain

Coordinates: 35°12'26" N, 85°16'52" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2062 ft (628.5 m)
Signal Mountain is a suburb of Chattanooga, Tennessee, located on Walden Ridge, a land mass often referred to as "Signal Mountain" itself. It is home for transmitter towers of many TV and radio stations in Chattanooga, includng:
• 640 ft (195 m) tall WDEF-TV (CBS Ch. 12) / WDEF-FM (92.3 MHz) tower at 220 Hampton Road,
• 533 ft (162.5 m) tall WUSY-FM (100.7 MHz) tower at 1338 Sawyer Cemetery Road near Falling Water,
• 493 ft (150.3 m) tall WTCI-TV (PBS Ch. 45) / WUTC-FM (88.1 MHz) tower at 1200 Sawyer Cemetery Road near Falling Water,
• 579 ft (176.5 m) tall WDSI-TV (Fox Ch. 61) / WFLI-TV (CW Ch. 53) tower at 1129 Sawyer Cemetery Road near Falling Water and
• 550 ft (167.6 m) tall WSMC-FM (90.5 MHz) tower at 1354 Montlake Rd in Huckleberry.

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