Radio stations in Knoxville, TN

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WUTC Public Radio
└ HD2 Genre-Free Radio
Chattanooga, TN, Signal Mountain
  88.3 WYLV K-Love Sharp’s Ridge
  88.7 WWQK The Life FM Wartburg, Pilot Mountain
  89.1 WOFM Air 1 Sharp’s Ridge
  89.7 WYBK Bible Broadcasting Netw. Chattanooga, TN, Signal Mountain
  89.9 WDVX East Tennessee's Own Briceville, Cross Mountain
  90.3 WUTK The Rock University of Tennessee
  90.5 WSMC Classical Chattanooga, TN, Soddy-Daisy, Montlake
  90.7 WGSN New Life Radio Newport
  91.1 WKCS Falcon Radio Fulton High School
  91.9 WUOT Public Radio
└ HD2 WUOT-2
Sharp’s Ridge
  92.3 W222BA Talk Radio Sharp’s Ridge
  92.7 WIJV Victory 92.7/94.7 Kingston
  93.1 WNOX Classic Rock 6305 Vance Ln
  93.5 WKZX La Líder Lenoir City
  93.7 W229DO Santa 93.7 Lake Forest, 2825 Chapman Hwy
  93.9 W230BR East Tennessee's Own Seymour, Bay’s Mountain, Mutton Hollow
  94.3 WNFZ Jack FM 2833 Sands Rd
  94.7 W234CU Victory 92.7/94.7 Sharp’s Ridge
  94.9 WAEZ Electric 94.9 Greeneville, Greystone Mountain
  95.3 WYFC Bible Broadcasting Netw. Clinton, Ventis Ln
  95.7 WDKW The Duke Maryville, Louisville
  96.3 WJBZ Praise 96.3 Seymour, Bay’s Mountain, Mutton Hollow
  96.5 WDOD Hits 96 Chattanooga, TN, Signal Mountain
  96.7 WMYL Merle FM Clinton, Ventis Ln
  97.1 W246DH Lit 97.1 Sharp’s Ridge
  97.5 WJXB B97.5 Sharp’s Ridge
  97.9 WLHR-LP Maryville, East Maryville Baptist Church
  98.1 W251BR The Light FM Sharp’s Ridge
  98.3 WMTY Oldies Sweetwater
  98.7 WOKI News Talk Clinton, Pine Ridge
  99.1 WNML Sports Animal
Infinity Sports Netw.
Maryville, US Hwy 411 S
  99.3 WNRX The Lake Jefferson City
  99.7 W259AV Jammin' 99.7 Sharp’s Ridge
  99.9 WKSF Kiss Country
└ HD2 The Brew
Asheville, NC, Mount Pisgah
100.3 WCYQ The Wolf Briceville, Cross Mountain
100.7 W264CJ Gospel Radio 3505 Peachwood Rd
101.1 WIAM The Way 2906 Washington Pike
101.7 WJSQ Athens
102.1 WWST Star 102.1 Bluff Mountain - Green Top
102.5 W273DX Joy 620 Sharp’s Ridge
102.9 W275AD East Tennessee's Own Sharp’s Ridge
103.1 WBDX J103 Athens
103.5 WIMZ Classic Rock Zachary Ridge
104.1 WMJA Magic 104.1 Loudon
104.5 WKHT Hot 104.5 Sharp’s Ridge
104.9 WKVL 104.9-KVL Look Rock
105.3 WFIV Lenoir City
105.5 WSEV Mix 105.5 Gatlinburg, Ski View Drive
105.7 WIHG The Hog
└ HD2 Spirit 101.9
└ HD3 The Ranch
Crossville, Renegade Mountain
105.7 W289CU Fanrun Radio 1017 Cox St
105.9 W290DJ Fun 105.9 Maryville
106.1 WVLZ VLZ-Rocks Oliver Springs, Upper Wind Rock Rd
106.3 WPFT Mountain Talk
Fox Sports Radio
Gatlinburg, Ski View Drive
106.7 WFGW The Light FM 5126 Fort Sumter Rd
106.9 WMIT The Light FM Asheville, NC, Clingmans Peak
107.3 W297AX Victory 92.7 Bluff Mountain - Green Top
107.7 WIVK Bluff Mountain - Green Top
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.450 WNG732 NOAA Weather Radio Briceville, Cross Mountain
162.475 WXK46 NOAA Weather Radio Sharp’s Ridge
162.550 WXK47 NOAA Weather Radio Bristol, Holston Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WRGC The River Sylva, NC
    560 WMIK Family Christian Radio Middlesboro, KY
    580 WXRH The Ranch Rockwood
    620 WRJZ Joy 620 Holston Hills
    650 WSM The Legend Nashville, TN, Brentwood
    720 WGCR Gospel Carolina Radio Pisgah Forest, NC
    730 WLIL Country Lenoir City
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    760 WETR Talk Radio Holston Hills
    840 WHAS NewsRadio Louisville, KY, 1502 Flat Rock Rd
    850 WSMM Santa 93.7 Maryville
    900 WKXV Gospel Radio 3505 Peachwood Rd
    930 WSEV ESPN Radio Sevierville
    940 WECO Solid Gospel Wartburg
    960 WQLA 95.9 Rocks LaFollette
    990 WNML Sports Animal
Infinity Sports Netw.
Anderson Rd
  1040 WJBE Jammin' 99.7 Powell, Broadacres
  1070 WFLI The Big One Chattanooga, TN, 621 O'Grady Dr
  1110 WBT News Talk Charlotte, NC, 9201 Nations Ford Rd
  1120 WTLT Lit 97.1 Seymour
  1180 WKCE Mid-century Radio Strawberry Plains Pike
  1240 WIFA Faith 1240 Painter Ave SW
  1340 WKGN Fanrun Radio 1099 Cox St
  1360 WBLC 3ABN Radio Lenoir City
  1380 WYSH Classic Country Clinton
  1400 WGAP Fun 105.9 Maryville
  1470 WBCR Truth Radio Maryville, 1217 Tuckaleechee Trl
  1490 WITA The Gospel
The Overcomer Ministry
Richmond Ave
  1510 WLAC TalkRadio Nashville, TN, Dickerson Pike and W Old Hickory Blvd
  1580 WNPZ Power 1580 South Woodlawn
  1620 WQBJ215 Hwy Advisory Radio I-40, I-640, I-75, I-140




Sharp's Ridge

Coordinates: 36°00'13" N, 83°56'34" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1393 ft (424.6 m)
Sharp's Ridge is a steep ridge in Knoxville, Tennessee, north of the city's downtown. The ridge is home to transmitter towers of many TV and radio stations in Knoxville, includng:
• 1534 ft (467.6 m) tall American Tower / WVLT-TV (CBS Ch. 8) / WKOP-TV (PBS Ch. 15) tower, south of the I-75/I-275/I-640 Interchange,
• 1456 ft (443.8 m) tall American Tower / WATE-TV (ABC Ch. 6) / WTNZ-TV (Fox Ch. 43) tower at 363 Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park Drive,
• 1504 ft (458.4 m) tall WBIR-TV (NBC Ch. 10) tower at 601 Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park Drive and
• 1088 ft (331.6 m) tall Midwest Communications tower at 1100 Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park Drive.

More info: Wikipedia

Zachary Ridge, WIMZ-FM Tower

Coordinates: 36°08'06" N, 83°43'28" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1299 ft (395.9 m), Antenna Height: 1752 ft (534 m)
The WIMZ FM-Tower is a guy-wired aerial mast for the transmission of FM and TV programs on Zachary Ridge near House Mountain, northeast of Knoxville, Tennessee. The tower was completed in September 1963, at the time was the tallest structure in the world and still is the tallest man-made structure in the state of Tennessee. Originally, the tower was used for television broadcasts by WBIR-TV (Ch. 10).

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