Radio stations in Memphis, TN

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KARH AFR Talk Parkin, AR
  88.5 WQOX The Voice of MCS Cordova, WKNO Tower
  88.9 WMSB AFR Talk Chulahoma, MS
  89.3 WYPL Reading Radio Frenchman's Bayou, AR
  89.9 WEVL Volunteer Radio Rhodes College
  90.1 KXRL Reach Gospel Radio Cherry Valley, AR
  90.3 WMAV MPB Think Radio
└ HD2 MPB Music Radio
Oxford, MS
  90.5 K213CN Bott Radio Netw. West Memphis, AR, Bridgeport Cove
  90.7 KLMK K-Love Marvell, AR
  91.1 WKNO Public Radio
└ HD2 WKNO News
└ HD3 BBC World Service
Cordova, WKNO Tower
  91.7 WYXR Barlett, Sycamore View Rd
  92.7 WKRA The Change Holly Springs, MS
  92.9 WMFS 92.9FM ESPN
└ HD2 ESPN Radio
3468 Jackson Ave
  93.5 WKBQ U.S. 51 Country Covington
  93.5 WMDAThe Memphis Clarion 3379 Millbranch Rd
  93.9 KWEM West Memphis, AR
  94.1 WLFP The Wolf Mineral Wells, MS, Old Craft Rd
  94.7 KLJK K-Love 2000s Harrisburg, AR, Hwy 14 E
  94.9 WKVF K-Love
└ HD2 Air 1
Cordova, WKNO Tower
  95.3 WEBL The Rebel
└ HD2 Guess FM
Hernando, MS
  95.7 WHAL Hallelujah FM
└ HD2 Christian Country Radio
2705 Poplar Ave
  96.1 WIVG Drake FM Coldwater, MS, Arkabutla Lake
  96.3 W242CF B96.3 Bartlett, Brother Blvd, WTWV-TV Tower
  96.5 WKIF K-Love Holly Springs, MS
  96.7 W244BY Air 1 Brunswick, iHeart Radio Tower
  97.1 WHRK K97
└ HD2 The Beat Top 20
Westside, 3627 Benjestown Rd
  97.7 W249BN Guess FM Bartlett, Brother Blvd, WTWV-TV Tower
  98.1 WXMX The Max Cordova, WKNO Tower
  98.5 W253DF Sports 56
Fox Sports Radio
Bartlett, Brother Blvd, WTWV-TV Tower
  98.9 WKIM News Talk Cordova, WKNO Tower
  99.3 W257CY La Jefa Cordova, WKNO Tower
  99.7 WMC FM100 Bartlett, Crestview Dr
100.1 W261CE Guess FM Hernando, MS
100.3 WVZM Visible Radio 200 Madison Ave
100.5 WBLE Country 101 Batesville, MS
101.1 KJMS V101
└ HD2 WDIA Heart & Soul
Westside, 3627 Benjestown Rd
101.5 K268DA La Jefa West Memphis, AR, Riverside Speedway
101.9 KWNW Kiss FM West Memphis, AR, Bridgeport Cove
102.3 KTRQ Oldies Forrest City, AR
102.7 WEGR Rock 103
└ HD2 WREC NewsTalk
Brunswick, iHeart Radio Tower
103.1 W276BH Sunny 1210 Bartlett, Brother Blvd, WTWV-TV Tower
103.5 WRBO Soul Classics Hernando, MS, Byhalia Rd
103.9 KCJF iRock 103.9 Harrisburg, AR
104.1 W281BR The Trend on WAVN Shelby, 6080 Mt Moriah Rd
104.5 WRVR The River Cordova, WKNO Tower
105.3 KAKJ Force 3 Radio Marianna, AR
105.5 W288BJ Buenas Nuevas Annesdale, Shady Ln
105.9 WGKX Kix 106 Cordova, WKNO Tower
106.3 W292EL Freedom Radio 6555 Raleigh LaGrange Rd, WHBQ-TV Tower
107.1 KXHT Hot 107.1 West Memphis, AR, Dacus Lake Rd
107.5 WHBQ Classic Hits
└ HD2 B96.3
Lenow Rd
107.9 W300DE The Mighty 7434 Raleigh LaGrange Rd
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 WXK49 NOAA Weather Radio East Memphis, Macon Cove
162.550 WXK60 NOAA Weather Radio Jackson, Norton Hill
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WHBQ Sports 56
Fox Sports Radio
Benjestown, S Circle Rd
    600 WREC NewsTalk North Memphis, 1651 Ontario Ave
    640 WCRV Bott Radio Netw. Mineral Wells, MS, Stateline Rd
    650 WSM The Legend Nashville, TN, Brentwood
    680 WMFS 92.9FM ESPN Westside, 3627 Benjestown Rd
    730 KQPN SportsMap Radio Marion, AR, Gammon Rd
    790 WMC The Bet (Memphis)
CBS Sports Radio
Bartlett, Crestview Dr
    830 WUMY Buenas Nuevas Annesdale, Shady Ln
    860 KOSE Southern Gospel Osceola, AR
    950 KXJK Marianna, AR, Lee Rd 806
    990 KWAM The Mighty West Memphis, AR, Bridgeport Cove
  1030 WGSF Radio Ambiente Bartlett, Bethesda
  1070 WDIA Heart & Soul 5231 O K Robertson Rd
  1090 KAAY Little Rock, AR, Wrightsville
  1110 WKRA The Change Holly Springs, MS
  1120 KMOX NewsRadio St. Louis, MO, Pontoon Beach, IL
  1130 KWKH The Tiger
Fox Sports Radio
Shreveport, LA, Belcher
  1180 WGUE La Jefa West Memphis, AR, Riverside Speedway
  1210 WMPS Sunny 1210 Bartlett, Old Brownsville Rd
  1240 WMSO The Trend on WAVN Southaven, MS
  1250 WKBL U.S. 51 Country Covington
  1340 WLOK Gospel Annesdale, Shady Ln
  1380 WLRM Millington, Bucknell Rd
  1430 WOWW Guess FM Barlett, N Brother Blvd
  1480 WBBP Bountiful Blessings W Mitchell Rd
  1510 WLAC TalkRadio Nashville, TN, Dickerson Pike and W Old Hickory Blvd
  1600 WMQM The Gospel Nutbush, Whittier Rd
  1610 WNDX581 MEM Airport Radio Memphis International Radio
  1660 WQEX384 Hwy Advisory Radio I-40



Cordova, WKNO Tower

Coordinates: 35°09'16" N, 89°49'19" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 335 ft (102 m), Antenna Height: 1115 ft (339.8 m)
Mid-South Public Communications Foundation (WKNO-TV / WKNO-FM) broadcasting tower at 7192 Raleigh LaGrange Road, built in 1971.

Mineral Wells, MS, American Tower

Coordinates: 34°59'21" N, 89°51'45" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 827 ft (252 m), Antenna Height: 491 ft (150 m)

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