Radio stations in Dallas, TX

Emisoras de radio en Dallas, TX

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KNTU The One Denton, N Locust St
  88.3 KJRN The Journey Keene, Southwestern Adventist University
  88.5 KEOM Mesquite Schools Radio Mesquite Tower
  88.7 KTCU The Choice Fort Worth, TX, Texas Christian University
  88.9 KETR Public Radio Commerce
  89.3 KNON Cedar Hill, KPXD-TV Tower
  89.7 KAWA WAY-FM Collinsville, American Tower
  90.1 KERA Public Radio Cedar Hill, KERA Tower
  90.5 KTXG AFR Talk Blue Ridge
  90.9 KCBI Cedar Hill, American Tower #2
  91.3 KDKR Christian Radio Decatur, Service Broadcasting Corp. Tower
  91.7 KKXT KXT-91.7 Cedar Hill, KPXD-TV Tower
  92.1 KTFW Hank FM Stephenville
  92.1 KPVC Irving, 1216 Ford St
  92.5 KZPS Lone Star
└ HD2 Elcectic Rock
Cedar Hill, American Tower #1
  93.3 KLIF Hot 93.3 West Dallas, Eagle Ford
  93.7 KNOR La Raza Era, Liberman Broadcasting Tower
  94.1 KLNO Qué Buena Cedar Hill, American Tower #2
  94.5 KZMJ Majic 94.5
└ HD2 Radio Caravan
Collinsville, Salem Radio Tower
  94.9 KLTY
└ HD2 El Pez 102.5
Cedar Hill, American Tower #2
  95.3 KHYI The Range Gunter
  95.5 K238CC Radio Azad Decatur, 1680 W Northwestern Hwy
  95.5 KRQP Ritmo 95 Arlington, 1209 Harrison Ln
  95.9 KFWR The Ranch Joplin
  96.3 KSCS New Country Cedar Hill, KXAS-TV Tower
  96.7 KTCK The Ticket
SportsMap Radio
Decatur, Greenwood Entravision Tower
  97.1 KEGL The Eagle
└ HD2 Slippery When Wet
└ HD3 The Breeze
Cedar Hill, American Tower #1
  97.5 K248BC Christian Radio Cockrell Hill, Santa Clara
  97.9 KBFB The Beat
└ HD2 Majic 94.5
Cedar Hill, KXAS-TV Tower
  98.3 KBOC Luna 98.3 Decatur, Greenwood Entravision Tower
  98.7 KLUV
└ HD2 Smokin' Oldies
└ HD3 Classic Trax
Cedar Hill, American Tower #1
  99.1 KFZO Zona MX Decatur, Univision Tower
  99.5 KPLX The Wolf
└ HD2 WBAP News Talk
Cedar Hill, KPLX Tower
  99.9 K260BP Christian Radio Irving, California Crossing Park
100.3 KJKK Jack FM
└ HD2 Classic Country
└ HD3 The Bet (Dallas)
Cedar Hill, American Tower #3
100.7 KWRD The Word Collinsville, Salem Radio Tower
101.1 WRR Classical 101.1 Cedar Hill, American Tower #1
101.5 K268CL Radio Fortaleza Int. Mesquite, Town East Tower
101.7 KYDA Air 1 Decatur, Greenwood Entravision Tower
102.1 KDGE Star 102.1
└ HD2 Rock Workout Radio
Cedar Hill, KPLX Tower
102.5 K273BJ El Pez 102.5 Dolphin Heights
102.9 KDMX Now 102.9 Cedar Hill, KPLX Tower
103.3 KESN ESPN Dallas Collinsville, Salem Radio Tower
103.7 KVIL Alt 103.7
└ HD2 Oasis DFW
└ HD3 Channel Q
Cedar Hill, American Tower #1
104.1 KHSE Radio Caravan Lucas, American Tower
104.5 KKDA K104 Cedar Hill, American Tower #1
104.9 KZMP FunAsia Radio
└ HD2 Big FM International
└ HD3 Radio Azad
└ HD4 Luv Music
Collinsville, American Tower
105.3 KRLD The Fan
└ HD2 KRLD NewsRadio
└ HD3 Dallas Cowboys Radio
Cedar Hill, American Tower #3
105.7 KRNB Smooth R&B Decatur, Service Broadcasting Corp. Tower
106.1 KHKS Kiss FM
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Cedar Hill, American Tower #1
106.7 KZZA La Ranchera Decatur, Greenwood Entravision Tower
106.9 KRVF The Ranch Corsicana
107.1 KESS Latino Mix Granbury
107.1 KYEB Garland
107.5 KMVK La Grande
└ HD2 Fierro HD
└ HD3 Dale!
Cedar Hill, American Tower #3
107.9 KDXX Latino Mix
└ HD2 Zona MX
Denton, Green Valley Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KEC56 NOAA Weather Radio Richardson
162.550 KEC55 NOAA Weather Radio Fort Worth, TX, Burleson
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 KDFT La Poderosa Ferris
    570 KLIF News and Information Coppell, North Lake
    600 KTBB News Talk Tyler, TX, Whitehouse, Cnty Rd 283 N
    620 KTNO Radio Luz Melissa
    660 KSKY The Answer Lewisville
    680 KKYX Country San Antonio, TX, San Geronimo Creek
    700 KHSE Radio Caravan Wylie
    730 KKDA 달라스 코리안 라디오 Grand Prairie
    770 KAAM God, Country, Texas Wylie
    820 WBAP News Talk Fort Worth, TX, Mansfield
    850 KJON Guadalupe Radio Netw.
EWTN Radio Católica
    870 KFJZ BizTalkRadio Fort Worth, TX, Harmon Field Park
    890 KTXV Radio Punjab Eustace
    910 KATH Guadalupe Radio Netw.
EWTN Catholic Radio
    970 KHVN Dallas' BIN Fort Worth, TX, Bonnie Brae
    990 KFCD Farmersville
  1010 KBBW Talk Radio Waco
  1040 KGGR Great Gospel Radio Dolphin Heights
  1080 KRLD NewsRadio Garland
  1090 KAAY Little Rock, AR, Wrightsville
  1110 KVTT Radio Azad Decatur, Chico
  1130 KWKH The Tiger
Fox Sports Radio
Shreveport, LA, Belcher
  1140 KHFX Republic Broadcasting Cleburne
  1160 KBDT Big D's Talk Decatur, Paradise
  1190 KFXR Talk Radio Irving, Turtle Lakes
  1220 KZEE Radio Hot Pepper San Antonio, TX, Weatherford
  1270 KFLC TDN Radio Arlington, W Pioneer Pkwy
  1310 KTCK The Ticket
SportsMap Radio
Coppell, Ledbetter Rd
  1340 KAND Real Country Corsicana
  1360 KMNY La Voz Irving, Turtle Lakes
  1390 KBEC Classic Texas Music Waxahachie
  1400 KGVL EZ-Rock Greenville
  1440 KEXB Relevant Radio Roosevelt Park
  1460 KCLE Viên Thao Radio Burleson
  1480 KNGO Viet Radio S St Augustine Rd
  1500 KJIM The Memory Maker Sherman, Woodlawn
  1540 KZMP La Ranchera West Irving
  1570 KPYK Big Bands & Great Singers Terrell
  1600 KRVA Radio Saigon Devon Anderson Park
  1630 KKGM Dallas' BIN Mosier Valley
  1680 WPLR660 DFW Airport Radio Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
  1700 KKLF Kick 1700 Prosper




Coordinates: 32°46'56" N, 96°48'12" W
KDFW-TV (Fox Channel 4) Tower on 400 North Griffin Street in Downtown Dallas.


Cedar Hill Towers

Coordinates: 32°35'09" N, 96°58'18" W
Cedar Hill is a Dallas suburb, located approximately 16 miles (26 km) southwest of downtown Dallas. Because of its elevation many local radio and TV stations serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex have their antennas located there. There are 15 structures over 300 feet high in Cedar Hill, listed in the FCC ASR. Tallest in the region is 1731 ft (527.6 m) tall American Tower.


Mesquite Tower

Coordinates: 32°45'45" N, 96°38'04" W
Mesquite Tower is a free-standing lattice tower located in Mesquite, Texas, USA. An unusual 510 feet (155.3 meters) free-standing tripod, this structure was completed in 1990. It stands between West Mesquite High School and Memorial Stadium. Owned by the Mesquite Independent School District, it is a 61,000 watt radio tower used by the radio station KEOM at 88.50 MHz. The tower is a three-legged, free-standing star tower, similar to the Hughes Memorial Tower in Washington, DC, Star Tower in Cincinnati, OH and on Poor Mountain, VA. A small version of the tower can be found atop the Energy Plaza skyscraper in downtown Dallas, used by TXU for its communications needs.


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