Radio stations in Salt Lake City, UT

Emisoras de radio en Salt Lake City, UT

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KWCR Wildcat Radio Ogden, UT, Weber State University
  88.3 KCPW Public Radio Mahogany Hill
  88.7 KNKL K-Love Tremonton, Little Mountain
  89.1 KBYU Classical 89
└ HD2 BYUradio
Mount Vision
  89.7 K209CJ Air 1 Farnsworth Peak
  90.1 KUER Public Radio
└ HD2 BBC World Service
└ HD3 KUER Classical
Farnsworth Peak
  90.5 K213CQ CSN Radio Ensign Peak
  90.9 KRCL Community Radio
Farnsworth Peak
  91.3 K217FQ Bible Broadcasting Netw. Ensign Peak
  91.7 KUFR Family Radio 136 E South Temple St
  92.5 KUUU U92
└ HD2 Energy HD2
Farnsworth Peak
  92.9 K225AP The Wolf Lake Mountain
  93.3 KUBL K-Bull Farnsworth Peak
  93.7 KKUT The Wolf
└ HD2 Eagle 94.5
└ HD3 Classy FM
└ HD4 The Goat
Provo, UT, Twin Knolls
  94.1 KODJ
└ HD2 Up!
Farnsworth Peak
  94.5 KVFX 94.5/98.3 VFX Tremonton, Little Mountain
  94.9 KENZ Power 94.9/101.9 Lake Mountain
  95.5 KYFO Bible Broadcasting Netw. Ogden, UT, Little Mountain + Ensign Peak
  96.3 KXRK X96
└ HD2 X96 Classic
Farnsworth Peak
  96.7 K244DH KPGR Farnsworth Peak
  97.1 KZHT 97.1ZHT Farnsworth Peak
  97.5 KZNS The Zone
Fox Sports Radio
Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak + North Salt Lake, Big West Oil
  97.9 KBZN Now 97.9 Farnsworth Peak
  98.3 K252DI 94.5/98.3 VFX Ensign Peak
  98.7 KBEE B98.7 Mount Vision
  99.1 K256AE Business 99.1 1320 E 500 S
  99.5 KJMY My 99.5
└ HD2 Business 99.1
Mount Vision
100.3 KSFI FM100 Farnsworth Peak
100.7 KYMV Bob 100.7 Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak + North Salt Lake, Big West Oil
101.1 KBER Utah's Rock Station Farnsworth Peak
101.5 KEGA The Eagle Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak + North Salt Lake, Big West Oil
101.9 KHTB Power 94.9/101.9 Farnsworth Peak
102.3 KDUT La GranD Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak
102.7 KSL NewsRadio
└ HD2 Mormon Channel
Farnsworth Peak
103.1 KLO The Wave Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak + North Salt Lake, Big West Oil
103.5 KRSP The Arrow Farnsworth Peak
103.9 K280GJ Kool 105.5 Lake Mountain
104.3 KSOP Z104 Farnsworth Peak
104.7 KNIV Mi Preferida Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak
105.1 KUDD Mix 105.1
└ HD2 Kool 105.5
Farnsworth Peak
105.5 K288GY Kool 105.5 Oquirrh Mountains, Mahogany Hill
105.9 KNRS Talk Radio
└ HD2 Sorft Rock
Farnsworth Peak
106.3 KBMG Latino 106.3 Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak
106.7 KAAZ Rock 106.7 Farnsworth Peak
107.1 KEGH La Ley Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak
107.5 KKLV K-Love Farnsworth Peak
107.9 KUMT BYUradio Humpy Peak + Ensign Peak
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.550 KEC78 NOAA Weather Radio Bacchus
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    570 KNRS Talk Radio Rose Park
    610 KVNU News Talk Logan, UT, Wellsville
    650 KMTI Manti, West Side Rd
    670 KBOI News Talk Boise, ID, Kuna, S Cloverdale Rd
    700 KALL ESPN 700 West Bountiful
    730 KSVN KePadre Radio Ogden, UT, West Haven
    760 WQDE956 Radio Murray Murray
    820 KUTR The Truth Cedar Fort
    860 KKAT Talk 1401 W Crystal Ave
    960 KOVO ESPN 960 Provo, UT, W 1560 S St
  1010 KIHU Relevant Radio Rocky Mountain Raceway
  1060 KDYL Radio Unica Bingham Canyon Mine
  1120 KANN SOS Radio Ogden, UT, Syracuse
  1160 KSL NewsRadio Northpointe
  1200 WPKM997 SLC Airport Radio Salt Lake City International Airport
  1230 KJJC The Place 434 W Bearcat Dr
  1280 KZNS The Zone
Fox Sports Radio
North Salt Lake
  1300 WPUI734 Hwy Advisory Radio I-15, I-215
  1320 KNIT Your Network of Praise Taylorsville, Bullion St
  1370 KSOP Classic Country West Valley City, W 2320 S St
  1400 KSRR K-Star Orem, N 2150 W St
  1430 KMES ESNE Radio Católica Ogden, UT, Clearfield
  1450 KEYY Key Radio Provo, UT, S 1600 W St
  1490 KOGN Positiva Radio Ogden, UT, 1490 Gibson Ave
  1580 KWLO Utah's Goat Provo, UT, Springville
  1600 KTUB Juan Radio West Bountiful
  1620 K-UTE Radio University of Utah (Carrier current)
  1640 KBJA K-Talk Radio 1401 W Crystal Ave



Oquirrh Mountains, Farnsworth Peak

Coordinates: 40°39'33" N, 112°12'09" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 9,066 ft (2,763 m)
Farnsworth Peak is a mountain summit located on the northern end of the Oquirrh Mountain range, approximately 18 miles south west of Salt Lake City. The peak contains a vast majority of Salt Lake FM signals. Farnsworth Peak refers to three separate radio transmitter sites known as Big Farnsworth, The KSTU Site and Little Farnsworth. Each site hosts a number of radio towers which broadcast radio and television stations.



More info: Wikipedia

Wasatch Range, Ensign Peak

Coordinates: 40°48'29" N, 111°53'23" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 5,938 ft (1,810 m)
Ensign Peak is a peak in the foothills of Wasatch Range, overlooking Salt Lake City. Radio facilities are located north of Ensign Peak and south of Ensign Peak, near Meridian Peak. There is number of boosters and translators all facing toward Salt Lake City.

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