Radio stations in Olympia, WA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KWAO Air 1 Capitol Peak
  88.5 KNKX News & Jazz
└ HD2 Jazz 24
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
  88.9 KSWS NWPR NPR News Chehalis, Crego Hill
  89.3 KAOS Community Radio Overlook Point Park
  89.7 K209FO CSN Radio 2703 Pacific Ave
  89.9 KGHP Lakebay, Evergreen Elementary
  90.1 KPLI News & Jazz
└ HD2 Jazz 24
906 Columbia St SW, Davis-Williams Building
  90.5 KACS Christian Radio Centralia, Cook Hill
  90.9 KVTI NWPR NPR & Classical Tacoma, WA, Lakewood, Lakes High School
  91.5 K218CU Tú Familia Capitol Peak
  92.1 K221DV CSN Radio Shelton, Kamilche
  92.5 KQMV Movin 92.5 Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
  92.9 K225DC MegaTalk Capitol Peak
  93.3 KUBE 93.3
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Seattle, WA, Cougar Mountain
  93.7 KLSY Tú Familia Matlock, South Mountain
  94.1 KSWD The Sound
└ HD2 The Delta
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
  94.5 KRXY Roxy 94.5
└ HD2 Classic Rock
└ HD3 Boomer Rock & Roll
Shelton, Kamilche
  94.9 KUOW Public Radio Seattle, WA, Capitol Hill, E Madison St
  95.3 K237FR KGY-FM Overlook Point Park
  95.7 KJR The Jet
└ HD2 950-KJR Sports Radio
└ HD3 The Breeze
Seattle, WA, Cougar Mountain
  96.1 KXXO Mixx 96.1 Capitol Peak
  96.5 KJAQ Jack FM
└ HD2 Alt 96.5
└ HD3 1090-KRJ Sports Radio
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
  96.9 KYYO KAYO-Country
McCleary, Maxwell Hill
  97.3 KIRO News Talk
└ HD2 ESPN Seattle
└ HD3 Conservative Talk
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
  97.7 KOMO NewsRadio Matlock, South Mountain
  98.1 KING Classical
└ HD2 Evergreen Channel
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
  98.5 KNBQ K-Love Capitol Peak
  98.9 KNUC The Bull
└ HD2 KKNW Alternative Talk
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
  99.3 KDDS La GranD Matlock, South Mountain
  99.9 KISW The Rock
└ HD2 Metal Militia
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
100.3 K262CY Classic Rock Bush Mountain
100.7 KKWF The Wolf
└ HD2 Classic Country
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
101.1 K266BM MegaTalk Capitol Peak
101.5 KPLZ Star 101.5 Seattle, WA, Cougar Mountain
101.9 K270CJ Boomer Rock & Roll Shelton, Kamilche
102.5 KZOK Classic Rock
└ HD2 Rock Nation
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
102.9 KZTM La Zeta
└ HD2 Urbana 102.9
Capitol Peak
103.3 K277CZ iFIBER One Shelton, Kamilche
103.7 KHTP Hot 103.7
└ HD2 The Mountain
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
104.1 K281AD Hot 103.7 Providence St. Peter Hospital
104.3 KMNT Country Chehalis, Crego Hill
104.5 KLSW K-Love Seattle, WA, Cougar Mountain
104.7 K284CG Sacred Heart Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Bush Mountain
104.9 KTDD Worship 24/7 Tacoma, WA, Eatonville
105.3 KCMS Spirit 105.3
└ HD2 Pure Music Radio
Seattle, WA, Cougar Mountain
105.7 KJET The Jet Raymond
106.1 KBKS Hits 106.1
└ HD2 Evolution
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
106.5 KOWA Community Radio Black Lake Blvd SW
106.9 KRWM Warm 106.9
└ HD2 Warm 106.9 Christmas
└ HD3 KIXI Retro Radio
Seattle, WA, Cougar Mountain
107.7 KNDD The End
└ HD2 Channel Q
Seattle, WA, Tiger Mountain
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 WXM62 NOAA Weather Radio Capitol Peak
162.550 KHB60 NOAA Weather Radio Seattle, WA, Cougar Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPXF406 Hwy Advisory Radio US-101
    530 WPVW568 Hwy Advisory Radio I-5
    570 KVI Talk Radio Seattle, WA, Vashon Island
    620 KPOJ Rip City Radio
Fox Sports Radio
Portland, OR, Clackamas
    630 KCIS Seattle, WA, Shoreline, King's Schools
    660 KAPS Country Mount Vernon, 2029 Freeway Dr
    680 KBRD K-Bird Lacey, 1849 Abernethy Rd NE
    710 KIRO ESPN Seattle Seattle, WA, Maury Island
    750 KXTG The Game
CBS Sports Radio
Portland, OR, Damascus
    770 KTTH Conservative Talk Seattle, WA, Maury Island
    820 KGNW The Word Seattle, WA, Vashon Island
    850 KHHO Seattle's BIN 850 Tacoma, WA, Roosevelt Heights
    880 KIXI Retro Radio Seattle, WA, Bellevue, Mercer Slough
    920 KGTK MegaTalk Lacey, 1849 Abernethy Rd NE
    950 KJR Sports Radio Seattle, WA, Vashon Island
  1000 KOMO NewsRadio Seattle, WA, Vashon Island
  1030 KMAS iFIBER One Shelton, E Capitol Hill Rd
  1090 KFNQ Sports Radio Seattle, WA, Maury Island
  1150 KKNW Alternative Talk Seattle, WA, Bellevue, Mercer Slough
  1180 KLAY Sacred Heart Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Tacoma, WA, Parkland
  1240 KBUP Sacred Heart Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
1700 Marine Dr NE
  1280 KLDY La estación de la Familia Lacey, 1849 Abernethy Rd NE
  1340 KUOW Public Radio Tumwater
  1360 KKMO El Rey Tacoma, WA, Browns Point
  1420 KITI Greatest Hits Centralia
  1450 KSUH 라디오한국
KBS 월드라디오
Tacoma, WA, Puyallup
  1470 KELA News Talk
Sports Byline USA
Fox Sports Radio
  1520 WPVZ859 Hwy Advisory Radio I-5
  1550 KKOV Viên Thao Radio Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, Parkway East
  1560 KZIZ Radio Punjab Tacoma, WA, Payallup
  1590 KLFE The Answer Seattle, WA, Bainbridge Island, Manitou Beach




Capitol Peak

Coordinates: 46°58'30" N, 123°08'21" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 2664 ft (812 m)
Capitol Peak is a mountain, located only approximately 12 miles southwest of Olympia. The summit hosts many communications facilities including over one dozen cell phone and radio towers.


More info: Capitol Peak 145.47 Repeater , , Wikipedia
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