Radio stations in Spokane, WA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 KYRS Thin Air Comm. Radio Huckleberry Mountain
  88.3 KWIS Coeur d'Alene Tribe Coeur d'Alene, ID, Plummer
  88.7 KAGU Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  89.1 K206CQ WayFM Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  89.5 KEWU Jazz FM Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  89.9 KYMS Today's Christian Country Sandpoint, ID, Little Blacktail Mountain
  90.3 KPBZ PRX Remix Lookout Mountain
  90.7 K214AR Public Radio Sacred Heart Medical Building
  91.1 KPBX Public Radio
└ HD2 KSFC Public Radio
└ HD3 PRX Remix
Mica Peak
  91.7 KRFA NWPR NPR & Classical Moscow, ID, Paradise Ridge
  91.9 KSFC Public Radio
└ HD2 KPBX Public Radio
Lookout Mountain
  92.3 K222BG Thin Air Comm. Radio Beacon Hill
  92.9 KZZU Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  93.7 KDRK The Mountain Mica Peak
  94.1 K231CU The Bear Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  94.5 KHTQ Rock 94½ Post Falls, ID, Blossom Mountain
  95.3 KPND Progressive Radio
└ HD2 Studio B
Sandpoint, ID, Mount Hoodoo
  95.7 K239CL Ke Buena Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  96.1 KFOO Alt 96.1 Mica Peak
  96.9 KEZE Hot 96.9 Antoine Peak
  97.3 KKRS Christian Radio Davenport, Magnusen Butte
  97.7 K249FF American Christian Netw. Beacon Hill
  98.1 KISC Kiss 98.1
└ HD2 Kix 99.3
Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  98.5 KLGW K-Love Grand Coulee, Jack Woods Butte
  98.9 KKZX Classic Rock Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  99.3 K257FX Kix 99.3 Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
  99.9 KXLY The Big Coyote Country Mount Spokane
100.3 K262AG The Big Coyote Country Pantop Ridge
100.7 K264CH News Now 920 Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
101.1 KEYF Key 101 Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
101.5 K268DL Hooptown 101.5 Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
101.9 KTSL Air 1 McDowell Hill
102.3 KICR K102 Country Post Falls, ID, Blossom Mountain
103.1 KCDA Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
103.5 K278CY The Game Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
103.9 KBBD Bob FM Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
104.3 KHTR New Country
└ HD2 Hits 104.7
└ HD3 Big New Rock
Moscow, ID, West Twin Summit
104.5 KZIU Joy 104.5 N Indian Bluff Rd + Newport
104.9 KEEH Shine 104.9
└ HD2 LifeTalk Radio
Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
105.3 K287BV ESPN Spokane Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
105.7 KZBD Now 105.7 Krell Hill - Tower Mountain
106.1 K291CO Sacred Heart Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Moran Prairie
106.5 KSPO American Christian Netw. Beacon Hill
107.1 KPKL Kool 107.1 Deer Park
107.9 KMBI Moody Radio Mica Peak
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 WXL86 NOAA Weather Radio Mount Spokane
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPNZ308 Hwy Advisory Radio I-90
    540 CBK CBC Radio One Canada, Watrous, SK
    590 KQNT News Talk Spokane Valley, Chester
    630 KTRW The Fabulous Moran Prairie
    670 KBOI News Talk Boise, ID, Kuna
    700 KXLX ESPN Spokane Moran Prairie
    750 KERR Classic Country Polson, MT, N Reservoir Rd
    790 KJRB The Bear Spangle, 1505 E Stutler Rd
    810 KTBI American Christian Netw. Ephrata
    840 KMAX The Max Colfax
    920 KXLY News Now 920 Moran Prairie
    970 KTTO Sacred Heart Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Moran Prairie
  1000 KNWN Northwest Newsradio Seattle, WA, Vashon Island
  1050 KFIO American Christian Netw. Moran Prairie
  1080 KVNI Classic Hits Coeur d'Alene, ID
  1150 KQQQ News Talk Pullman
  1180 KOFI Kalispell, MT, Steel Bridge Rd
  1190 KEX NewsRadio Portland, OR, Clackamas
  1230 KSBN Money Talk Delaney Building
  1250 KWSU NWPR NPR News Pullman
  1280 KZFS Hooptown 101.5 Moran Prairie
  1330 KYOZ Ke Buena Moran Prairie
  1510 KGA The Game Spangle, 1505 E Stutler Rd
  1610 WPHF829 GEG Airport Radio Spokane International Airport




Krell Hill - Tower Mountain

Coordinates: 47°35'34" N, 117°17'52" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3645 ft (1111 m)
Krell Hill, also known as Tower Mountain, is a peak at the southern end of the Selkirk Mountains in Spokane County, Washington. It rises abruptly to the south east of the relatively flat Moran Prairie neighborhood of Spokane's South Hill. Tower Mountain, while not the official name, is commonly used because there are many tall television and radio towers along the ridge atop the mountain. There are six tall broadcasting towers on the hill:
• 905 ft (276 m) tall KHQ-TV (NBC Ch. 6) tower,
• 823 ft (250.9 m) tall KAYU-TV (Fox Ch. 28) tower,
• 940 ft (286.5 m) tall KREM-TV (CBS Ch. 2) tower,
• 600 ft (182.3 m) KSPS-TV (PBS Ch. 7) tower,
• 408 ft (124.5 m) and 352.3 ft (107.4 m) iHeart Radio towers.

Mount Spokane

Coordinates: 47°55'16" N, 117°06'53" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 5883 ft (1793 m)
Mount Spokane is a mountain located northeast of Spokane, Washington. Its summit is the highest point in Spokane County, and it is one of the tallest peaks in the Inland Northwest. Mount Spokane is surrounded by Mount Spokane State Park. KXLY-TV (ABC Ch. 4) is the only station in the Spokane market to broadcast from Mount Spokane, to the northeast of the city.

KSBN Transmitter on Delaney Building

Coordinates: 47°39'29" N, 117°24'55" W
KSBN 1230 AM's broadcast tower is located on top of the Delaney Building in Downtown Spokane.

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