Radio stations in Green Bay, WI

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WHID WPR Ideas Shirley, Woodward Communications Tower
  88.50 WNLI Air 1 Sturgeon Bay
  88.90 WVRN VCY America Wittenberg
  89.30 WPNE WPR News & Music
└ HD2 WPR All Classical
De Pere, WBAY-TV Tower
  89.70 W209BM CSN Radio Shirley, Pinnacle Tower
  90.10 WORQ Q90 Shirley, Woodward Communications Tower
  90.50 WPFF Sturgeon Bay
  91.10 WOVM The Avenue Appleton, E College Ave
  91.30 WRMW Radio Maria
Vatican Radio
Sturgeon Bay
  91.50 WEMY The Family Shirley, Woodward Communications Tower
  91.90 WEMI The Family Appleton, S Whitman Ave
  92.10 W221DA Y100 Country 1420 Bellevue St
  92.70 WAUN La Más Grande Kewaunee
  92.90 WKZY Kiss FM Chilton
  93.10 W226BD Duke FM 1420 Bellevue St
  93.50 WGEE Duke FM Shiocton
  93.90 WDOR Sturgeon Bay
  94.30 WYDR Jack FM Appleton, Sherwood
  94.70 WZOR Razor 94.7/104.7 Denmark
  95.10 WLST Cat Country Marinette
  95.90 WKSZ Kiss FM Shirley, Woodward Communications Tower
  96.70 WBDK Relaxing Radio Algoma
  96.90 W245BS La Más Grande St Vincent Hospital
  97.50 WTAQ News Talk De Pere, WFRV-TV Tower
  98.50 WQLH Star 98 North Pittsfield
  99.30 WOWN Classic Hits B99.3 Shawano, Krakow
  99.70 WDKF Duke FM Algoma
100.30 WNCY Y100 Country Kaukauna
101.10 WIXX De Pere, WBAY-TV Tower
101.50 W268BG Voice of the Master S Webster Ave
101.90 W270AJ Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
1420 Bellevue St
102.70 WRVM Voice of the Master Suring wrvmradio
103.10 WOGB Shirley, Woodward Communications Tower
103.50 W278AU KZ104.3 S Webster Ave
103.90 WVBO The Valley's Greatest Hits Appleton, Neenah
104.30 WKZG KZ104.3 Seymour
104.90 WPCK K-Love Luxemburg
105.70 WAPL Shirley, Woodward Communications Tower
106.30 W292DR Razor 94.7/104.7 Shirley, Woodward Communications Tower
106.70 WKRU The Big Dog Green Bay East, Kepler Dr
107.50 WDUZ The Fan
CBS Sports Radio
Shirley, Woodward Communications Tower
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 KIG65 NOAA Weather Radio De Pere, WBAY-TV Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WAUK ESPN Milwaukee 540 Milwaukee, WI, Jackson
    550 WSAU News Talk Wassau
    560 WIND The Answer Chicago, IL, Griffith, IN, Colfax Ave
    570 WMAM Sportsradio
ESPN Radio
SportsMap Radio
    620 WTMJ Newsradio Milwaukee, WI, Yorkville
    670 WSCR The Score
CBS Sports Radio
Chicago, IL, Glendale Heights
    680 WDBC Escanaba, MI
    690 WVCY VCY America Oshkosh
    720 WGN Radio Chicago, IL, Elk Grove Village
    780 WBBM Newsradio Chicago, IL, Itasca
    800 WDUX Classic Country Waupaca
    830 WCCO Newsradio Minneapolis, MN, Coon Rapids
    890 WLS Chicago's Talk Leader Chicago, IL, Orland Park
    910 WDOR Sturgeon Bay
    920 WOKY The Big 920
Fox Sports Radio
Milwaukee, WI, Greenfield, W Howard Ave
    960 WTCH Moose Country Shawano
    980 WCUB Classic Country Manitowoc
  1000 WMVP ESPN Chicago Chicago, IL, Downers Grove
  1050 WJOK Relevant Radio Appleton, Kaukauna
  1100 WISS Big Red AM 1100 Berlin
  1130 WISN News Talk Milwaukee, WI, Union Grove
  1150 WHBY News Talk Neenah
  1240 WOMT Manitowoc
  1260 WOCO Oconto
  1280 WNAM Oshkosh
  1360 WTAQ News Talk De Pere, Scheuring Rd
  1400 WDUZ The Fan
CBS Sports Radio
E Mason St
  1440 WNFL Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
1420 Bellevue St
  1490 WOSH News Talk Oshkosh
  1530 WLWB Chilton
  1570 WSCO The Score
Fox Sports Radio
SportsMap Radio
Appleton, Eugene St
  1590 WGBW Denmark



Shirley antenna farm

Coordinates: 43°21'32" N, 87°58'58" W
There are four tall towers in Shirley-Glenmore area south of Green Bay:
• 1040 ft (317 m) tall Woodward Communications Tower,
• 976 ft (297.5 m) tall Pinnacle Tower,
• 1055 ft (321.6 m) tall Journal Broadcast Tower and
• 1156 ft (352.3 m) tall American Tower.

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