Radio stations in Milwaukee, WI

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WMWK Family Radio Shorewood, WITI-TV Tower
  88.5 WSFI Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Classical
Antioch, IL
  88.7 WERN WPR News & Music
└ HD2 WPR All Classical
└ HD3 WPR Ideas
Madison, WI, Madison Candelabra Tower
  88.9 WYMS Radio Milwaukee Shorewood, WITI-TV Tower
  89.7 WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio Shorewood, WITI-TV Tower
  90.7 WHAD WPR Ideas
└ HD2 WPR All Classical
Delafield, Lapham Peak
  91.1 WGTD WPR News & Music Kenosha, Gateway Technical College
  91.7 WMSE Milwaukee School of Engineering, Roy W. Johnson Dorm
  92.1 WVTY Country Racine, 2 Mile Rd W
  92.5 WMBZ Buzz Country West Bend, Aurora Rd
  92.9 W225CP Party 92.9 Menomonee Falls
  93.3 WLDB B93.3
└ HD2 Fonz-FM
Estabrook Park, MPTV Tower
  93.7 W229CQ La Z Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel
  94.1 WJJO Solid Rock Madison, WI, Deerfield
  94.5 WKTI ESPN Milwaukee 94.5
└ HD2 WTMJ Newsradio
Estabrook Park, WTMJ-TV Tower
  95.1 WIIL Rock Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie
  95.7 WRIT Big FM 520 W Capitol Dr, iHeart Radio Tower
  96.1 WLKG The Lake Lake Geneva
  96.5 WKLH Hometown Rock Estabrook Park, MPTV Tower
  96.9 WWDV The Drive Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie
  97.3 WRNW The Game
└ HD2 WISN News Talk
Lincoln Park, WISN-TV Tower
  97.7 WFDL Sunny 97.7 Fond du Lac, Lomira
  97.9 W250BN Radio Caliente Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel
  98.3 WJMR Jammin' 98.3 Wick Field, 5407 W McKinley Ave
  98.7 W254CU Joy 1340 Wick Field, 5407 W McKinley Ave
  99.1 WMYX The Mix
└ HD3 Radio Caliente
11800 W Grange Ave
  99.7 WIWI BBN Radio Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
100.1 WSJP Relevant Radio Saukville
100.3 W262CJ Fonz-FM Estabrook Park, MPTV Tower
100.7 WKKV V100.7 Jams Franklin, 108th St
101.1 W266DR The ‘Sha Waukesha, Minooka County Park
101.7 W269DL The Truth Estabrook Park, MPTV Tower
102.1 WLUM Sounds Different Lincoln Park, WDJT-TV Tower
102.5 W273DQ Smooth Jazz Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel
102.9 WHQG The Hog
└ HD2 Joy 1340
Wick Field, 5407 W McKinley Ave
103.3 W277CV Newsradio Estabrook Park, WTMJ-TV Tower
103.7 WXSS Kiss FM
└ HD2 Hot 105.7
└ HD3 Channel Q
Estabrook Park, MPTV Tower
104.1 WXRW River West Radio Riverwest
104.5 WCCX Waukesha, Carroll University
104.7 WDDW La GranD
└ HD2 La Z
└ HD3 Urbana
└ HD4 La Ranchera
Oak Creek, E Oakwood Rd
104.9 WTKM Hartford
105.3 WLVE K-Love Waukesha, Minooka County Park
105.7 W289CB Hot 105.7 Estabrook Park, WCGV-TV Tower
106.1 WMIL Country 106.1 Estabrook Park, MPTV Tower
106.5 W293CX The Voice 3042 W Locust St
106.9 WRXS Pure Oldies Wick Field, 5407 W McKinley Ave
107.3 W297BY Fonz-FM Oak Creek, E Oakwood Rd
107.7 WVCY VCY America New Berlin, 12700 W Beloit Rd
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.400 KEC60 NOAA Weather Radio Delafield, Lapham Peak
162.450 KZZ76 NOAA Weather Radio Racine
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WAUK The ‘Sha Jackson
    560 WIND The Answer Chicago, IL, Griffith, IN, Colfax Ave
    620 WTMJ Newsradio Yorkville
    640 WMFN Black Information Netw. Peotone, IL
    670 WSCR The Score
CBS Sports Radio
Chicago, IL, Glendale Heights
    690 WVCY VCY America Oshkosh
    720 WGN Radio Chicago, IL, Elk Grove Village
    750 WNDZ Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Classical
Chicago, IL, Portage, IN
    780 WBBM Newsradio Chicago, IL, Itasca
    820 WCPT Progressive Talk Chicago, IL, 4949 West Belmont Ave
    860 WNOV The Voice 3042 W Locust St
    890 WLS Chicago's Talk Leader Chicago, IL, Orland Park
    920 WOKY The Big 920
Fox Sports Radio
Greenfield, W Howard Ave
    940 WFAW Rock 96.1/101.1 Fort Atkinson
    970 WHA WPR Ideas Madison, WI, 1601 Martin St
  1000 WMVP ESPN Chicago Chicago, IL, Downers Grove
  1030 WNVR Polskie Radio Chicago, IL, Crystal Lake
  1050 WLIP News Talk Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie
  1070 WTSO Fox Sports The Game Madison, WI, McFarland
  1100 WISS Oshkosh Air Support Berlin
  1110 WXES ESNE Radio Católica Chicago, IL, Addison, W Army Trail Blvd
  1130 WISN News Talk Union Grove
  1160 WYLL Hope for Your Life Chicago, IL, Des Plaines (daytime) / Lockport (nighttime)
  1170 WFDL The Source Waupun
  1180 WPTJ872 Miller Park Radio Miller Park
  1200 WRTO TUDN Radio Chicago, IL, Pullman
  1220 WKRS TUDN Radio Waukegan, IL, Park City
  1250 WSSP The Fan 11800 W Grange Ave
  1290 WZTI Fonz-FM Franklin, 6869 Harvard Dr
  1320 WPTJ868 MKE Airport Radio General Mitchell International Airport
  1340 WJOI Joy 1340 Wick Field, 5407 W McKinley Ave
  1380 WBEL The Beat Rockford, IL, South Beloit
  1400 WRJN News Talk Racine, Victory Ave
  1430 WBEV ESPN Beaver Dam Beaver Dam
  1460 WJTI Smooth Jazz West Allis, S 98th St
  1470 WIBD West Bend, Hron Rd
  1510 WGKB The Truth Waukesha, 1801 Coral Dr
  1540 WPTT Party 92.9 Hartford
  1560 WGLB Gospel Port Washington
  1610 WPTJ444 Hwy Advisory Radio I-43, I-94
  1640 WSJP Relevant Radio Pewaukee, Shady Ln
  1670 WOZN The Zone
CBS Sports Radio
Madison, WI, 3240 Syene Rd




Shorewood, WITI-TV Tower

Coordinates: 43°05'26" N, 87°53'50" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 630 ft (192.2 m), Antenna Height: 1081 ft (329.4 m)
WITI-TV (Fox Ch. 6) tower located at 1100 East Capitol Drive in Shorewood, just north of Highway 190 and east of Estabrook Park. For many years, it was the tallest free-standing unguyed tower in the United States.

More info: Wikipedia

Estabrook Park, MPTV Tower

Coordinates: 43°05'46" N, 87°54'15" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 628 ft (191.4 m), Antenna Height: 1213 ft (369.7 m)
MPTV (Milwaukee Public Television) Tower is a guyed mast for FM/TV-broadcasting, located at 4350A North Humboldt Blvd in Milwaukee's Estabrook Park neighborhood. The facility is owned by Milwaukee Area Technical College District Board in conjunction with the American Tower Corporation. Elaborate candelabra system at top for accommodating many TV and FM stations.

Estabrook Park, WCGV-TV Tower

Coordinates: 43°05'48" N, 87°54'18" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 631 ft (192.3 m), Antenna Height: 1101 ft (335.6 m)
WCGV-TV (MyTV 24) candelabra tower located at 4400 North Humboldt Blvd in Milwaukee's Estabrook Park neighborhood, next to MPTV Tower.

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