Radio stations in Wheeling, WV

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.1 WZUM Pittsburgh Jazz Bethany
  88.7 WULV K-Love Moundsville
  89.1 WOUC Public Radio Cambridge, OH, Fairview
  89.5 W208BR Rejoice Radio Bethlehem, Hubbard Ln
  89.9 WVNP Public Radio Bethany + Bridgeport, OH, Kirkwood Heights, WTRF-TV Tower
  90.7 WDWC Light of Life
EWTN Catholic Radio
St. Clairsville, OH
  91.1 W216AU AFR Talk Martins Ferry, OH
  91.5 WGLZ West Liberty, West Liberty University
  91.9 WPHP Wheeling Park High School
  92.3 WXCR Classic Rock New Martinsville
  92.9 WLTJ Q92.9
└ HD2 Q In the City
└ HD3 Rockin' Q
└ HD4 Lite FM
Pittsburgh, PA, Summer Hill, WPGH-TV Tower
  93.5 WBNV 93BNV Classic Hits Barnesville, OH
  93.7 KDKA The Fan
└ HD2 KDKA Newsradio
└ HD3 KDKA Traffic & Weather
Pittsburgh, PA, Mt. Washington, 1715 Grandview Ave
  94.5 WWSW 3WS Radio
└ HD2 3WS HD2
Pittsburgh, PA, Fineview, WPXI-TV Tower
  95.3 WJPA Washington, PA, I-70 and I-79 intersection
  95.7 WVKF KISS 95.7 Bridgeport, OH, Kirkwood Heights, WTRF-TV Tower
  96.1 WKST 96.1 KISS
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Pittsburgh, PA, Hays Woods
  96.5 WRQY Rage 96.5 Bellaire, OH, 56325 High Ridge Rd
  96.9 WRRK Bob FM Pittsburgh, PA, Glen Hazel
  97.3 WKWK Mix 97.3 Massina Dr
  98.7 WOVK Country 98.7 Brookside, OH, Woods Rd
  99.1 WDUQ Beautiful Music Benwood
  99.7 WSHH Wish 99.7 Pittsburgh, PA, Fineview, WPXI-TV Tower
100.1 W261DH River Talk Bellaire, OH, 56325 High Ridge Rd
100.5 WBGI Biggie 100.5 Bellaire, OH, 56325 High Ridge Rd
101.1 WWOV Bridgeport, OH, Mehlman Rd
101.5 WORD Pittsburgh, PA, Mount Troy Rd
101.9 WVAQ Hit Music Channel Morgantown
102.5 WDVE Rocks
└ HD2 Steelers Nation Radio
Pittsburgh, PA, Perry North, KDKA-TV Tower
102.9 WBWO Moundsville
103.5 WLYI Willie 103.5 Steubenville, OH, WTOV-TV Tower
104.3 WOGI Froggy 104 Pittsburgh, PA, Moon Twp
104.7 WPGB Big 104.7
└ HD2 ESPN Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA, Spring Hill, Crown Communications Tower
105.1 WQXK K-105 Country Youngstown, OH, Salem
105.5 WUKL Kool 105.5 Bethlehem, Highland Ln
105.9 WXDX The X Pittsburgh, PA, Perry North, KDKA-TV Tower
106.3 WCDK The River Piney Fork, OH
106.7 WAOB Catholic Radio Pittsburgh, PA, Bradford Woods
107.1 WEJP Community Radio 1001 Grandview St
107.5 WEGW Eagle 107.5 Bridgeport, OH, Kirkwood Heights, WTRF-TV Tower
107.9 WDSY Y108
└ HD2 Star 100.7
└ HD3 Channel Q
Pittsburgh, PA, Spring Hill, Crown Communications Tower
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.525 WWF35 NOAA Weather Radio Bridgeport, OH, Kirkwood Heights, WTRF-TV Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 WWCS SportsMap Radio Pittsburgh, PA, Canonsburg
    570 WKBN NewsRadio Youngstown, OH, Poland
    590 WMBS Your Local Station Uniontown
    620 WKHB Pittsburgh, PA, Greensburg
    640 WHLO News Talk Akron, OH, Copley, Minor Rd
    660 WAMO Pittsburgh, PA, Braddock Hills
    730 WPIT Talk Radio Pittsburgh, PA, Mount Troy Rd
    850 WKNR ESPN Cleveland Cleveland, OH, North Royalton
    950 WDIG Magic 95 Weirton
  1020 KDKA Newsradio Pittsburgh, PA, Alison Park
  1080 WWNL The Good News Pittsburgh, PA, Hampton Twp
  1170 WWVA NewsRadio St. Clairsville
  1210 WANB Cool Country Waynesburg, PA
  1220 WHKW The Word Cleveland, OH, Broadview Heights, Akins Rd
  1290 WLIE River Talk Bellaire, OH, 56325 High Ridge Rd
  1370 WVLY Talk Radio Moundsville
  1400 WBBD Fox Sports Radio Glenwood Rd
  1430 WEIR River Talk Weirton
  1600 WKKX The Watchdog
SportsMap Radio
Glenwood Rd



Kirkwood Heights, WTRF-TV Tower

Coordinates: 40°03'40" N, 80°45'08" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1284 ft (391.6 m), Antenna Height: 738 ft (225 m)
WTRF-TV (CBS/ABC Ch. 7) tower is located on Kirkwood Heights Road in Bridgeport, Ohio.

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