Radio stations in Pretoria

Radiostasies in Pretoria / Seteiene sa seyalemowa ya Tshwane / Liteishene tša seyalemoya ea Tshwane

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FM,MHz Station / Stasie Transmitter / Sonder
  87.9 SABC Thobela FM Gelukskroon
  88.4 SABC Lesedi FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
  89.0 SABC Motsweding FM Menlo Park
  89.3 SABC Ligwalagwala FM Gelukskroon
  89.6 SABC Motsweding FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
  89.9 SABC 5FM Pretoria-North
  90.1 SABC Thobela FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
  90.5 Groot FM Lukasrand Tower
  91.0 SABC Motsweding FM Gelukskroon
  91.5 SABC uKhozi FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
  92.4 SABC Metro FM Gelukskroon
  93.0 Sosha FM Soshanguve
  93.2 SABC uMhlobo Wenene FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
  93.6 Tshwane FM Pretoria West, Tshwane University of Technology
  93.6 SABC iKwekwezi FM Menlo Park
  94.2 Jacaranda FM Gelukskroon
  94.7 947 Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
  95.0 Pheli FM Sunnyside
  95.3 Jacaranda FM Menlo Park
  95.6 SABC Munghana Lonene FM Gelukskroon
  96.2 TUT FM Soshanguve, Tshwane University of Technology
  96.4 SABC Metro FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
  96.8 SABC iKwekwezi FM Gelukskroon
  97.5 SABC Radio 2000 Gelukskroon
  98.0 SABC 5FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
  98.6 SABC Radio 2000 Menlo Park
  98.9 Unisa Radio Gelukskroon
  99.7 SABC Radio 2000 Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
100.1 SABC Lotus FM Lukasrand Tower
101.0 SABC Radio Sonder Grense Gelukskroon
101.5 SABC Radio Sonder Grense Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
102.1 SABC Radio Sonder Grense Menlo Park
102.4 SABC uKhozi FM Gelukskroon
102.7 Hot 102.7 Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
103.0 Impact Radio Pretoria-North
103.2 SABC Munghana Lonene FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
103.6 SABC 5FM Lukasrand Tower
104.2 Pretoria FM Kleinfontein
104.6 SABC SAfm Gelukskroon
105.1 SABC SAfm Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
105.7 SABC SAfm Menlo Park
106.0 Radio 702 Gelukskroon
106.3 SABC iKwekwezi FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
106.8 SABC Lotus FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
107.2 Tuks FM University of the Pretoria
107.8 SABC Phalaphala FM Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
DAB+,MHz Station Transmitter
SABC Radio 2000
SABC Radio Sonder Grense
SABC uKhozi FM
Radio 702
East Coast Gold
Ελληνική Ραδιοφωνία
Fine Music Radio
Hot 102.7
Radio Islam
Jacaranda FM
Kaya FM
LM Radio
Mix FM
Power FM
Pretoria FM
Radio Pulpit
Simply Smooth
Pretoria + Johannesburg, Sentech Tower
AM,kHz Station / Stasie Transmitter / Sonder
    576 Radio Veritas Johannesburg, Meyerton
    621 Radio Botswana 1 Botswana, Selebi-Phikwe, Moepeng Hill
    639 LNBS Radio Lesotho Lesotho, Maseru, Lancers Gap
    657 Radio Pulpit
Radio Kansel
Johannesburg, Meyerton
    702 LM Radio Johannesburg, Welgedacht
    738 RM Antena Nacional Mozambique, Catembe-N'Sime
    891 LNBS The Ultimate Radio Lesotho, Maseru, Lancers Gap
    909 VOA Africa
VOA Zimbabwe
Botswana, Selebi-Phikwe, Moepeng Hill
    972 Radio Botswana 1 Botswana, Gaborone, Sabele
  1008 RM Emissor Prov. de Maputo Mozambique, Catembe-N'Sime
  1170 TWR Africa Eswatini, Mpangela Ranch
  1197 LNBS The Ultimate Radio
Family Radio
Lesotho, Maseru, Lancers Gap
  1215 Radio Botswana 1 Botswana, Mahalapye
  1440 Radio Pulpit
Radio Kansel
Kameeldrif (DRM Test)


Time / Tyd

Weather / Weer

Gelukskroon Transmitter / Gelukskroon Sonder

Coordinates / Koördinate: 25°41'21" S, 27°59'02" E ; Elevation / Hoogte: 1655 m; Antenna height / Antenne hoog: 125 m
Gelukskroon Transmitting Station is the main broadcast site for Pretoria, situated west of the city close to the Hartebeespoort Dam. It is designed to beam signals down into the valley formed by the Magaliesberg. The FM-/TV-transmission facility consists of several towers among them a 112.8 metres tall partially guyed lattice tower standing on the roof of a building, which is the tallest tower of the facility, and a telecommunication tower built of concrete.

More info: Wikipedia

Lukasrand Tower / Lukasrand-toring

Coordinates / Koördinate: 25°45'58" S, 28°12'20" E ; Elevation / Hoogte: 1440 m; Antenna height / Antenne hoog: 176 m
The Telkom Lukasrand Tower (also known as John Vorster Tower or Sunnyside Tower) is located on Muckleneuk Hill in Pretoria.

More info: Wikipedia
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