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Radio-related web-links

General links

World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH)
RadioStationWorld - Radio Broadcast Directory - Online Radio from around the World - Frequencies & transmitter maps worldwide - Guide to shortwave radio listening - The Web Resource for Radio Hobbyists - Radio & TV DX Information Centre - Probably the best DX site in the world
DRM - Digital Radio Mondiale - The Future of Global Radio
United Nations Radio
Wikipedia Portal:Radio
The History of Telecommunication

Radio in Europe - European Radio Map
EBU - European Broadcasting Union - Euro-African Medium Wave Guide - European Radio Stations Online
Radio Today - UK Radio Industry News
Radio Now - UK radio stations
Media UK - The British media industry - The British DX Club - DX Radio News - Flemish Radio Poltal - Flemish Radio News
Radioin Vlaanderen Info - Radio stations in Flanders - Radio Transmitter Sites in Benelux and Europe
Mediumwave Radio in the Netherlands - Radio News from Europe and Scandinavia - Swedish Radio Portal - FM Database for Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway - Norwegian Radio industry News - Finnish Radio News
DXing the Finnish Way
FMDX Kangasala - Finland - German Radio News - Radio News from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - German Website for radio enthusiasts and DXers
ADDX - Association of German Speaking shortwave listeners
ADXB - Austrian DX Board - DXing in Austria and Central Europe - DXing in Alpe-Adria region of Austria, Slovenia and Italia - Czech Radio TV News - Slovak Radio TV News - Radio stations in Slovakia - Hungarian Radio News - Hungarian FMDX Portal - Radio and Television in Poland - Radio stations in Poland - French Radio News
Annuaire des radios françaises / Directory of French Radio stations - Radio frequencies in France
Radioscope - French Radio Universe - Italian Radio News and Frequencies
FM DX Italy
Portale Italradio - The world on radio and television in Italian - Radio Frequencies in Spain - Spanish Association of Radio listeners
El Radioescucha - Spanish DX blog - Radio News from Portugal
Mundo da Rádio - Portugese Radio World
FM DX in Portugal
Onda Livre - Portugese Radio Portal
Victor City - Russian Radio Database - Russian Radio News - Russian DX Portal - Voices from distant countries - Moscow Radio Stations Online - St. Petersburg Radio Stations Online - Belarus Radio Amateurs - Radio and Television in Ukraine - Radio and Television in Moldova
FM Nebo - Radio in Serbia - Serbian Radio TV Forum
Kablovski forum - Serbian Radio TV Forum
Romanian DX Radio Forum - Radio stations in Bulgaria and Macedonia
FM DX-ing in Bulgaria
E-Radio Greece - The Hellenic Radio Portal
E-Radio Cyprus - The Cyprus Radio Portal - Greek radio news and frequencies - Greek Radio Forum - The complete guide to Greek radio and television
Turkish Radio Forum

Radio in Africa

Database of radio stations on FM and AM in Africa
RadiopubAfrica - Michel Colin’s African Weblog
North Africa & Middle East FM Database
Radio & TV Stations of Algeria - Frequency List and Transmitter Gallery
Libya Media Wiki – Your guide to media in Libya
Forum-Medias - Côte d’Ivoire Media blog
Radio stations in Ghana
Radio in Democratic Republic of Congo
The Media Connection - South Africa

Radio in Asia

Database of radio stations on FM and AM in Asia - Radio and TV Broadcasting in South and South-East Asia - DXAsia - Asia Radio Schedules and News - Online radio stations from Israel - Online radio stations from Israel
FM radio stations in Lebanon
Jordanian Radio Guide - DXers Guide - India
DX India by VU2JOS, National Institute of Amateur Radio
RadioActivity - New Delhi FM DXing
Community Radio in India
Map of Community Radio Stations of India
Nepal Radio Directory
Association of Community Radio Broadcasters of Nepal
TV & Radio in Sri Lanka Community Forum
Radio stations in Thailand
CBU - China Broadcasting Union - Radio stations in China
Power FM - Chinese radio blog
Chinese Internet Radio
Chinese BCL Information Source
Hong Kong Radioer
Kikuradio - Japan Radio Directory
West Tokyo TV-FM DX - Asian Broadcasting Institute - DX Loggings in Sapporo - Philippines Radio Stations - Philippines DX News - Philippines AM/FM Radio stations

Radio in Australia

Radioinfo Australia - A website for radio industry broadcast professionals - Australia and Pacific Radio Guides
ICDX - Australia's TV FM DX Correspondence Group
Australian Live Radio - Australian Radio Stations Online
The Radio - Australian radio stations online - New Zealand Radio League
NZ Radio Guide - New Zealand Radio Stations Online

Radio in North America

Radio & Television Business Report - Radio Industry News - Radio Discussion Boards - U.S. radio station database
FreqSeek - Radio stations in the United States - NorthEast Radio Watch / Tower Site of the Week / Tophour
DXer.CA - Canada's Original Radio Site
Radio West - Canadian Radio News
Florida DX News - Cuba AM-FM Lists
TV and Radio News from Cuba
Brien's Caribbean Radio Guide
Haiti radio blog - Trinidad & Tobago's Radio Stations

Radio in Latin America - Radio En Vivo Latina - Escucha La Radio En Linea
Database of radio stations on FM and AM in Latin America
Online Radio from Latin America - Online Radio from Latin America and from around the World
Latin America radio stations
The Mexican Radio Blog - Mexican Media Directory - Mexico Radio TV - Online radio from Mexico
Colombia DX
Radio in Venezuela blog - Online radio stations from Peru - Brazilian radio stations - SWL, DX and Telecommunications in Brazil
Brazilian FM DX blog - Database of Radio and TV stations in Argentina - FM/AM Radio frequencies in Argentina - Online radio stations from Argentina - Online radio stations from Argentina
List of AM/FM radio stations in Chile

World's largest radio networks

BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation
VOA - Voice of America
NPR - National Public Radio
RFI - Radio France Internationale
DW - Deutsche Welle
Radio Sputnik / Радио Спутник
Radio Rossii / Радио России
Russkoe Radio / Русское Радио
Evropa Plus / Европа Плюс
CNR - China National Radio / 中央人民广播电台
CRI - China Radio International / 中国国际广播电台
AIR - All India Radio / आकाशवाणी
TWR - Trans World Radio
Radio Maria
NRJ / Energy
Los 40 Principales