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Map of radio stations around the World

Carte mondiale de radio / Mapa mundial de radio / Мировая радио карта

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Radio map of Britain and Ireland

United Kingdom   Ireland

Christmas FM has a special place in Ireland's FM in December every year.

Radio map of Central Europe

Germany   Austria   Switzerland   Liechtenstein   Slovenia   Poland   Czechia   Slovakia   Hungary   Croatia

In the Principality of Liechtenstein there is only one local radio station.

Radio map of Nordic and Baltic countries

Sweden   Finland   Åland   Denmark   Faroes   Norway   Iceland   Estonia   Latvia   Lithuania

In 2017 Norway became the first country in the world to switch off almost all FM radio stations and go digital-only.

Radio map of France and Benelux

France   Monaco   Belguim   Netherlands   Luxembourg

In 1919 PCGG from The Hague in The Netherlands launched as first regulary broadcasting radio station in Europe.

Radio map of Italy, Spain, Portugal

Italy   Vatican   San Marino   Malta   Spain   Portugal   Andorra   Gibraltar

Italy has the largest number of radio stations in Europe with 16 thousand FM transmitters.

Radio map of the Balkans

Romania   Bulgaria   N.Macedonia   Serbia   Montenegro   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Albania   Kosovo

A little known fact about Balkans is that is invented here – in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Radio map of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova

Russia   Belarus   Ukraine   Donetsk   Lugansk   Moldova   Transnistria

Radio Rossii is the biggest radio station in the world in terms of territorial coverage and number of transmitters – over 1300.

Radio map of Greece, Turkey, Caucasus

Greece   Cyprus   N.Cyprus   Turkey   Armenia   Artsakh   Azerbaijan   Georgia   Abkhazia   S.Ossetia

Istanbul has one of the most congested FM-band in the world with radio station on every 0.2 MHz, totaling over 100 stations in the city.

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