Radio stations in Redding, CA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  87.75 KNNN Hella Radio South Fork Mountain
  88.10 KNSQ JPR Rhythm & News
NPR News
Dunsmuir, Mount Bradley
  88.50 KKRN Community Radio Hatchet Mountain
  88.90 KFPR North State Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Shasta Bally
  89.30 K207CT CSN Radio Lakehead
  89.70 KNCA JPR Rhythm & News
NPR News
Hatchet Mountain
  90.10 K211CO Air 1 314 Lake Blvd
  90.50 KIBC Christian Radio Hatchet Mountain
  90.90 K215BP JPR Classics & News
NPR News
South Fork Mountain
  91.30 KNVE Radio Nueva Vida South Fork Mountain
  91.90 K220IR CSN Radio Shasta Bally
  92.70 KYCT The Outlaw South Fork Mountain
  93.30 K227AE Red 103.1 & 93.3 South Fork Mountain
  93.70 K229CA Bob FM South Fork Mountain
  94.30 KRBN Shingletown, Emigrant Trl
  94.70 KEWB Power 94 South Fork Mountain
  95.70 KALF The Wolf Red Bluff, Round Mountain
  96.10 KKXS XS-Sports
ESPN Radio
Shingletown, Mobile Park Dr
  96.50 KIHP Shasta Lake, Central Valley High School
  97.30 KNCQ Q97 Shasta Bally
  97.70 K249EW CSN Radio South Fork Mountain
  98.10 KVIP Christian Radio South Fork Mountain
  98.70 K254CN Christian Radio South Fork Mountain
  99.30 KWLZ Wild 99.3 South Fork Mountain
  99.70 KTOR Radio Mexicana Red Bluff, Tuscan Buttes
100.10 KZRO Z-Channel Mt. Shasta
100.70 KTHU Thunder 100.7 Red Bluff, Toomes Camp Rd
101.50 K268AJ Family Radio South Fork Mountain
101.70 K269DD Christian Radio Lakehead
101.90 K270AA K-Love 314 Lake Blvd
102.10 KCEZ Power 102 Red Bluff, Toomes Camp Rd
102.30 KSIZ Classic Rock Mt. Shasta
102.70 KKRO Air 1 Red Bluff, Inskip Hill
103.10 KHRD Red 103.1 & 93.3 Shasta Bally
103.90 K280GP Fox Sports Radio 3360 Alta Mesa Dr
104.30 KSHA K-Shasta South Fork Mountain
104.90 K285FE NewsTalk Shingletown, Dandelion Ln
105.30 KRDG Classic Hits Shingletown, Dandelion Ln
105.70 K289BT NewsTalk South Fork Mountain
106.10 KRRX Rock 106X Hatchet Mountain
106.70 KRQR Z-Rock Red Bluff, Toomes Camp Rd
107.10 KESR Bob FM South Fork Mountain
107.50 K298AF CSN Radio South Fork Mountain
107.90 KKLC K-Love Hatchet Mountain
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 WXL88 NOAA Weather Radio South Fork Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 KVIP Christian Radio Bella Vista
    570 KCFJ 環球東方電台 Alturas
    620 KMJC JPR News & Information
NPR News
BBC World Service
Mt. Shasta
    650 KSTE Talk Sacramento, CA, Eagles Nest Rd
    680 KNBR The Sports Leader
CBS Sports Radio
San Francisco, CA, Redwood Shores
    710 KFIA Christian Radio Sacramento, CA, Lincoln, Thunder Valley
    780 KKOH News Talk Reno, NV, Lemmon Valley
    810 KGO News Talk San Francisco, CA, Newark, Dumbarton Bridge
    860 KTRB The Answer San Francisco, CA, Hayward, Enterprise Ave
  1140 KHTK CBS Sports Radio Sacramento, CA, Blake
  1330 KJPR JPR News & Information
NPR News
BBC World Service
Shasta Lake
  1370 KRAC Talk Radio Red Bluff
  1400 KNRO Fox Sports Radio 3360 Alta Mesa Dr
  1460 KCNR Talk Radio Breslauer
  1490 KBLF Timeless Favorites Red Bluff
  1530 KFBK NewsRadio Sacramento, CA, Pleasant Grove
  1610 WPFK506 Hwy Advisory Radio I-5 at Hilltop Dr
  1670 KQMS NewsTalk 3360 Alta Mesa Dr



Shasta Bally

Coordinates: 40°36'10" N, 122°39'03" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 6266 ft (1910 m)
Shasta Bally is located 15 miles west of Redding, California, near Whiskeytown reservoir. It is the highest point in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and is home to many communication towers for local radio and television stations.


South Fork Mountain

Coordinates: 40°39'15" N, 122°21'19" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3428 ft (1045 m)
South Fork Mountain is located about 9 miles northwest of Redding, near Iron Mountain Mine.