Radio stations in South Bend, IN

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WVPE Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Jackson Rd and Hwy 331, Michiana Public Broadcasting Tower
  88.50 WGNC God & Country Constantine, MI
  88.90 WSND Fine Arts Station S Ironwood Rd, WNDU-TV Tower
  89.30 WIKV K-Love Plymouth
  89.70 WUBS 702 Lincoln Way W, ICU Ministries
  90.70 WAUS Classical Berrien Springs, MI
  91.10 WGCS The Globe Goshen
  91.50 WVAV Holy Family Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Kalamazoo, MI, Vicksburg
  91.70 WETL SBCSC Student Radio Jackson Intermediate Center
  92.10 WHPD Pulse FM Dowagiac, MI
  92.50 W223AU Calvary Radio 16965 Johnson Rd
  92.90 WNDV U93 S Ironwood Rd, WNDU-TV Tower
  93.50 WSBL Radio Sabor Latino Edgewater, 814 Marietta St
  93.70 WBCT B-93 Grand Rapids, MI, Wayland, WWMT-TV Tower
  94.30 WZOC Z94.3 Lakeville
  94.90 WSJM News Talk Benton Harbor, MI
  95.30 WTRC Michiana’s News Channel IN-933 and Brick Rd
  95.70 WRDI Redeemer Radio Nappanee
  96.10 W241AD NewsRadio 60351 S Ironwood Rd
  96.50 W243AJ Family Friendly Mishawaka, E Day Rd and Fir Rds
  96.70 WCOE The Eagle La Porte
  96.90 WHPZ Pulse FM Bremen
  97.50 WYTZ Y-Country Bridgman, MI
  97.70 WYXX Rock 97.7 Goshen
  98.30 WYMR Max 98.3 Knox
  98.70 WLFQ Fusion Radio Osceola
  99.10 WSMK Niles, MI
  99.90 WQLQ New Country Berrien Springs, MI
100.30 W262AU Family Friendly Granger, Cleveland Rd
100.70 WBYT B100 16751 Johnson Rd, WSJV-TV Tower
101.10 W266BF Family Friendly 16965 Johnson Rd
101.50 WNSN Sunny 101.5 60351 S Ironwood Rd
102.30 WYET All 80s New Carlisle
102.70 WAOR ESPN 102.7 Warsaw
103.10 WHME Harvest 103.1 61300 S Ironwood Rd
103.90 WRBR The Bear Mishawaka, E Day Rd and Fir Rds
104.70 WFRN Family Friendly Elkhart, 25802 Cnty Rd 26
105.30 W287BL Solid Gospel Elkhart, 25802 Cnty Rd 26
105.70 WSRW Star 105.7 Grand Rapids, MI, Wayland, 165 N Payne Lake Rd
106.30 WUBU Mix 106 211 West Washington St, Chase Tower
107.10 WIRX Rock 107 Benton Harbor, MI
107.30 WRSW Classic Hits Warsaw
107.70 WRKR Rock Radio Kalamazoo, MI, Portage
107.90 W300AL Calvary Radio 16965 Johnson Rd
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXJ57 NOAA Weather Radio 16751 Johnson Rd, WSJV-TV Tower
162.50 KJY62 NOAA Weather Radio La Porte
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WIND The Answer Chicago, IL, Griffith, IN, Colfax Ave
    640 WMFN Radio Activa Grand Rapids, MI, Zeeland
    670 WSCR The Score
CBS Sports Radio
Chicago, IL, Glendale Heights
    700 WLW The Big Cincinnati, OH, Mason
    720 WGN Chicago's Very Own Chicago, IL, Elk Grove Village
    750 WNDZ Access Radio Chicago
ESNE Radio Católica
Українське Незалежне Радіо
Chicago, IL, Portage, IN
    760 WJR News Talk Detroit, MI, Riverview, Sibley Rd
    780 WBBM NewsRadio Chicago, IL, Itasca
    890 WLS Chicago's Talk Leader Chicago, IL, Orland Park
    910 WGTO Classic Hits Cassopolis, MI
    960 WSBT News & Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
60351 S Ironwood Rd
  1000 WMVP ESPN Chicago Chicago, IL, Downers Grove
  1050 WTCA Classic Hits Plymouth
  1060 WHFB SW Michigan's Great Radio Benton Harbor, MI
  1070 WFNI The Fan
ESPN Radio
Indianapolis, IN, Zionsville
  1160 WYLL Christian Talk Chicago, IL, Des Plaines (daytime) / Lockport (nighttime)
  1190 WOWO News Talk Fort Wayne, IN, Roanoke
  1270 WCMR Solid Gospel Elkhart, 25802 Cnty Rd 26
  1290 WNIL The Voice Niles, MI
  1340 WTRC Frank 1340 Elkhart, 1246 E Indiana Ave
  1380 WKJG ESPN Fort Wayne Fort Wayne, IN, 2915 Maples Rd
  1400 WSJM Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
St. Joseph, MI
  1420 WIMS The Talk of the South Shore Michigan City
  1460 WKAM La Raza Goshen
  1520 WKVI Kountry Knox
  1580 WHLY La Raza Mishawaka, 55670 Filbert Rd
  1620 WDND U93 Lincoln Hwy and Locust Rd
  1660 WQLR The Fan
Fox Sports Radio
Kalamazoo, MI, Portage



South Bend antenna farm

Coordinates: 41°36'59" N, 86°12'59" W
Many of South Bend radio and television broadcasting towers are located just off of the St. Joseph Valley Parkway in the city's southern portion:
• 1048 ft (319.5 m) tall WSBT-TV (CBS Ch. 22) / WSBT-FM tower and WSBT-AM tower array at 60351 South Ironwood Road,
• 1008 and 878 ft (307.2 and 267.6 m) tall WNDU-TV (NBC Ch. 16) towers on Southeast corner of South Ironwood and Kern Roads,
• 281 ft (85.8 m) tall WHME-FM/LeSea Broadcasting tower tower at 61300 South Ironwood Road,
• 747 ft (227.8 m) tall OI Capital tower at 16965 Johnson Road,
• 1048 ft (319.4 m) tall WSJV-TV (Fox Ch. 28) tower at 16751 Johnson Road,
• 1042 ft (317.6 m) tall WNIT-TV (PBS Ch. 34) tower near Jackson Road and Highway 331 intersection and
• 1076 ft (328 m) tall WBND-TV (ABC Ch. 57) tower near Jackson Road and Highway 331 intersection.