Radio stations in Great Falls, MT

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 KGFJ CSN Radio Tiger Butte
  88.90 KGFC Your Network of Praise Munson, 3001 47th Ave SW
  89.50 K208DJ Yellowstone Public Radio
NPR News
Cherry Creek Radio Tower
  89.90 KGPR Montana Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Cherry Creek Radio Tower
  90.30 K212FO Rejoice Radio 185 Black Eagle Rd, KBGF-TV Tower
  90.70 KGFA Air 1 32nd Ave NE
  91.30 K217CD Family Radio Munson, 4500 31st St SW
  91.50 KAFH AFR Talk 32nd Ave NE
  91.90 KFRW Family Radio Dutton, Teton Ridge
  92.90 KLFM Kool 92.9 185 Black Eagle Rd, KBGF-TV Tower
  93.70 KTZZ Classic Rock Dutton, Teton Ridge + 3313 15th St
  94.50 KMON Max Country 185 Black Eagle Rd, KBGF-TV Tower
  96.70 KZIN K96 Shelby, Trunk Butte
  97.10 KSMR St. Michael Radio Rainbow Dam Rd
  97.90 KVVR The River Bootlegger Ridge
  98.30 K252EW Fox Sports 1400 Cherry Creek Radio Tower
  98.90 KAAK K99 Cherry Creek Radio Tower
  99.30 K257FL Hot 99.3 32nd Ave NE
  99.90 K260AU ESPN Montana 185 Black Eagle Rd, KBGF-TV Tower
100.30 KLSK K-Love Evans Riceville Rd
101.10 KZMT Z101 Helena, MT, Mount Belmont
101.70 KWGF Star 101.7 Bootlegger Ridge
102.30 K272DU Family Radio 3313 15th St
102.70 KINX Bootlegger Ridge
103.30 K277BK The Wolf Cherry Creek Radio Tower
103.90 K280GG Big Stack 185 Black Eagle Rd, KBGF-TV Tower
104.90 KIKF The Wolf Tiger Butte
105.30 KMTX Best Variety Helena, MT, Mount Belmont
106.10 KQDI Q106 Cherry Creek Radio Tower
106.90 K295CG CSN Radio Munson, 4500 31st St SW
107.30 KIMO The Mighty Mo Helena, MT, Hogback Mountain
107.50 K298BL The Peak 185 Black Eagle Rd, KBGF-TV Tower
107.90 K300BH St. Michael Radio Belt
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXK66 NOAA Weather Radio Helena, MT, Hogback Mountain
162.55 WXJ43 NOAA Weather Radio Bootlegger Ridge
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    540 CBK CBC Radio One Canada, Watrous, SK
    560 KMON Country Radio 167 Dune Dr
    610 KOJM The Rock Havre
    680 KKGR Oldies Helena, MT, East Helena
    950 KCAP News Radio Helena, MT, 6457 N Montana Ave
  1010 CBR CBC Radio One Canada, Calgary, AB, Shepard
  1150 KSEN Classic Hits Shelby
  1400 KXGF Fox Sports 1400 601 SW 45th Ave
  1450 KQDI News Talk 601 SW 45th Ave
  1490 KHTC Hot 99.3 3313 15th St
  1600 WQCX525 Great Falls Radio Broadwater Overlook Park
  1610 WQFG985 Hwy Advisory Radio I-15 at Ulm



Cherry Creek Radio Tower

Coordinates: 47°32'23" N, 111°17'08" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3533 ft (1077 m), Antenna Height: 488 ft (148.7 m)
Cherry Creek Radio Tower at 1215 36th Avenue Nortwest in Black Eagle houses several FM stations in Great Falls, Montana.


More info: KGPR transmitter - Montanavision, Inc. ; KGPR antenna - Montanavision, Inc.


Coordinates: 47°32'07" N, 111°17'05" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3560 ft (1085.1 m)
557 ft (169.8 m) tall KRTV (CBS/CW Ch. 3) and 540 ft (164.6 m) tall KFBB-TV (ABC/Fox Ch. 5) transmitter towers at 3300 Old Havre Highway in Black Eagle, Montana.

Bootlegger Ridge, STARadio Tower

Coordinates: 47°36'24" N, 111°21'33" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3818 ft (1163.8 m), Antenna Height: 803 ft (244.7 m)
STARadio Corp. and KTGF-TV (Ch. 16) tower is a guyed transmitter mast at Great Falls, Montana. The tower was built in 1986 and is the tallest structure of Montana.