Radio stations in Missoula, MT

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.30 KJCG Your Network of Praise Mount Dean Stone
  89.10 KUFM Montana Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Montana Snowbowl
  89.50 K208EF Moody Radio Waterworks Hill
  89.90 KBGA College Radio Waterworks Hill
  90.30 KJFT CSN Radio TV Mountain
  90.70 KMZO SOS Radio Hamilton
  91.10 KMZL SOS Radio Mount Dean Stone
  91.50 K218AI Montana Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
University of Montana
  91.90 K220JX Effect Radio Waterworks Hill
  92.30 KKMT Star 92 Hits Polson, Big Arm Point
  92.70 K224AA Griz Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
Waterworks Hill
  93.30 KGGL Eagle Country Montana Snowbowl
  93.70 K229BU K-Love TV Mountain
  94.30 K232CI The Ride Mount Dean Stone
  94.90 KYSS Real Country Montana Snowbowl
  95.30 K237DZ Star FM Mount Dean Stone
  95.70 K239AP Eagle 93 Waterworks Hill
  96.30 KBAZ The Blaze Mount Dean Stone
  96.90 K245AP Max 98.7/96.9 Waterworks Hill
  97.50 KYMI Air 1 TV Mountain
  97.90 KDXT The Ranch Stevensville, Reed Butte + Mount Dean Stone
  98.30 K252FP News Talk Mount Dean Stone
  98.70 KHKM Max 98.7/96.9 Stevensville, Reed Butte
  99.10 KZJZ The River St. Regis, Patrick's Knob
100.10 KZOQ Z100 Classic Rock Mount Dean Stone
100.70 KIBG The Big 100 Polson, Big Arm Point
101.10 K266BK CSN Radio Waterworks Hill
101.50 KAMM Alt 101.5 Mount Dean Stone
102.50 KMSO Mountain 102.5 Mount Dean Stone
102.90 K275BS ESPN Montana Mount Dean Stone
103.30 KDTR The Trail Mount Dean Stone
103.70 K279CP The Drive Mount Dean Stone
104.10 K281CH Wild 104 Mount Dean Stone
104.50 KKVU U104.5 Mount Dean Stone
104.90 KWLY LifeTalk Radio Waterworks Hill
105.50 KFGM Community Radio 208 E Main St
105.90 KYJK Jack FM Mount Dean Stone
106.30 K292GH Boomer 106.3 Mount Dean Stone
106.70 KXDR Now 106.7 Mount Dean Stone
107.10 K296FM The Ranch Mount Dean Stone
107.50 KENR Zoo 107.5 Superior, Martel Mountain + Mount Dean Stone
107.90 KHDV The Drive Hamilton
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXL25 NOAA Weather Radio Point Six Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 KBOW Butte, Beef Trail Rd
    560 KMON Country Radio Great Falls, MT, 167 Dune Dr
    600 KGEZ Kalispell, 2995 Hwy 93 S
    680 KKGR Oldies Helena, MT, East Helena
    750 KERR Classic Country Polson, N Reservoir Rd
    880 KJJR News Talk Kalispell, Whitefish
    930 KMPT Talk Station Clements Rd
  1010 CBR CBC Radio One Canada, Calgary, AB, Shepard
  1180 KOFI Kalispell, Steel Bridge Rd
  1240 KLYQ News Talk Hamilton, Pennsylvania Ave
  1290 KGVO News Talk Blue Mountain Rd
  1340 KYLT Fox Sports Radio Waterworks Hill
  1450 KGRZ Griz Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
Clark Fork Ln



Mount Dean Stone

Coordinates: 46°48'07" N, 113°58'23" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 6204 ft (1891 m)
Mount Dean Stone is a mountain peak five miles south of Missoula.


Waterworks Hill

Coordinates: 46°52'55" N, 113°59'16" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3640 ft (1109.5 m)
Waterworks Hill and Randolph Hill are the grassy slopes that lie north of Missoula on the west side of Rattlesnake Valley.


Montana Snowbowl / TV Mountain / Point Six Mountain

Coordinates: 47°01'57" N, 113°59'33" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 7520 ft (2292 m)
Montana Snowbowl is an alpine ski area located 12 miles (19 km) northwest of Missoula. South of the top of Snowbowl is located a 6821 ft (2079 m) TV Mountain and in the north is a 7940 ft (2420 m) Point Six Mountain with NOAA weather radar and radio station.