Radio stations in Columbus, OH

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WWGV AFR Talk Darbyville, London Rd
  88.70 WUFM RadioU South Franklinton, Sinclair Media Tower
  89.10 WJJE AFR Talk Mount Vernon, Marengo
  89.70 WOSU Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
350 W Dodridge St
  90.50 WCBE Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
LeVeque Tower
  91.50 WHKC Freedom FM South Franklinton, Sinclair Media Tower
  92.30 WCOL Country 92.3 Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers
  92.70 WCRS Community Radio Worthington, 6199 Huntley Rd
  92.70 WEFC Galloway
  93.30 WODC The Bus South Outerbelt
  93.70 WQIO Super Q Mount Vernon, Upper Gilchrist Rd
  94.10 WGRN Green FM Fifth by Northwest, Chambers Rd
  94.30 WKKJ Country 94 Chillicothe
  94.70 WSNY Sunny 95 Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers
  95.10 W236CZ Easy 95.1 Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers
  95.50 WXMG Magic 95.5 Lancaster, Stoney Hill Rd SW
  95.90 W240CX The Fish South Franklinton, Sinclair Media Tower
  96.30 WLVQ Q-FM Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers
  97.10 WBNS The Fan
ESPN Radio
Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers
  97.50 WOBN Westerville, Otterbein University
  97.90 WNCI All The Hits One Nationwide Plaza
  98.30 W252AY Community Radio Fifth by Northwest, Chambers Rd
  98.50 WSAX Jazz 98.5 210 Morrison Rd
  98.90 WTOH The Answer Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers
  99.30 W257CU Air 1 South Franklinton, Sinclair Media Tower
  99.70 WRKZ The Blitz Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers
100.30 WCLT T-100 Country Newark, Jacksontown Rd
100.70 WEEC Christian Radio Springfield, 2265 Troy Rd
101.10 WOSA Classical Grove City, Grubb Farms
101.70 WNKO Kool 101.7 Newark, Johnstown
102.10 WCRX Bexley Public Radio Appian
102.50 WWCD CD102.5 Carroll, Pickerington Rd NW
102.90 WDHT Hot 102.9 Springfield, 3258 Miller Rd
103.10 WVKO La Mega 103.1 Hartford
103.50 WNND Rewind 103.5/104.3 Etna, I-70
103.90 WJKR Jack FM I-70 and I-270 Interchange, Subcarrier Communications Tower
104.30 WNNP Rewind 103.5/104.3 Marysville, Blues Creek Golf Course
104.90 WCVO The River Gahanna, 5474 N Hamilton Rd
105.30 W287CP Kiss 105.3 Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers
105.70 WXZX The Brew One Nationwide Plaza
106.30 WBMO Power 107.5/106.3 London
106.70 WZCB The Beat 350 W Dodridge St
107.10 WJYD Joy 107.1 Circleville, Ringgold Fairfield Rd
107.50 WCKX Power 107.5/106.3 Borden Building
107.90 WVMX Mix 107.9 Sunbury
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.55 KIG86 NOAA Weather Radio LeVeque Tower
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 WKRC The Talk Station Cincinnati, OH, Cold Spring, KY
    610 WTVN News Talk South Outerbelt
    700 WLW NewsRadio Cincinnati, OH, Mason
    760 WJR News Talk Detroit, MI, Riverview, Sibley Rd
    790 WHTH Buckeye Country Newark, 1000 N 40th St
    820 WVSG Radio St. Gabriel
EWTN Catholic Radio
Grove City, Red Rock Blvd
    840 WHAS NewsRadio Louisville, KY, 1502 Flat Rock Rd
    850 WKNR ESPN Cleveland Cleveland, OH, North Royalton
    880 WRFD Life Changing South Franklinton
    920 WMNI Easy 95.1 I-70 and I-270 Interchange, Subcarrier Communications Tower
    980 WONE Fox Sports 980 Dayton, OH, Kettering, W Rahn Rd
  1020 KDKA Newsradio Pittsburgh, PA, Alison Park
  1100 WTAM NewsRadio Cleveland, OH, Brecksville
  1170 WWVA NewsRadio Wheeling, WV, St. Clairsville
  1190 WOWO News Talk Fort Wayne, IN, Roanoke
  1230 WYTS Kiss 105.3 South Franklinton
  1270 WQTT QT-1270 Marysville, Hwy 36
  1320 WLOH Country Lancaster, Quarry Rd SE
  1340 WIZE Classic Country Springfield, 1529 Miracle Mile Rd
  1410 WING ESPN Dayton Dayton, OH, Kettering, 717 E David Rd
  1430 WCLT Kate 98.7 Newark, Jacksontown Rd
  1460 WBNS ESPN Columbus Eastmoor, Barnett Rd
  1530 WCKY ESPN Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH, Villa Hills, KY
  1550 WDLR Local 1550 Delaware, 501 Bowtown Rd
  1580 WVKO The Praise 2708 Morse Rd
  1600 WULM Radio Maria
Vatican Radio
Springfield, 3258 Miller Rd
  1620 WPQG470 Hwy Advisory Radio I-70, I-71, I-270
  1630 WPQG470 Hwy Advisory Radio I-71, I-270 N
  1640 WQFQ810 CMH Airport Radio Port Columbus International Airport
  1700 WPQG470 Hwy Advisory Radio Hwy 33 NW



LeVeque Tower

Coordinates: 39°57'44" N, 83°00'07" W
LeVeque Tower is a 47-story Art Deco-style building in Columbus, Ohio. Located at 50 West Broad Street, it was the tallest building in Columbus from 1927 until 1974. The LeVeque Tower is 555 feet 6 inches (169.32 m) tall, which at the time of its completion made it the tallest building between New York City and Chicago.


More info: Wikipedia

One Nationwide Plaza

Coordinates: 39°58'06" N, 83°00'08" W
One Nationwide Plaza is a 40-story skyscraper in Columbus, Ohio that is the headquarters of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. It is part of the complex of buildings known as Nationwide Plaza. The building 485 ft (146 m) is located at the corner of N. High Street and what is now Nationwide Blvd on the northern edge of downtown Columbus, Ohio.


More info: Wikipedia

Grandview Heights, WBNS Towers

Coordinates: 39°58'15" N, 83°01'39" W
The two WBNS -FM/-TV towers in Grandview Heights are a Columbus landmark, rising above the western city skyline. The 839 feet (255.7 m) tall pyramidal shaped self-supporting tower was built in 1949. The taller candelabra tower, standing almost 1100 feet (313.5 m) was built in 1981, and also housed many Columbus TV and radio stations. Early in the morning of December 11, 1990, three experienced hot-air balloon pilots and a student pilot were killed when their hot air balloon snagged an antenna at the top the taller tower, causing their gondola to fall to the ground below.