Radio stations in Philadelphia, PA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WPEB University City, Spruce Hill
  88.50 WXPN Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  89.10 WXVU Villanova University Radio Villanova University (Timesharing)
  89.10 WYBF Cavalier Radio Radnor, Cabrini College (Timesharing)
  89.30 WRDV Delaware Valley Radio Warminster
  89.50 WYPA Air 1 Cherry Hill, NJ, The Heart House-Marlton
  89.70 WGLS Rowan Radio Swedesboro, NJ
  90.10 WRTI Classical & Jazz Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  90.50 WVBV Hope FM Hammonton, NJ
  90.90 WHYY Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  91.50 WSRN College Radio Swarthmore, Swarthmore College
  91.50 WDBK College Radio Blackwood, NJ, Camden County College
  91.70 WKDU University City, Drexel University
  91.70 WCUR The Curve West Chester University
  92.10 WVLT Crusin' 92.1 Vineland, NJ
  92.50 WXTU Country 92.5 Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  92.90 WGGT G-town Radio
Germantown (Time share)
  92.90 WOOM South Philly Community Radio 1701 McKean St (Time share)
  93.30 WMMR Rocks! One Liberty Place
  93.70 WSTW Today's Best Music Wilmington, DE, Cardiff
  94.10 WIP Sportsradio
CBS Sports Radio
Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  94.50 WPST Tenton, NJ, Fairless Hills
  94.70 WDSD Country Dover, DE, 5595 W Denney's Rd
  94.90 W235CE Hope FM Juniata, 811 E Cayuga St
  95.30 W237EH Amor 95.3 Cherry Hill, NJ, Crowne Plaza Hotel
  95.70 WBEN BEN-FM Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  96.10 W241CH WURD Wynnefield Heights
  96.50 WTDY 96.5TDY Today's Hits Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  96.90 W245AG Word FM Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  97.10 W246AQ Reach Gospel Radio Loews Philadelphia Hotel - PSFS Building
  97.50 WPEN The Fanatic
ESPN Radio
Wyndmoor, 1230 East Mermaid Ln
  98.10 WOGL Greatest Hits Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  98.50 WJYN Uptown Radio 2227 N Broad St (3:00PM-3:00AM)
  98.50 WQEW 1214 N Broad St (3:00AM-3:00PM)
  98.90 WUSL Power 99 Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
  99.10 WAWZ Star 99.1 Bridgewater, NJ
  99.50 WJBR Mix 99.5 Wilmington, DE, Brandywine Forge
  99.90 W260CZ La Zeta Juniata, 811 E Cayuga St
100.30 WRNB Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
100.70 WLEV Allentown, PA, South Mountain, WFMZ-TV Tower
101.10 WBEB B101.1 Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
101.50 WKXW New Jersey 101.5 Trenton, NJ, Lawrence Twp NJN Tower
102.10 WIOQ Q102 Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
102.50 W273DO Fox Sports The Gambler 1616 Walnut St
102.90 WMGK Classic Rock Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
103.30 WPRB Princeton, NJ, Lawrence Twp NJN Tower
103.70 W279CN Reach Gospel Radio Voorhees Twp, NJ
103.90 WPHI Boom 103.9 Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
104.10 WAEB B104 Allentown, PA, Slatington, Sandstone Ridge
104.50 WRFF Radio 104.5 Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
105.30 WDAS-FM Roxborough - Ivy Ridge
105.70 W289AZ La Mega Holmesburg
106.10 WISX The Breeze Wyndmoor, 1230 East Mermaid Ln
106.50 WPPM PhillyCAM Radio 444 N 3rd St
106.50 WHII Радио Филадельфия Southampton
106.90 WKVP K-Love Camden, NJ
107.30 W297AD Delaware Valley Radio University City, Drexel University
107.50 WBYN Boyertown
107.90 WPPZ Classix 107.9 One Liberty Place
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.425 WNG704 NOAA Weather Radio Coatesville, 119 Monacy Rd
162.475 KIH28 NOAA Weather Radio Loews Philadelphia Hotel - PSFS Building
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPGX842 Hwy Advisory Radio Walt Whitman Bridge
    560 WFIL Christian Radio Plymouth Meeting
    610 WTEL 610 ESPN Bellmawr, NJ
    640 WWJZ Relevant Radio Pemberton, NJ
    660 WFAN Sports Radio
CBS Sports Radio
New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    690 WPHE Radio Salvación Phoenixville
    710 WOR News Talk New York, NY, Lyndhurst, NJ
    740 WVCH Christian Station Chester
    770 WABC New York, NY, Lodi, NJ
    800 WTMR Camden, NJ
    830 WEEU The Voice Reading
    860 WWDB Talk Radio Eagleville
    880 WCBS Newsradio New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    900 WURD Essington Ave
    920 WNJE The Jersey Trenton, NJ, Yardley, PA
    950 WKDN Family Radio Penn Wynne, Overbrook Park
    970 WNYM The Answer New York, NY, Hackensack, NJ
    990 WNTP News Talk Plymouth Meeting
  1020 KDKA Newsradio Pittsburgh, PA, Alison Park
  1040 WCHR Station for Inspiration Trenton, NJ, Flemington
  1060 KYW Newsradio Lafayette Hill
  1090 WBAL Radio
SB Nation Radio
Baltimore, MD, Randallstown
  1110 WNAP Gospel Highway 11 Norristown
  1130 WBBR Bloomberg Radio New York, NY, Carlstadt, NJ
  1150 WDEL News Talk Wilmington, DE, Cardiff
  1180 WFYL News Talk Norristown, Jeffersonville
  1210 WPHT Talk Radio Moorestown, NJ
  1240 WSNJ Bridgeton, NJ
  1260 WFJS Catholic Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
Trenton, NJ, Ewing, 218 Ewingville Rd
  1290 WWTX Fox Sports 1290 Wilmington, DE, Brandywine Park
  1300 WIMG Music for the Soul Trenton, NJ, Yardley, PA
  1310 WEMG La Mega Camden, NJ, Pyne Point Park
  1340 WHAT La Zeta Wynnfield Heights
  1360 WNJC Renaissance Radio Washington Twp, NJ
  1380 WPRH381 Hwy Advisory Radio Claymont, DE
  1400 WPKN267 Hwy Advisory Radio I-95, I-676
  1420 WCOJ Holy Spirit Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1440 WNPV Inforadio Lansdale
  1450 WILM News Radio Wilmington, DE, Southbridge
  1460 WIFI Victory AM Burlington, NJ
  1480 WDAS Fox Sports The Gambler Fairmount Park
  1490 WBCB Levittown
  1500 WFED Federal News Network Washington, DC, Wheaton, MD
  1520 WCHE West Chester
  1560 WFME Family Radio New York, NY, Queens, Maspeth
  1570 WISP Holy Spirit Radio
EWTN Catholic Radio
  1590 WPWA Radio Poder Chester Heights
  1620 Cinnaminson Twp Radio Cinnaminson, NJ
  1630 WPCD802 PHL Airport Radio Philadelphia International Airport
  1640 WPNX499 Hwy Advisory Radio Pennsylvania Turnpike
  1640 WPWD996 Hwy Advisory Radio Pennsylvania Turnpike
  1640 WQGW857 Hwy Advisory Radio Pennsylvania Turnpike
  1680 WTTM TUDN Radio Cherry Hill, NJ, 650 Kresson Rd
  1700 WPIC749 DRWC Radio Penn's Landing, Pier 9



One Liberty Place

Coordinates: 39°57'09" N, 75°10'05" W
Liberty Place One is a skyscraper in Center City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The building, a part of the Liberty Place complex, currently stands as the 2nd-tallest building in Philadelphia, behind the Comcast Center. Completed in 1987, the building is 945 feet (288 m) tall, with 61 floors.


More info: One Liberty Place official website , Wikipedia

Roxborough - Ivy Ridge antenna farm

Coordinates: 40°02'32" N, 75°14'17" W
Roxborough - Ivy Ridge antenna farm is located in a suburban neighborhood verging on rural, yet within Philadelphia city limits, just five miles or so northeast of City Hall on the northern banks of the Schuylkill River. Many local radio and TV stations serving Philadelphia have their antennas located in Roxborough, there are eight towers over 1000 feet high and even a three-tower AM directional amidst all the FM and TV.



More info: Tower site of the week: Roxborough Tower Farm