Radio stations in Columbia, SC

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WRJA SCPR News
NPR News
BBC World Service
  88.50 WYFV Bible Broadcasting Netw. Pine Ridge
  88.90 WNSC SCPR News
NPR News
BBC World Service
Rock Hill, Starling Dr
  89.30 W207BQ CSN Radio 1120 Sparkleberry Ln, Calvary Chapel Northeast
  89.70 WMHK K-Love Screaming Eagle Rd, WLTX-TV Tower
  90.10 W211BV CSN Radio Red Bank
  90.50 WUSC University of South Carolina
  91.30 WLTR SCPR Classical
NPR News
Hard Scrabble Rd, WRLK-TV Tower
  91.70 W219CY Air 1 Irmo
  92.10 WCFJ His Radio Harbison State Forest
  93.10 WZMJ Z93.1 The Lake Batesburg-Leesville
  93.50 WARQ Q93.5 1201 Main St, Capitol Center
  93.90 WSCZ Hot 103.9-93.9 Winnsboro
  94.30 WWNQ The Dude 1201 Main St, Capitol Center
  94.90 W235CH The Palm 1201 Main St, Capitol Center
  95.30 WFMV GNN Radio Red Bank
  95.90 W240AX The Point Cayce
  96.30 W242CR Inspiration Station 500 Cushman Dr, WACH-TV Tower
  96.70 WLTY Steve FM 2440 Millwood Ave
  97.10 W246AS CSN Radio Monticello Rd
  97.50 WCOS Country Heyward Brockington Rd
  98.50 WOMG Classic Hits Red Bank
  99.30 WXRY Independent Alternative 1338 Main St, Barringer Building
  99.70 W259CL Rock 99.7 1201 Main St, Capitol Center
100.10 WXBT The Beat 6901 Frost Ave
101.30 WWDM The Big DM Screaming Eagle Rd, iHeart Radio Tower
102.30 WMFX Fox 102.3 Winterwood Rd
102.70 WPUB Kool 102.7 Camden
103.10 WLXC Kiss 103.1 3720 Martin St
103.90 WHXT Hot 103.9-93.9 St. Matthews, Caw Caw Rd
104.30 WBBQ Best Variety Augusta, GA, Beech Island, SC, iHeart Radio-WAGT-TV Tower
104.70 WNOK Hard Scrabble Rd, Vertical Bridge Tower
105.10 W286CT Worship and Word Netw. 500 Cushman Dr, WACH-TV Tower
105.50 W288CX Throwback 105.5 500 Cushman Dr, WACH-TV Tower
105.70 WLUB The Bull Augusta, GA, Beech Island, SC, iHeart Radio-WAGT-TV Tower
106.70 WTCB B106.7 St. Matthews, Indian Trl
107.50 WNKT The Game
CBS Sports Radio
St. Matthews, Sikes Pond Rd
107.90 WLXM Calvary Chapel Radio Lexington
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXJ20 NOAA Weather Radio Hard Scrabble Rd, WRLK-TV Tower
162.425 WWG77 NOAA Weather Radio Sumter
162.525 KHA35 NOAA Weather Radio Orangeburg
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WVOC NewsRadio Seven Oaks
    620 WFMV Inspiration Station Cayce, New State Rd
    640 WGST Fox News Radio Atlanta, GA, 2108 Joseph E. Boone Blvd NW
    660 WESC Country Greenville, SC, 7540 White Horse Rd
    710 WPOG St. Matthews
    750 WSB News Talk Atlanta, GA, Northlake Tower Festival Shopping Plaza
    810 WQIZ Catholic Radio in SC
EWTN Catholic Radio
St. George
    840 WCEO La Raza Elgin
    890 WBAJ Winterwood Rd
    920 WYMB The Fan
CBS Sports Radio
  1070 WCSZ La Jefa Greenville, SC, 200 N Hwy 25 Bypass
  1110 WBT News Talk Charlotte, NC, 9201 Nations Ford Rd
  1130 WEAF Camden
  1170 WDEK The Deck Lexington
  1220 WDYT Cadena Radial Nueva Vida Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, Flyer Park
  1230 WPCO The Palm Bicentennial Park
  1320 WISW ESPN Columbia West Columbia, Comanchee Trl
  1400 WCOS Fox Sports Radio 2440 Millwood Ave
  1430 WBLR Radio Amistad Batesburg-Leesville
  1470 WQXL The Point Cayce, New State Rd
  1590 WCAM Star Time 1590 Camden



Elgin-Lugoff TV Towers

Coordinates: 34°06'58" N, 80°45'50" W
Several tall broadcasting towers for Columbia, SC are located northeast of Fort Jackson, near Elgin and Lugoff, including:
• 1764 ft (537.7 m) tall WOLO (ABC Ch. 25) / WACH (Fox Ch. 57) / WKTC (CW Ch. 63) tower at 1811 Rush Road in Elgin,
• 1526 ft (465.1 m) tall WIS (NBC Ch. 10) at 1741 Tower Road in Lugoff,
• 1707 ft (520.2 m) tall WLTX (CBS Ch. 19) tower at 1751 Screaming Eagle Road in Lugoff and
• 1147 ft (349.6 m) tall iHeart Radio Tower at Screaming Eagle Road in Lugoff.

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