Radio stations in Burlington, VT

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WXLU North Country Public Radio
NPR News
Peru, NY, Terry Mountain
  89.30 W207AX Family Radio Winooski, Watertower Hill
  89.70 WKVJ K-Love Peru, NY, Terry Mountain
  90.10 WRUV University of Vermont
  90.50 WXLQ North Country Public Radio
NPR News
Bristol, Monkton
  90.90 WOXR VPR Classical Peru, NY, Terry Mountain
  91.10 WRMC College Radio Middlebury College
  91.50 WGLY The Light Bolton
  91.90 WCEL Northeast Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Plattsburgh, NY, Rand Hill
  92.10 WVTK Addison County's Radio Port Henry, NY
  92.50 WWPV The Mike Colchester, Saint Michael's College
  92.90 WEZF Star 92.9 Mount Mansfield
  93.30 W227AQ The Point Intervale Rd
  93.70 WIFY The Point Westport, NY
  94.50 W233BD VPR Classical Shelburne
  94.90 W235BE The Wave Winooski, Watertower Hill
  95.10 CBF ICI Première Canada, Montreal, QC, Mount-Royal
  95.50 WXXX 95 Triple X Winooski, Watertower Hill
  96.10 WDEV Radio Vermont Lincoln Peak
  96.30 W242BK MeTV FM Fort Ethan Allen
  96.70 WXZO MeTV FM Willsboro, NY, Rattlesnake Mountain
  96.90 CKOI Canada, Montreal, QC, Mount-Royal
  97.50 WTNN Eagle Country S Brownell Rd
  97.90 WXMS The Moose Peru, NY, Terry Mountain
  98.90 WOKO The Big Station South Burlington, Hall Communications Tower
  99.30 WBTV 208 Flynn Ave
  99.90 WBTZ The Buzz Plattsburgh, NY, Rand Hill
100.70 WIRY Hometown Radio Plattsburgh, NY, Rand Hill
101.30 WCPV The Game
Fox Sports Radio
Willsboro, NY, Rattlesnake Mountain
101.70 WCVT 101 The One Mount Mansfield
102.30 WIXM Mix 102.3 Plattsburgh, NY, Rand Hill
102.90 WCLX Farm Fresh Radio Westport, NY
103.30 WWMP Rock 103.3 Bolton
103.70 W242BS Mid-Century Radio Peru, NY, Terry Mountain
103.90 WANC Northeast Public Radio
NPR News
BBC World Service
Ticonderoga, NY
104.30 WJKS Kiss FM Keeseville, NY, 84 Deutsch Dr
104.70 WNCS The Point Bolton Mountain
105.10 WKOL Kool 105 Keeseville, NY, 84 Deutsch Dr
105.90 WOMM The Radiator 215 College St
106.30 WYZY Y106.3 Lyon Mountain, NY
106.70 WIZN Classic Rock Charlotte
107.10 WPLA Plattsburgh Rocks Dannemora, NY
107.90 WVPS VPR News
NPR News
BBC World Service
Mount Mansfield
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 KIG60 NOAA Weather Radio Mount Mansfield
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    550 WDEV Radio Vermont Waterbury
    580 CFRA News Talk Radio Canada, Ottawa, ON, Watterson Corners
    620 WVMT News Talk Colchester
    690 CKGM TSN Radio 690
ESPN Radio
Canada, Montreal, QC, Mercier
    730 CKAC Radio Circulation Canada, Montreal, QC, Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, Chemin d'Oka
    760 WCHP Christian Radio Champlain, NY, Coopersville
    800 CJAD News Talk Radio Canada, Montreal, QC, Saint-Édouard
    810 WGY News Talk Albany, NY, Rotterdam, I-90 exit 25A
    940 CFNV La Superstation Canada, Montreal, QC, Mercier
    960 WEAV The Zone
CBS Sports Radio
Peru, NY, Ausable Marsh
    980 CHRF AM-980 Canada, Montreal, QC, Mercier
  1070 WPLB Mid-Century Radio Plattsburgh, NY, Lapham Mills Rd
  1200 CFGO TSN Radio 1200
Fox Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
Canada, Ottawa, ON, Twin Elm
  1230 WJOY Joy Dr
  1340 WIRY Hometown Radio Plattsburgh, NY, 4712 US 9
  1540 WDCD New Light Albany, NY, 4243 Albany St



Mount Mansfield

Coordinates: 44°31'35" N, 72°48'55" W
Mount Mansfield is the highest mountain in Vermont with a summit that peaks at 4393 feet (1339 m) above sea level. The mountain is used for various recreational and commercial purposes. "The Nose" is home to transmitter towers of NOAA Weather Radio KIG60 on 162.4 MHz and a number of regional radio and TV stations, which are easily received in Vermont and Montreal, Canada.


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