Radio stations in Lusaka

Mawailesi mu Lusaka

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FM,MHz Station / Wailesi Transmitter / Chopatsilira
  87.70 Hot FM Provident House
  88.10 ZNBC Radio 4 ZNBC Mass Media Complex
  88.50 Sky FM Lusaka
  89.10 Q FM 1998-A Addis Ababa Dr
  89.50 Radio Phoenix Northmead, 6025 Chigwilizano Rd
  89.90 Radio 5FM 9945 Kabelenga Rd
  90.50 Millennium FM Lusaka
  91.50 Radio Dove The University of Zambia
  92.50 Parliament Radio ZNBC Mass Media Complex
  92.70 United Voice Radio Lusaka
  93.30 Ama FM Findeco House
  93.70 Comet FM Lusaka
  94.10 Hone FM Evelyn Hone College
  94.50 Metro FM Katunjila Rd, Kulima Tower
  94.90 Komboni FM Lusaka
  95.70 ZNBC Radio 2 ZNBC Mass Media Complex
  96.50 Rock FM Makeni
  98.10 BBC World Service ZNBC Mass Media Complex
  99.10 Yatsani Radio Bauleni, Leopards Hill Rd
  99.70 Power FM Ben Bella Rd, Lusaka House
100.50 RFI English Service
RFI Afrique
ZNBC Mass Media Complex
101.30 Roots FM Findeco House
102.90 ZNBC Radio 1 ZNBC Mass Media Complex
104.10 One Love FM Findeco House
104.50 Chongwe Community Radio Chongwe
105.10 Pan African Radio Nampundwe Rd
106.10 Radio Christian Voice Alick Nkhata Rd
106.90 Joy FM Katunjila Rd, Kulima Tower
107.80 Choice FM Lotti House
SW,kHz Station / Wailesi Transmitter / Chopatsilira
  5915 ZNBC Radio 1 Makeni
  6065 Voice of Hope Makeni Ranch
  6165 ZNBC Radio 2 Makeni
  9680 Voice of Hope Makeni Ranch



ZNBC Tower

Coordinates: 15°24'23" S, 28°19'20" E
Broadcast tower at Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Mass Media Complex in Lusaka.


Findeco House

Coordinates: 15°25'27" S, 28°17'01" E
Findeco House is the tallest building in Zambia and iconic landmark of it's capital Lusaka. The twenty-two storeys, 90 meters high building is located on the Corner of Cairo Road and Independence Avenue, on the Southern part of the Central Business district of Lusaka. It's roof houses broadcast antennas for several radio and television stations.