Radio stations in Washington, DC

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.10 WMUC College Park Radio College Park, MD
  88.50 WAMU American University Radio
└ HD2 Bluegrass Country
American University, WAMU Tower
  89.30 WPFW Pacifica Radio American University, WAMU Tower
  89.90 WPER Positive Hits Warrenton, VA
  90.10 WCSP C-SPAN Radio
└ HD2 C-SPAN Radio 2
└ HD3 C-SPAN Radio 3
Brightwood, Hughes Memorial Tower
  90.90 WETA Classical
└ HD2 Viva La Voce
Arlington, VA, Langston-Brown
  91.50 WBJC Classical Music Baltimore, MD, Pikesville
  91.90 WGTS Christian Music Takoma Park, MD, Columbia Union College
  92.30 WERQ 92Q Jams Baltimore, MD, Greenspring
  92.50 WAIW Air 1 Blue Mountain, VA
  92.70 WDCJ Majic 102.3 & 92.7 Sunderland, MD
  92.90 W225CN La Mega Capital Fairfax, VA
  93.10 WPOC Country
└ HD2 24/7 Comedy Legends
└ HD3 The Breeze
Baltimore, MD, Catonsville, Gilson Park
  93.30 WFLS Today's Country Fredericksburg, VA, 122 Mountain Ave
  93.50 W228DI La Mera Mera Wheaton, MD
  93.90 WKYS Kiss FM
└ HD2 WOL News Talk
└ HD3 Radio Sputnik
Cathedral Heights, WRC-TV Tower
  94.30 W232DE Radio Auténtica Potomac, MD
  94.30 WOWD Takoma Radio Takoma Park, MD
  94.70 WIAD The Drive
└ HD2 Channel Q
Bethesda, MD, 5202-B River Rd
  95.10 WRBS Shine FM Baltimore, MD, Landsdowne
  95.50 WPGC
└ HD2 Area 95.5
└ HD3 Connecting Vets
Coral Hills, MD
  95.90 W240DJ WOL News Talk Silver Spring, MD
  96.30 WHUR
└ HD2 The Quiet Storm
└ HD4 DC Radio
Tenleytown, WJLA-TV/WUSA-TV Tower
  96.70 WERA Radio Arlington Arlington, VA, 2300 Clarendon Blvd
  96.70 WQER 華語公共電台 Rockville, MD, College Pkwy
  97.10 WASH
└ HD2 Cool Oldies
Tenleytown, WJLA-TV/WUSA-TV Tower
  97.50 W248BN La Mega Capital Bethesda, MD, 5202-B River Rd
  97.70 W249DX La Ley Reston, VA
  97.90 WIYY 98 Rock Baltimore, MD, Television Hill
  98.30 W252DC The Quiet Storm Arlington, VA, Langston-Brown
  98.70 WMZQ Country
└ HD2 iHeart Country Classics
Falls Church, VA
  99.10 WDCH Bloomberg Radio Bowie, MD, Old Conway Rd
  99.50 WIHT Hot 99.5
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Bethesda, MD, 5202-B River Rd
  99.90 WFRE Free Country Frederick, MD
100.30 WBIG Big 100
└ HD2 Nationwide Viet Radio
Falls Church, VA
100.70 WZBA The Bay Baltimore, MD, Owings Mills
101.10 WWDC DC101
Silver Spring, MD
101.50 WBQB B101.5 Fredericksburg, VA, 200 Rabbit Rd
101.90 WLIF Today's 101.9
└ HD2 Praise 106.1
└ HD3 The Flashback Channel
└ HD4 Hope FM
Baltimore, MD, Towson, Cromwell Valley
102.30 WMMJ Majic 102.3 & 92.7
└ HD2 WOL News Talk
└ HD3 La Mega Capital
Cathedral Heights, American University
102.70 WQSR Jack FM
└ HD2 WCBM Talk Radio
Baltimore, MD, Pikesville
102.90 W275BO Intense DMV Radio Reston, VA
103.50 WTOP Top News
└ HD2 Federal News Network
└ HD3 The Gamut
American University, WAMU Tower
104.10 WPRS Praise 104.1
└ HD2 WOL News Talk
└ HD3 Spirit 1340
Waldorf, MD
104.30 WZFT Z104.3
└ HD2 Pride Radio
Baltimore, MD, Television Hill
104.70 W284CQ WONK-FM Bethesda, MD, 5202-B River Rd
105.10 WAVA Christian Radio Arlington, VA, Langston-Brown
105.50 W288BS Radio Sputnik Bethesda, MD, 5202-B River Rd
105.70 WJZ The Fan
└ HD2 Bloomberg Radio
└ HD3 The Bet (Baltimore)
Baltimore, MD, Parkside
105.90 WMAL Merrifield, VA
106.30 W292BC La Ley Fairfax, VA
106.50 WWMX The Mix
└ HD2 New Arrivals
└ HD3 Channel Q
Baltimore, MD, Television Hill
106.70 WJFK The Fan
└ HD2 CBS Sports Radio
└ HD3 WFAN Sports Radio
└ HD4 WJZ The Fan
Merrifield, VA
107.30 WLVW K-Love
└ HD2 K-Love 2000s
└ HD3 Radio Nueva Vida
Tenleytown, WJLA-TV/WUSA-TV Tower
107.70 WWWT Top News
└ HD2 Intense DMV Radio
└ HD3 The Gamut
Warrenton, VA
107.90 WLZL El Zol
└ HD2 The Bet (Washington)
Crofton, MD, Defense Hwy
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 KEC83 NOAA Weather Radio Baltimore, MD, Pikesville
162.45 WNG736 NOAA Weather Radio Brightwood, Hughes Memorial Tower
162.55 KHB36 NOAA Weather Radio Manassas, VA, Independent Hill
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    530 WPEZ462 DCA Airport Radio Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
    530 WPQE998 IAD Airport Radio Washington Dulles International Airport
    530 KID719 NPS Information Radio George Washington Memorial Parkway
    530 WNVY507 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 187 Interchange
    530 WNVY508 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 202 Interchange
    530 WPHG707 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 210 Interchange
    570 WWRC The Answer Sequoyah, VA
    600 WCAO Heaven 600 Baltimore, MD, Owings Mills
    630 WSBN ESPN The Sports Capitol North Bethesda, MD
    660 WFAN Sports Radio New York, NY, The Bronx, High Island
    680 WCBM Talk Radio Baltimore, MD, Marriotsville
    700 WDMV La Jefa Walkersville, MD
    730 WTNT La Mega Capital Sequoyah, VA
    750 WBMD Family Radio Baltimore, MD, Parkside
    780 WAVA Christian Radio Bethesda, MD, Kenwood Park
    810 WYRE KHZTV Annapolis, MD
WWFD The Gamut Frederick, MD (HD Radio - digital only)
    840 WKDI Your Ministry Station Denton, MD
    860 WFSI Family Radio Baltimore, MD, Chesaco Park
    900 WILC Romantica 900 Laurel, MD
    920 WURA Radio Unida Dumfries, VA
    950 WCTN Radio Auténtica Potomac, MD
    980 WTEM The Team
Fox Sports Radio
Chillum, MD
  1030 WWGB Radio Poder Hughesville, MD
  1050 WBQH La Mera Mera Silver Spring, MD
  1060 KYW Newsradio Philadelphia, PA, Lafayette Hill
  1090 WBAL NewsRadio Baltimore, MD, Randallstown
  1120 WUST DMV's BIN 1120 Capitol Heights, MD
  1140 WRVA NewsRadio Richmond, VA, Deep Bottom Park
  1160 WMET Guadalupe Radio Netw.
EWTN Catholic Radio
Gaithersburg, MD
  1170 KFB719 NPS Information Radio National Mall and Memorial Parks
  1190 WCRW China Plus Radio Ashburn, VA
  1210 WPHT Talk Radio Philadelphia, PA, Moorestown, NJ
  1220 WFAX Christian Radio Falls Church, VA
  1260 WSPZ Christian Radio Silver Spring, MD
  1290 WNVY507 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 187 Interchange
  1290 WNVY508 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 202 Interchange
  1290 WPHG707 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 210 Interchange
  1310 WDCT 기쁜소리방송은 Fairfax, VA
  1340 WYCB Spirit 1340 Coral Hills, MD
  1370 WQLL Baltimore's BIN 1370 Baltimore, MD, Owings Mills
  1390 WZHF Radio Sputnik Capitol Heights, MD
  1430 WNAV Your Hometown Station Annapolis, MD
  1450 WOL News Talk Fort Totten
  1460 WKDV La Ley Manassas, VA
  1480 WPWC We Act Radio Dumfries, VA
  1500 WFED Federal News Network Wheaton, MD
  1520 WTRI Radio Chai Brunswick, MD
  1540 WACA Radio América Silver Spring, MD
  1560 WKIK Country La Plata, MD
  1580 WJFK The Bet Capitol Heights, MD
  1600 WLXE Qué Buena Rockville, MD
  1620 WPMU747 Hwy Advisory Radio I-95, I-495
  1630 WNVY507 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 187 Interchange
  1630 WNVY508 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 202 Interchange
  1630 WPHG707 Hwy Advisory Radio I-495 and MD Hwy 210 Interchange
  1630 WQHK899 NOVA Radio Springfield, VA, Northern Virginia Community College
  1640 WPLS956 UMD Radio College Park, MD, University of Maryland
  1670 WQHS749 Fairfax Cnty Radio Annandale, VA, 7001 Little River Tpke
  1680 WQBU642 Falls Church Radio Falls Church, VA, 300 Park Ave
  1700 WQCR563 Arlington Cnty Radio Arlington, VA, Ballston, Fire Station 2



Brightwood, Hughes Memorial Tower

Coordinates: 38°57'46" N, 77°01'35" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 288 ft (87.7 m), Antenna Height: 761 ft (232 m)
The Hughes Memorial Tower is a radio tower located in Washington, D.C. at 6001 Georgia Avenue, near the intersection of 9th Street, NW, and Peabody Street, NW. Built on January 15, 1989, the tower is owned by the D.C. Office of Property Management. It is used to propagate the WDCW Channel 50 television signal, WCSP C-SPAN Radio 90.1 FM, NOAA Weather Radio WNG736 and for radio communication by the Washington, D.C. police department on the 460 MHz frequency band. Standing at 761 ft (232 m) tall, the tower's height surpasses that the Washington Monument by more than 200 ft (61 m) and the WTTG Television Tower by 55 ft (17 m). The tower is a three-legged, free-standing star tower, similar to the Mesquite Tower in Dallas, TX, Star Tower in Cincinnati, OH and on Poor Mountain, VA. A small version of the tower can be found atop the Energy Plaza skyscraper in downtown Dallas, used by TXU for its communications needs.


More info: Wikipedia

Tenleytown, WJLA-TV/WUSA-TV Tower

Coordinates: 38°57'01" N, 77°04'46" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 410 ft (125 m), Antenna Height: 705 ft (214.8 m)
The Tenleytown neighborhood in the northwest of the U.S. capital is home to the highest point in Washington, Fort Reno's Point Reno. Due to the high altitude, the neighborhood is home to nearly all of the city's radio and television towers, including WJLA-TV (ABC Ch. 7) / WUSA (CBS Ch. 9) broadcast tower.


More info: Senderfotos

Tenleytown, WTTG-TV Tower

Coordinates: 38°57'22" N, 77°04'58" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 344 ft (105 m), Antenna Height: 705 ft (214.8 m)


More info: Senderfotos

Cathedral Heights, WRC-TV Tower

Coordinates: 38°56'23" N, 77°04'52" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 387 ft (118 m), Antenna Height: 662 ft (201.8 m)
NBC Channel 4 broadcasting tower at 4001 Nebraska Avenue Northwest.

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