Radio stations in Manchester, NH

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.30 WEVS NH Public Radio Nashua
  89.10 WEVO NH Public Radio
└ HD2 ClassicalNH
Concord, Walker State Forest
  89.70 WGBH Boston Public Radio
└ HD2 Classical Radio Boston
Boston, MA, Milton, Blue Hill Observatory
  90.50 WYDI Renew FM Derry
  90.70 WLMW NH Family Radio
American Family Radio
South Uncanoonuc Mountain
  91.50 WCNH ClassicalNH Concord, Bow
  92.10 WDER Life Changing Radio Peterborough, Miller Park
  92.50 WXRV The River Haverhill, MA
  93.70 WEEI Sports Radio
ESPN Radio
Boston, MA, Peabody, Lakeland Park Dr
  94.10 W231BR Rewind 94.1 City Hall Plaza
  94.90 WHOM Mount Washington
  95.10 WLGV Londonderry
  95.30 WMNH Brady Sullivan Plaza
  95.70 WZID Today's Variety
└ HD2 Rewind 94.1
└ HD3 The Outlaw
South Uncanoonuc Mountain
  96.10 WSRS 96-1 SRS Worcester, MA, Paxton, Mt. Asnebumskit
  96.50 WMLL The Mill South Uncanoonuc Mountain
  97.50 WOKQ New Country Dover, Green Hill
  97.90 W250AB New Country Brady Sullivan Plaza
  98.90 W255DA Valley 98.9 Salem
  99.10 WNNH Frank FM Concord, Contoocook
  99.50 WCRB Classical Radio Boston Boston, MA, Andover, Bald Hill
  99.90 W260CF More Stimulating Talk South Uncanoonuc Mountain
100.30 WHEB Rock Station Portsmouth, 775 Lafayette Rd
101.10 WGIR Rock 101 South Uncanoonuc Mountain
102.30 WXRG The River Concord, Walker State Forest
102.90 WLLO Leo 103 Londonderry
103.10 W276BJ The Outlaw Concord, Bow
103.50 W242AL Oldies Radio Goffstown Rd
103.70 WPKQ The Peak Mount Washington
104.50 WXLO Worcester, MA, Leominster
105.10 WBNH Bedford 105.1 Bedford
105.50 WJYY Hit Music Concord, Oak Hill
106.30 WFNQ Frank FM Nashua, Trigate Rd
106.90 W295BL The Outlaw Brady Sullivan Plaza
107.30 WKVB K-Love Worcester, MA, Boylston, Stiles Hill
107.70 WTPL News/Talk Henniker, Pats Peak
WB,MHz Station Transmitter
162.40 WXJ40 NOAA Weather Radio Concord, Plausawa Hill
162.50 KZZ41 NOAA Weather Radio Mount Washington, NH
162.525 WNG575 NOAA Weather Radio Peterborough, Pack Monadnock Mountain
162.55 WXL93 NOAA Weather Radio Worcester, MA, Paxton, Mt. Asnebumskit
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    590 WEZE The Word Boston, MA, Medford, Commercial St
    610 WGIR NewsRadio Stark Ln
    680 WRKO The Voice of Boston Boston, MA, Burlington, Meadow Rd
    800 WNNW Power 800 West Andover, MA, Chandler Rd
    830 WCRN News Talk Worcester, MA, Leicester
    850 WEEI ESPN on WEEI
ESPN Radio
Boston, MA, Needham, 1555 Central Ave
    900 WGHM Oldies Radio Nashua, Spine Rd
    950 WROL The Spirit of Boston Boston, MA, Saugus, Salem Turnpike
    980 WCAP Voice of the Valley Lowell, MA, Pawtucketville
  1030 WBZ Newsradio Boston, MA, Hull, Newport Rd
  1110 WMVX Valley 98.9 Salem
  1200 WXKS Talk 1200 Boston, MA, Newton, 750 Saw Mill Brook Pkwy
  1250 WGAM Oldies Radio Goffstown Rd
  1320 WDER Life Changing Radio Derry
  1370 WFEA More Stimulating Talk Merrimack
  1450 WKXL Concord NewsRadio Concord, Redington Rd
  1540 WXEX Classic Rock Exeter
  1570 WUBG K-Love Boston, MA, Lawrence
  1590 WSMN News Talk Nashua
  1620 Radio SNHU Southern New Hampshire University (Carrier current)



South Uncanoonuc Mountain

Coordinates: 42°58'59" N, 71°35'17" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1315 ft (400 m)
South Uncanoonuc Mountain is a small mountain peak in Goffstown, New Hampshire. There are numerous communications towers on the peak, some reaching to a height of 340 feet (100 m).


WFEA transmitter

Coordinates: 42°54'27" N, 71°27'41" W
WFEA 1370 AM transmitter site is located in Merrimack, NH, operating with a directional pattern both day and night. One of the towers in the array is the famous diamond shaped "Blaw-Knox" a smaller version of another famous Blaw Knox tower, that of WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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