Radio stations in Roanoke, VA

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FM,MHz Station Transmitter
  88.3 WRVL The Journey Altavista, Johnson Mountain
  88.7 W204BH CSN Radio Boones Mill, Cahas Mountain
  89.1 WVTF Radio IQ
└ HD2 WVTF-Music
└ HD3 The Journey
Poor Mountain
  89.5 W208BX WVTF-Music Brushy Mountain
  89.9 WWVT WVTF-Music
└ HD2 Radio IQ
Ferrum, Thornton Mountain
  90.3 WRXT Spirit FM Bedford, Taylor's Mountain
  90.7 WUVT Blacksburg, Price Mountain
  90.9 WVRI The Journey Clifton Forge, Warm Springs Mountain
  91.3 WPAR Spirit FM Cloverdale, Tinker Mountain
  91.9 W220BD Family Radio Poor Mountain
  92.3 WXLK K92
└ HD2 The Rock Channel
Poor Mountain
  92.7 W224BS CSN Radio Big Bear Rock Gap
  93.1 W226CN Classic Country Twelve O'clock Knob
  93.5 WJJS 219 Luckett St NW
  93.9 W230CH Equip FM Twelve O'clock Knob
  94.5 W233CK News Talk Troutville
  94.9 WSLC Star Country Poor Mountain
  95.7 WROE Radio Free Roanoke 1316-B Grandin Rd
  96.3 WROV The Rock of Virginia
└ HD2 Black Information Netw.
Boones Mill, Cahas Mountain
  97.3 W247AD The Rock Channel Brushy Mountain
  97.7 WVBB The Vibe Big Bear Rock Gap
  98.1 WBRF Classic Country Galax, Blue Ridge Mountains, Fisher Peak
  98.5 W253BE Bible Broadcasting Netw. Sugarloaf Mountain
  99.1 WSLQ Q99 Poor Mountain
  99.5 W258DN NewsTalk 1432 Cleveland Ave SW
  99.9 WZBB Z99.9 Ferrum, Thornton Mountain
100.3 WRKE Roanoke College Radio Salem, Roanoke College
101.1 W266CY Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
Brushy Mountain
101.5 WVMP The Truth Mill Mountain
102.1 WJMH 102 Jamz Greensboro, NC, Beasley Summerfield Tower
102.5 WARJ Air 1 Poor Mountain
102.7 WJJX Lynchburg, VA, Round Mountain
103.3 WAKG Country Danville, Chatham
103.7 W279AC Spirit FM Twelve O'clock Knob
104.3 W282CK Fox Radio 1848 Clay St SE
104.5 WHAJ J104.5 Bluefield, WV, East River Mountain
104.9 WSTV Steve FM Cloverdale, Tinker Mountain
105.3 WBRW The Bear Blacksburg, Price Mountain
106.1 WLRX K-Love 3105 Shenandoah Ave NW
106.5 W293AX The Journey Twelve O'clock Knob
106.9 WLGX K-Love Bedford, Thaxton Mountain
107.3 W297BC News Talk Brushy Mountain
107.9 WYYD New Country 3105 Shenandoah Ave NW + Big Island, No Business Mountain
WX,MHz Station Transmitter
162.475 WXL60 NOAA Weather Radio Poor Mountain
AM,kHz Station Transmitter
    560 WJLS News Network Beckley, WV, Raleigh Ridge Rd
    610 WPLY Sports Radio
Fox Sports Radio
Salem, 1002 Newman Dr
    680 WPTF NewsRadio Raleigh, NC, Cary, E Clatham St
    740 WPAQ Voice of the Blue Ridge Mount Airy, NC
    810 WPIN ESPN Blacksburg Dublin
    830 WTRU The Truth Winston-Salem, NC, Walkertown
    880 WSLK Lake Radio Moneta
    890 WKNV Joy FM Fairlawn
    910 WFJX Fox Radio 1848 Clay St SE
    930 WLLL Gospel Lynchburg, VA, 319 Chapel Ln
    960 WFIR News Talk Salem (daytime) / Towers Shopping Center (nighttime)
  1240 WGMN NewsTalk 1432 Cleveland Ave SW
  1260 WWVT WVTF-Music Christiansburg
  1350 WBLT Bedford
  1410 WRTZ True Oldies 219 Luckett St NW
  1460 WRAD Talk Radio Radford
  1480 WTOY Power Sound Salem, Alta View
  1550 WKBA Classic Country 2043 10th St NE
  1570 WYTI The Voice of Franklin County Rocky Mount
  1620 WPZQ722 Hwy Advisory Radio I-81




Poor Mountain

Coordinates: 37°11′51" N, 80°09′10" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 3763 ft (1147 m)
Poor Mountain is the location of several broadcasting antennas for radio and television stations in Roanoke Valley. In the antenna farm are the broadcasting antennas for radio stations WVTF 89.1 FM, W220BD 91.9 FM, WXLK 92.3 FM, WSLC 94.9 FM, WSLQ 99.1 FM, WBZS 102.5 FM and digital television stations WDBJ-TV (CBS Ch. 7), WSLS-TV (NBC Ch. 10), WBRA-TV (PBS Ch. 15), WFXR-TV (Fox/CW Ch. 27), WPXR-TV (Ion Ch. 38). Other telecommunication antennas and towers for local, county, state and national public service, are also located on Poor Mountain, including NOAA Weather Radio WXL60 162.475 MHz.

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