Radio stations in Calgary, AB

Stations de radio à Calgary, AB

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FM,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  88.90 CJSI Shine FM Artist View, Global Tower
  89.70 CBCX ICI Musique Bowness CBC Tower #1
  90.30 CKMP AMP Radio Artist View, Global Tower
  90.90 CJSW Independent Radio Bowness CBC Tower #1
  91.30 CKUA Radio Network Drumheller
  91.50 CFIT Air 106.1 Cochrane
  92.10 CJAY Everything That Rocks Bowness CBC Tower #1
  92.90 CFEX X92.9 Artist View, Global Tower
  93.70 CKUA Radio Network Bowness CBC Tower #1
  94.70 CHKF 加拿大中文電台 85th St NW
  95.30 CKWD Wild 95.3 Artist View, Global Tower
  95.90 CHFM Artist View, Global Tower
  96.50 CKLJ All Hit Country Olds
  96.90 CJAQ Jack 96.9 Artist View, Global Tower
  97.70 CHUP Soft Rock Bowness CBC Tower #1
  98.50 CIBK Virgin Radio Bowness CBC Tower #1
  99.10 CBR CBC Radio One Bowness CBC Tower #2
  99.70 CFXO Sun Country High River
100.90 CKUV The Eagle Shepard
101.50 CKCE Kool FM Artist View, Global Tower
102.10 CBR CBC Music Bowness CBC Tower #2
103.10 CKMP XL103 Artist View, Global Tower
103.90 CBRF ICI Première Bowness CBC Tower #2
104.50 CKJX Rock 104.5 Olds
105.10 CKRY Country 105 Bowness CBC Tower #1
106.10 CFIT Air 106.1 Airdrie
106.50 CIRI Traffic Advisory Radio Southland Dr SW
106.70 CKYRFM Red FM Artist View, Global Tower
107.30 CFGQ Q107 Bowness CBC Tower #1
WB,MHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
162.40 XLF339 Weatheradio Canada Patterson Heights, CTV Tower
AM,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
    540 CBK CBC Radio One Watrous, SK
    630 CHED Edmonton, AB, Rural South East, 34 St SW
    660 CFFR 660 News Okotoks
    740 CBX CBC Radio One Edmonton, AB, Beaumont, Range Rd 243 S
    770 CHQR Global News Radio De Winton
    810 KTBI American Christian Netw. USA, Ephrata, WA
    880 CHQT Global News Radio Edmonton, AB, Beaumont, Range Rd 233
    910 CKDQ Q91 Country Strathmore
    930 CJCA The Light Edmonton, AB, Beaumont, Range Rd 243 N
    960 CFAC Sportsnet The Fan
CBS Sports Radio
Chestermere, Rainbow Rd
  1010 CBR CBC Radio One Shepard
  1060 CKMX Funny 1060 Indus, Range Rd 290
  1140 CHRB Indus, Twp Rd 230
  1180 KOFI USA, Kalispell, MT, Steel Bridge Rd
  1260 CFRN TSN Radio 1260
ESPN Radio
Edmonton, AB, Rural West, 23th Ave NW
SW,kHz Station / Radio Transmitter / Émetteur
  6030 CKMX Funny 1060 Indus, Range Rd 290


Weather / Météo

Bowness, Calgary CBC Towers

Coordinates: 51°03'53" N, 114°12'51" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1238.5 metres (4063 ft), Antenna Height: 246 metres (808 ft)
CBC Towers are located at 8759 Old Banff Coach Road SW (at the SW corner of Old Banff Coach Rd 85th St) in West Springs / Bowness on the western side of Calgary, Alberta.


Artist View, Calgary Global Tower

Coordinates: 51°04'21" N, 114°15'38" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1279 metres (4196 ft), Antenna Height: 265 metres (869 ft)
Global Tower is located at 25002 Old Banff Coach Road (Highway 563) in Artist View area on the western side of Calgary.

Patterson Heights, Calgary CTV Tower

Coordinates: 51°03'33" N, 114°10'12" W ; Ground Elevation AMSL: 1195.7 metres (3923 ft), Antenna Height: 150 metres (492 ft)
CTV Tower is located in the Prominence Point / Patterson Heights neighborhood on the western side of Calgary.